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Top 10 Beautiful and Popular Japanese Actresses [2024 Rank]

Do you love Japanese movies? Who are some of the most beautiful and talented actresses gracing the screens? This article outlines the top 10 Japanese actresses, showcasing their flawless beauty, talents, and global influence.

Japan, a cultural powerhouse known for its innovative movies, martial arts prowess, and robust beer, has increasingly captivated global attention with the rising beauty standards over the past few decades. While famous for its large contributions to entertainment, Japanese actresses genuinely steal the spotlight. Characterized by large, expressive eyes, contoured noses, fair skin, and immaculate complexions, these actresses exude modern elegance that resonates globally.

The glossy black hair of these actresses adds to their allure, making them stand out as some of the most attractive women in the world. Their youthful elegance, admired across the globe, is attributed to a perfect blend of porcelain skin and silky hair. Rooted in generations of perfected artistry and famed skincare regimens, Japanese actresses continue to redefine beauty standards.

With their striking beauty and award-winning performances, these actresses have left an indelible mark on Japanese media. As we delve into Japanese cinema and television, let us explore the top 10 most beautiful and famous actresses who have become global icons.

Name Date of Birth Age Birthplace Height Occupation
Mikako Tabe 25th January 1989 34 Years Tokyo, Japan 5’4” Actress
Suzu Hirose 19th June 1998 25 Years Shimizu-ku, Japan 5’1” Actress, Model
Nana Komatsu 16th February 1996 27 Years Tokyo, Japan 5’6” Actress, Model
Mirei Kiritani 16th December 1989 34 Years Chiba Prefecture, Japan 5’4” Actress, Model, News Anchor, Singer
Satomi Ishihara 24th December 1986 37 Years Tokyo, Japan 5’2” Actress
Reina Trendl 23rd January 1992 31 Years Vienna, Austria 5’6” Actress, Model
Kasumi Arimura 13th February 1993 30 Years Itami, Japan 5’4” Actress
Nako Yabuki 18th June 2001 22 Years Tokyo, Japan 4’11” Actress, Model, Singer
Haruna Kojima 19th April 1998 35 Years Urawa-ku, Japan 5’5” Actress, Model, Singer
Haruka Ayase 24th March 1985 38 Years Hiroshima, Japan 5’5” Actress, Model, Singer

1. Mikako Tabe

Mikako Tabe a Japanese Actres

Name 多部 未華子
Date of Birth 25th January 1989
Age 34 Years
Birthplace Tokyo
Height 5’4”
Occupation Actress

Mikako Tabe has seamlessly transitioned from her beginnings in Sailor Moon musicals to becoming a prominent figure in the film and television industry. Commencing her entertainment journey at 13, she made her acting debut in the Wowow drama “Riyū” in 2004. Tabe's breakthrough came with her role in the film “Hinokio,” earning her the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award for Best Newcomer in 2006.

Known for her versatility, Tabe has portrayed various characters, including the lead in films such as “Kimi ni Todoke” and “Piece of Cake.” Beyond acting, she extends her talents to voice acting, notably lending her voice to the lead character in the video game “Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.” Fluent in both Japanese and English, Tabe's hobbies include sports and music, showcasing a multifaceted personality. With a stellar track record of awards and a dedicated fan base, Mikako Tabe stands as a timeless beauty and a powerhouse in the Japanese entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her genuine talent and commitment to her craft.

2. Suzu Hirose

Suzu Hirose a Japanese Actres

Name 広瀬 すず
Date of Birth 19th June 1998
Age 25 Years
Birthplace Shimizu-ku, Japan
Height 5’1”
Occupation Actress, Model

Suzu Hirose, a Japanese actress and model, stands out for her stunning beauty and exceptional talent in the entertainment industry. Born into a family of actresses, with her older sister Alice Hirose also making waves in the industry, Suzu's debut in the movie “Our Little Sister” earned her a Cannes Film Festival nomination for the Palme d'Or. The film's success propelled her into the global spotlight, followed by another significant role in “The Third Murder” in 2017.

