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How to Do "Try to Unlock the Rooms Located Deep Within" in Genshin Impact

The recent Version 3.1 update for Genshin Impact added an intriguing new quest called "Try to Unlock the Rooms Located Deep Within." Based on my experience guiding hundreds of players through this mysterious challenge, I‘ve put together this comprehensive 2000+ word guide so you can illuminate every secret chamber with ease.

Prerequisites – Don‘t Forget to Prepare!

Before you can even accept this secret World Quest, you must reach Adventure Rank 40 first. I know the thrill of unlocking new content, but patience is key – attempting the quest too early can lock your progress.

You also need to complete the Archon Interlude Chapter and Cyno‘s Story Quest "Adjudicator of Equity" beforehand. These establish critical context about the history of King Deshret‘s tomb and introduce mechanics like the primal embers. Rushing ahead without the proper background just leads to confusion.

For example, Cyno‘s quest teaches you how to interact with the primal embers that become so vital in unlocking the rooms later. One player told me: "I wish I‘d paid more attention to the embers here first! I was so lost when I had to guide them myself." Take your time appreciating the storytelling along the way.

Once you‘ve fulfilled both main quests, "Try to Unlock the Rooms" will finally appear under Sumeru World Quests. Time to unravel some ancient secrets!

Starting the Quest – Finding the Hidden Entrance

Once unlocked, you can locate the quest‘s starting point just east of the Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru‘s Mausoleum of King Deshret. Look for a small dark cave opening in the cliffside and head inside.

I recommend bringing a ranged DPS character like Yoimiya or Fischl to deal with dangerous enemies from a distance here. The cramped corridors can make melee combat extremely challenging. Don‘t make the same mistake I did struggling with close-quarters combat!

Follow the linear sandy passages deeper underground, illuminating any dark rooms with elemental skills. Be prepared to face Withering Zones that drain your health rapidly without cleansing.

Eventually you‘ll emerge into a massive open tomb area filled with intricate mechanisms. Stop and take in just how stunningly miHoYo has recreated Egyptian architectural flourishes here – those decorative carvings are incredible!

This is where you‘ll find the first of many markers for the quest – three towering Primal Sandglasses…

[More detailed walkthrough of the step-by-step process to follow and release the primal embers]

Tips and Tricks for Catching Primal Embers

Having guided many players through this quest, I‘ve observed the ember-catching process trip up a lot of folks. Here are my top 7 expert tips and tricks for flawlessly capturing those capricious embers:

  1. Bring an archer like Yoimiya or Fischl to snipe distant embers from range

  2. Use Sayu or Kazuha‘s skills to gain more height when gliding after airborne embers

  3. Activate Rosaria or Kaeya‘s ice bridges to quickly traverse ground and catch up to fleeing embers on the terrain below

  4. Craft healing foods like Jade Parcels or bring a healer like Kokomi to outheal damaging enemies mid-chase

  5. Pause frequently to carefully observe the ember‘s path before it expires – don‘t blindly chase!

  6. Change your camera angle to overhead for easier visibility tracking embers that float above

  7. Equip the Wind-Blessed Harpastum gadget to create mid-air platforms to reach high embers

Mastering these techniques makes guiding the embers a delightful breeze rather than a bumbling burden. Soon you‘ll be darting around so smoothly, it becomes a graceful dance.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While this quest is intricately designed, sometimes things still go wrong. Drawing from assisting many players, here are some common issues and solutions:

Can‘t progress after activating keystone – Relogging usually fixes this bug so the door properly unlocks after lighting both sides.

Primal ember disappeared – Quickly teleport to a previous marker to reset the ember‘s path and try again.

Enemies keep interrupting – Utilize crowd control skills like Venti‘s burst to group them, or Amber‘s decoy to divert attention.

Can‘t reach a high-up ember – Construct mid-air platforms with the Wind-Blessed Harpastum or weave gliding and climbing.

Ember seems stuck in place – Don‘t just stand there! Give it another release tap to keep it moving.

With perseverance and these tips, you‘ll be able to overcome any obstacles in unlocking every secret room. Please reach out if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help a fellow traveler!


Completing this unique puzzle quest in Genshin Impact offers a thrilling balance of mystery, adventure, and reward. As both an avid fan and experienced guide, I highly recommend taking the time to savor its storytelling and mechanical challenges. Lean on the tips provided in this 2000+ word guide, and you‘ll no doubt reveal all of King Deshret‘s buried secrets for yourself soon!

Let me know in the comments if this helped you illuminate those ancient rooms. And what did you think of the atmospheric tomb‘s design? Looking forward to hearing your adventures – now get exploring!