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15 Best Torrent Streaming Softwares (Torrent Watcher) Without Downloading

Usually, we download and then watch torrent files. How about if I told you that you can actually watch your favorite movies and TV shows without necessarily waiting for the torrents to download? Yes, that’s right.

There are particular torrent clients and magnet links that you can use to stream all your favorite video content, including TV shows and movies, without waiting for the download to complete.

Torrent streaming might sound like a brand innovation to some. However, it’s been around. Only that you might be used to the traditional way of downloading torrents first before watching. There are a number of torrent sites and clients that you can use to download and watch movies and TV shows.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the best ones, both free and paid sites and clients with no need to download torrents any longer. That being said, let’s dive into the list of 15 best torrent streaming sites (free and paid): No download……

1. WebTorrent – A best comprehensive tool

Webtorrent Overview

Streaming torrents has never been more accessible with an open-source app. With the WebTorrent video player, you get the same experience as the YouTube player. The app also allows you to Chromecast videos, though this might fail sometimes. WebTorrent app is cross-platform.

This means it works best on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Next time you want to stream videos from Internet Archives or listen to your favorite music on Creative Commons, or maybe catch up on some audiobooks from Librivox, remember to do it with the WebTorrent app.

2. Player – Best torrent browser

Instant Magnet Player Overview is another excellent platform for streaming torrents. With this browser, all you need to do is copy and paste the magnet link of the movie, TV show, audiobook, or music you wish to stream. You also have the option of simply choosing the torrent to stream from a list of options that appear.

If you are familiar with WebTorrent, is its browser version. The two platforms work in the same way. Notice that has neither fancy buttons nor colorful graphics that may confuse you.

3. TorrentStreaming – Most convenient watcher


Another application that you can use is to stream torrents for free. It features user friendly interface that’s also very easy to use. To begin streaming any movie, TV show, or audio, copy and paste the torrent link or magnet link in the search bar in the top right corner and click on Stream.

Your video will stream while also downloading at the same time. Other vital stats will also appear on its interface to show the download speed, connected peers, and downloaded file size, among additional info. This software works perfectly on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

4. Soda Player – Best privacy watcher

Sodaplayer Overview

It’s always recommended to use proxies or VPNs and torrent streaming or downloading clients or sites. Luckily, Soda Player spares you extra expense by giving you access to their in-built proxy to keep your torrent streaming or downloading experience anonymous and private. And like most top-tier torrent streaming apps, streaming on Soda Player requires you to open the torrent, torrent link, or magnet link, and then the video or audio will start playing.

There’s also the option for drag and drop torrents and torrent links. It’s worth noting that the connection speed for the stream or download determines the quality. For torrent video comes with multiple audio streams, you have the option of selecting an audio stream. Soda Player also supports Chromecast or Apple TV for projecting your torrent stream on a big screen.

5. BitX Torrent video player

BitX Torrent video player

BitX Torrent has a visually appealing UI that makes for easy download and streaming of torrents. To start streaming, all you need to do is drag and drop or copy and paste a magnet link for the torrent in the search bar.

And if you want to watch your videos on a larger screen, BitX allows you the option to Chromecast while also downloading subtitles. The streaming platform isn’t complex. Its minimalistic design makes it ideal for both experienced users and beginners.

6. WebTor

WebTor Overview

If you are looking for a torrent streaming platform that supports MP4, H.264, H.265, MKV, and AVI codecs, you need to check out WebTor. Unlike most other platforms, WebTor gives users the choice of selecting what can and what can’t be streamed, thanks to their integration with the standard BitTorrent client-server. And that’s not all. WebTor also has an in-built system that automatically transcodes torrents in formats that aren’t supported by your system.

T stream a video or audio torrent, select the torrent file by clicking on the “Open Torrent Online” tab. Alternatively, you can paste the magnet URL or torrent URL for the movie or TV show torrent in the box provided, and the video or audio will start playing once you play the play icon.

You also have the option of downloading the torrent if you press the download icon. What’s more, WebTor comes with a handy browser extension for Google Chrome. That makes for convenient installation and use.