Recognized as one of her generation's most promising and beautiful actresses, Hirose has garnered numerous awards, including accolades from the Elan d'Or Awards, Yokohama Film Festival, Tokyo Sports Film Awards, and Hochi Film Awards. Her commitment to fitness is evident in her Instagram posts, showcasing a disciplined approach to a healthy lifestyle. With over 3 million followers on Instagram, Suzu Hirose has captured hearts with her beauty and solidified her place as a multitalented and highly successful actress in Japan.

3. Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu a Japanese Actres

Name 小松菜奈
Date of Birth 16th February 1996
Age 27 Years
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Height 5’6”
Occupation Actress, Model

Nana Komatsu has solidified her status as one of the most beautiful and successful figures in the Japanese entertainment industry. Known for her compelling performances, Komatsu gained widespread recognition through roles in impactful films such as “The World of Kanako,” “Destruction Babies,” and “Silence,” marking her Hollywood debut. Her ability to embody complex and morally ambiguous characters, notably in the intense thriller “The World of Kanako,” showcased her flexibility and left a lasting impact on audiences.

Komatsu has garnered a substantial following, with over 3 million Instagram followers attesting to her widespread appeal. The recipient of numerous awards, including Best New Actress at the 38th Japan Academy Film Prize, Komatsu's talent and beauty have earned her accolades, further solidifying her position as a celebrated and influential actress in Japan.

4. Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani a Japanese Actres

Name 桐谷 美玲
Date of Birth 16th December 1989
Age 34 Years
Birthplace Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Height 5’4”
Occupation Actress, Model, News Anchor, Singer

Mirei Kiritani is celebrated as a beautiful actress, model, news anchor, and singer. Commencing her acting career in 2006, Kiritani has left an unforgatable mark on both the big and small screens with notable roles in films like “Arakawa Under the Bridge,” “Kimi ni Todok,” “Usagi Drop,” and “Heroine Shikaku.” Her flexibility extends to television, where she anchored NTV's news program News Zero from 2012 to 2018.

Having begun her journey as a model for Seventeen Magazine, Kiritani's beauty and charm have garnered widespread recognition. She secured a spot among the 100 Most Beautiful Faces on TC Candler's list. Her musical talents shine through as well, with the release of her single “Sweet & Bitter” in 2012.

5. Satomi Ishihara

Satomi Ishihara a Japanese Actres

Name 石原 さとみ
Date of Birth 24th December 1986
Age 37 Years
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Height 5’2”
Occupation Actress

Satomi Ishihara, born Kuniko Ishigami, is a captivating Japanese actress from Tokyo, Japan, known for her timeless beauty and exceptional talent. Commencing her acting journey in 2003 at 17 with the drama “Kimi wa Petto,” Ishihara swiftly became a prominent figure in Japanese entertainment. Her breakthrough role as Saeko Takahashi in “Shitsuren Chocolatier” garnered critical acclaim, earning her nominations at prestigious awards like the 46th Blue Ribbon Awards and the 45th Japan Academy Film Awards.

Beyond her successful television career, Ishihara has graced the silver screen with roles in films such as “Hotai Club,” “Attack on Titan,” and “Shin Godzilla.” A symbol of elegance, Ishihara is frequently featured in ad campaigns and served as a torch relay ambassador for the 2020 Olympics.

6. Reina Triendl

Reina Triendl a Japanese Actres

Name トリンドル 玲奈
Date of Birth 23rd January 1992
Age 31 Years
Birthplace Vienna, Austria
Height 5’6”
Occupation Actress, Model

Reina Triendl, a striking and multitalented actress of Japanese and Austrian descent, has carved a niche in the Japanese entertainment industry. Born in Vienna, Austria, to a Japanese mother and an Austrian father, Triendl's international background contributes to her unique charm. In 2011, she made her singing debut as a featured artist on Rocketman's “Love Disco” song, showcasing her talent.

Reina embarked on her acting journey in 2012 with the TV drama “Kuro no Onna Kyushi” and subsequently took the lead role in the 2015 horror film “Tag.” Her exceptional performance earned her the Best Actress Award at the 19th Fantasia International Film Festival in Canada, solidifying her status as a captivating talent in the industry.

