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5 Best Online Tumblr Viewer Tools: Gallery of Tumblr

Tumblr Viewers can be used to search for your favorite images, videos, GIFs, livestreams, and texts on the platform. Also, you can use Google Analytics to track the number of views on your Tumblr profile.

Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging website that gives users the freedom to post multimedia and other content to the blog. Users also have the advantage of following each other’s blogs just the same way people follow each other on social media.

Tumblr makes it easy for people to share images, videos, GIFs, audio, quotes, and texts in terms of blogs. Fortunately, the platform allows users to customize their pages as they want. A page design can either be custom-built or chosen from the existing themes.

Through Tumblr, it's possible to engage with the younger generation, use visual media, or build a website. If anyone wants to thrive on Tumblr, you should provide content/insights people would readily want to read or see.

It is a great platform for bloggers, fitness trainers, YouTubers, models, or other content creators.

1. Tumblr Viewer

Tumblr Viewer Overview

Tumblr Viewers is a platform you can use to view content on Tumblr. All you need to do is to type in the blog name in the input box and search. The platform will showcase all the blogs or users with that specific keyword.

You can then choose the specific one that you want to view. It has a beautiful user interface that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. If you are not sure of what to check out, you can browse through the different categories like posts, galleries, videos, GIFs, Pics, blogs, or live streams.

It also displays random blogs on its homepage, and you may end up finding what you are looking for there. You can refresh the homepage to get more random results.

2. Tumbview

Tumbview Overview

Tumbview is used widely to search for Tumblr images and videos. Therefore, if you want to only view images, simply type in the name and click on the “view images” button.

All the images you want will be shown in the form of a slideshow, random slideshow, slideshow thumbnails, grid, or video slideshow. It's up to you to decide how you want to view them.

Its simple-to-use interface makes it popular among many. You won't have to go through many blogs to find what you are looking for.

3. Cascadr

Cascadr Overview

Cascadr has a straightforward user interface with a powerful search engine that provides random images as per the inputted keyword.

Through Cascadr you can view blog images through a horizontal grid for easy scanning.  First, scan through the thumbnails, and when you find a specific one that strikes an interest in you, click to view the full-size version.

Take advantage of the Cascadr platform and explore as many images as you want from Tumblr.

4. Astrient Labs Stumbler: Tumblr Viewer app

Astrient Labs Stumbler Overview

The Stumbler is an app made by Astrent Labs that allows users to view images on Tumblr. Through the platform, you can easily browse photos in Tumblr blogs. Additionally, it makes it easy to bookmark your favorite Tumblr blogs, save content, and download photos you like.

Stumbler is the perfect app to use to explore the platform.  If you have a keyword in mind, just enter it into the search box and search. Luckily, the app moderately filters, but you can change it.

5. Tumb – Tumbler Viewer

Tumb Overview

Tumb is a Tumblr viewer that allows people to search for users on the platform. All you need is the person’s user ID, and it will be easy to view their content or microblogs.

If you aren’t that familiar with Tumblr, you can consider checking the user list to find random users on the platform that may be offering content that you would love. It reduces the hassle of browsing endlessly on Tumblr.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you track your Tumblr viewers?

If you regularly use Tumblr for business purposes or other personal reasons, you can use Google Analytics to track viewers on your blog. It records all site activities, so you can know the number of site visitors and links used to locate it.

Q. How can you find live streams while on Tumblr?

Simply navigate to the live tab and search or visit any of the tabs such as trending, favorites, trending, etc. You will find live streams happening at the moment.

Also, if you are a content creator, you can only use royalty-free music while live-streaming. Copyrighted music can lead you into trouble. Also, you can utilize the Tumblr Viewers tools to find current live streams to prevent searching for too long.

Q. How do people earn through live streams?

Well, a creator can collect diamonds which can then be cashed out for earnings. Viewers need to purchase credits which can then be sent as virtual gifts to the content creators.

Once a gift is given, a diamond is also gifted to the content creator. As a content creator, you can use the Blast premium product to get featured for everyone to see.

Enjoy Tumblr Media Content Conveniently

You can use any of these 5 Tumblr viewers to check your favorite content. You will surely be satisfied with the output you get. Luckily, these Tumbler Viewers will reduce the hassle of browsing through many pages to find what you are looking for.

Additionally, if you are a content creator, you can easily earn from the platform. Just ensure you provide content that people will readily want to view. However, since there are some mature adult content creators on the platform, you can be wary to ensure your kids don’t stumble upon the content by filtering the search to only show the right content to the users.

Get more insights from this amazing microblogging and social website today!