7. SeedR

SeedR Overview

To steam torrents with SeedR, first, you’ll need to register an account for free; you’ll be given 2GB of storage space for free. Once that’s done, you are free to start downloading or streaming your favorite movie, audiobook, or music torrents via magnet links or torrent links.

And because it is cross-platform, SeedR can be accessed from the comfort of your PC, smart TV, Android TV, or Fire TV stick. What’s more, SeedR comes with a beautiful and user-friendly UI from which you can easily manage your torrents. It also features a drag-and-drop feature for convenient initiation of torrent downloads or streams.

8. Torch Browser

Torchbrowser Overview

This is a torrent client come browser that allows you to stream and download torrents. Torch Browser supports streaming and downloading torrents for movies, videos, and TV shows. The browser interface provides for convenient management of your torrent streams and downloads.

Both Torch Browser and Chrome Browser use Chromium source code. Hence you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the two. What’s more, the torrent platform also has an in-built download and stream performance accelerator to hasten the process. Lastly, Touch Browser is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems.


BitPort io Overview works more like your ordinary torrent download site, client, or application and less like a torrent streaming platform. Before you can stream your movies or TV shows, you will first have to download them. The main perk and difference are that once your torrent download completes, you are free to stream it on

Note that is available in both free and paid versions. For the free plan, members are entitled to 1GB of free cloud storage and a limit of 1 torrent per day.

10. Brave browser

Brave browser Overview

Brave is a new browser that packs some cool yet powerful features and tools. For instance, it features a preinstalled WebTorrent extension for convenient streaming of your favorite movie, TV show, and audio torrents. As mentioned above, the WebTorrent comes preinstalled and enabled on Brave.

If it’s not on, you can turn it on manually. Like most torrent streaming sites in this list, Brave also requires users to copy and paste magnet links in the address bar and click “Start Torrent” to start the stream. If you wish, you can make use of the Picture in Picture (PIP) mode to stream the video in a floating window.

11. qBitTorrent

Qbittorrent Overview

This torrent streaming tool has a unique ability to support concurrent torrent streaming and download. Its streaming and download process is unique because it downloads the first part and the end of any torrent to boost content compatibility.

That option also makes it easy to stream video via an external player via the qBitTorrent user interface. These download features are available in the app. You have the option to check their boxes before you begin streaming or downloading the torrents.

12. Rox Player


Rox Player is also another excellent option for anyone interested in streaming torrents. Of all the torrent watchers enlisted, this one has the most straightforward user interface. The desktop-based torrent client allows users to start streaming by pasting the torrent URL or magnet link via the file menu.

Among other powerful features, this torrent streamer is packed with powerful features such as subtitles option, brightness, stream speed, and aspect ratio. Currently, Rox Player is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

13. 123 Movies

If you are a torrent fan, you might be familiar with 123 Movies. The platform majors on popular movies and TV shows. It’s free to access, and you won’t need to register or provide any of your details.

On the flip side, though, the platform has had some copyright issues recently. You may want to exercise a lot of caution while streaming your favorite torrents on 123 Movies.

14. Stream Torrent

steam torrent app

Stream Torrent is a free application that utilizes P2P internet protocol to broadcast torrents. The platform has a user-friendly and straightforward interface that allows convenient and easy torrent streaming. To watch any video, users first need to create their Stream Torrent channel and then add torrent links or magnet links to their accounts.

After that, they can double click to play the videos or audios from their accounts. The torrent platform has a search bar from which you can look up videos or audio in your account. Currently, the Streaming Torrent app is only compatible with Windows operating system. It’s not clear if or when versions for other operating systems like MacOS, Linux, Android, or iOS which be available.


PrimeWire Overview

This torrent streaming site is home to quality movies and TV shows. It’s a database of indexed movies and TV shows hosted by other sites.

To watch your videos, all you need to do is paste the magnet link or torrent link in the search bar or browser the categories for your favorite TV show, movie, or music torrent. Primewire is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and MacOS operating systems.


Torrent streaming sites have changed the entire world of torrents as we know them. Usually, we download torrents before we can watch the video or listen to the audio files. That often comes with the downside that torrents may take unusually long to download completely.

Moreover, some torrents may be inaccurately represented as belonging to certain movies or TV shows. By streaming such torrents, you can easily tell whether or not they are the correct ones.