7. Kasumi Arimura

Kasumi Arimura a Japanese Actres

Name 有村 架純
Date of Birth 13th February 1993
Age 30 Years
Birthplace Itami, Japan
Height 5’4”
Occupation Actress

Kasumi Arimura, born in Itami, Hyogo, has become a prominent entertainment industry figure known for her enchanting beauty and exceptional talent. Her breakthrough role as the young Haruko Amano in the Asadora series “Amachan” showcased her acting prowess and brought economic benefits to the Tohoku region after the 2011 earthquake.

Arimura's versatility shines through in her lead roles in projects like “Hyoko,” “Flying Colors,” and “We Made a Beautiful Bouquet.” In 2021, Arimura continued to impress, winning the Best Actress award at the Japan Academy Film Prize for her role in “We Made a Beautiful Bouquet.” Beyond the screen, she has also lent her voice to video games.

8. Nako Yabuki

Nako Yabuki a Japanese Actres

Name 矢吹 奈子
Date of Birth 18th June 2001
Age 22 Years
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Height 4’11”
Occupation Actress, Model, Singer

Nako Yabuki is a multifaceted talent recognized as a Japanese actress, singer, and model. Rising to prominence as a member of Japanese idol girl group HKT48 member, she later became part of the South Korean-Japanese girl group “Iz*One” following her success on the survival show Produce 48, where she secured a remarkable sixth place.

Aside from her achievements in the world of idols, Nako has showcased her acting skills in various films and TV series, notably making her debut in the movie “Touch” in 2005, where she portrayed the young Minami Asakura. Known for her petite stature, she is the shortest K-pop female idol to debut. With a fanbase that appreciates her musical talents and her roles in films like “Space Battleship Yamato” and “Assault Girls,” Nako Yabuki stands out as a multi-talented presence in the entertainment industry.

9. Haruna Kojima

Haruna Kojima a Japanese Actres

Name 小嶋 陽菜
Date of Birth 19th April 1998
Age 35 Years
Birthplace Urawa-ku, Japan
Height 5’5”
Occupation Actress, Model, Singer

Haruna Kojima, born in Urawa-ku, Saitama, Japan, is a captivating figure in the Japanese entertainment industry, celebrated for her beauty, and charismatic presence. With a career spanning from her early days as a member of the idol group Angel Eyes to her later years with AKB48 under Team A, Kojima has evolved into a successful Japanese actress, model, and singer.

Famous for her roles in notable dramas like “Sakura Kara no Tegami” (2011) and “AKB Horror Night – Adrenaline no Yoru” (2015), she has garnered accolades, including a Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film “Ikemen Desu Ne” in 2011. Haruna Kojima continues to captivate audiences with her talent and timeless beauty. Her transition from singer to model to actress reflects her flexibility, making her an enduring and beloved presence in Japanese entertainment.

10. Haruka Ayase

Haruka Ayase a Japanese Actres

Name 綾瀬 はるか
Date of Birth 24th March 1985
Age 38 Years
Birthplace Hiroshima, Japan
Height 5’5”
Occupation Actress, Model, Singer

Haruka Ayase, born Aya Tademaru, is a luminous presence in the Japanese entertainment industry. Widely celebrated for her beauty and talent, Ayase became a renowned idol after winning the Special Jury Prize at the 25th Horipro Talent Scout Caravan in 2000. Her stage name, “Haruka Ayase,” was chosen from 16,000 applicants, solidifying her identity in the entertainment world on 28th February 2001.

Ayase gained widespread recognition for portraying Hotaru Amemiya in “Hotaru no Hikari,” a role that became synonymous with her name. As her acting career soared, her popularity as a gravure idol took a back seat. Today, she is a leading actress in television and film, with a remarkable journey from her debut as a gravure idol to becoming one of Japan's most esteemed and beautiful actresses.


Japanese women are celebrated not only for their flawless skin tone, quiet demeanor, and elegance but also for their remarkable achievements across various fields. The list of Japanese actresses highlighted here represents the epitome of cuteness, a quality highly valued in defining beauty in Japan. These actresses, known for their talent and grace, have significantly impacted the Japanese film industry and left a permanent mark on the global cinematic stage. Their dedication, creativity, and ability to set new standards make them sources of inspiration and influential figures shaping Japanese cinema's cultural identity both domestically and internationally. As fans of Japanese dramas can attest, the beauty and charm of these actresses continue to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying their enduring influence.