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Five types of the backlinks that still works to get ranking on Google

backlinksWho does not know the value of the Backlinks? It is said that the more backlinks you have, the higher ranking you will get on Google.

Backlinks are one of the most important factors of SEO and every website must have high quality (Higher DA & PA sites) backlink to get ranking on Google.

thinglink domain authority

These backlinks are used to tell the search engine that your website is authoritative and has potential to get top position on Google.

But Google believes in the quality not in the quantity so you always have to make sure to create backlinks on high authority sites. A recent study has shown that only those sites are on the #1 position that has quality external backlinks.

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Today I am going to describe a few important types of backlinks that every SEO person must have to familiar with. So let’s get started:


Directories websites are those sites that act as a directory where people came to get the information about a certain product or business. Directories have a huge authority in the eyes of Google, so getting a link from such platforms would be beneficial for you. You can find a number of directories as per the desired location. Such directory platforms allow you to submit your business for free or paid as well.

Instead of creating general directories, go with the niche relevant sites. As per the latest algorithm, Google pays more attention to those sites that have niche relevant backlinks. To find the niche relevant directories, search “your keyword + submit my site” In this way you can find a number of relevant directories for your business.

Blog Comments

Blog comment may be the oldest type of backlink, but still, have lots of authority in the Google eyes.  It is an easiest and simple type of links and can be achieved by visiting other sites and leave a comment on the blog posts.

As a result, it can bring authority to your website. Bear in mind that your comment must be meaningful and relevant to the post. Do not promote your website while commenting on the blogs. People often comment like “good post”!

Such comments will leave a mark on the blogger that you are commenting just because of the backlink and you will ultimately lose the chance to get a link from them. So always be very careful while commenting on the blogs.

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Guest Posts

Guest Post

It is one of the powerful white hat SEO techniques that have an ability to boost the ranking of your website. To get this backlink, you need to write a blog and contact the editor of the high authority site to submit your blog on their website.

If the editor will allow, you can place a link within the article and eventually you will get a backlink from them.  You can find a relevant guest posting by searching “your keyword + write for us” By following this method, you will get a ton of guest post sites.

Infographic and image sharing

As we all know that images and infographics can easily grab the attention of the user. So when your business images and infographics will be shared on several powerful sites, you will get several impressions on your website.

Another way to share infographic is to find your niche relevant site and ask them to submit your infographic in their website along with the backlink pointing to your website.

Gov & Edu Backlinks

These Gov & Edu sites are the most powerful and trusted technique to get higher ranking on the SERPs. It considered as the most valuable backlink than any other backlink. Some people do not support this strategy but having a link from such an authority site will surely benefit your website.

To get these links, simply search on the Google about the Gov and Edu sources and you will have a list of education sites. Also, you can follow the simple method, e.g. “your niche:EDU” Google it this method and collect the make the spreadsheet of the results to reach them. Simple as that!

So these are the top 5 types of the backlinks that you can follow to get ranking on Google. These are the natural backlink types that have a huge reputation in the Google eyes.

Having such different types of backlink is the best way to boost up your ranking. So what are you waiting for? Just follow these strategies and be on the #1 position on the SERPs.