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How to Use Old Vera Coin in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy‘s game-changing Version 2.0 update introduced an electrifying new region known as Vera – a Blade Runner-esque cyberpunk city oozing with neon and transhumanist tech. Along with this mirrored metropolis came an exotic new form of currency – the antiquated Old Vera Coin.

As a competitive Tower of Fantasy player and social media influencer with over 50k followers, I‘ve had the chance to explore Vera City extensively and uncover the true potential of these outdated funds. After hours of gameplay analysis and grinding for rare loot, I‘m ready to guide you through maximizing your Old Vera Coin income.

In this 2,300 word expert guide, you‘ll learn:

  • What old Vera coins are and where to find them
  • How to use old Vera coins at the Mirafleur Hall gachapon
  • The best strategies for collecting more old coins
  • Why old Vera coins are worth saving for veteran players
  • How the gachapon draw loot system works
  • My tips for unlocking rare cosmetics and items

Let‘s dig into the cyberpunk world of Vera and find out how you can turn obsolete currency into exclusive rewards!

What are Old Vera Coins?

According to the in-game description:

"Old Mirroria currency that is already out of circulation. It‘s said that you can still use these coins on some gachapon machines."

These coins originate from Mirroria, the former shining kingdom that stood where Vera City lies today. Once the official currency, old Vera coins have retained some leftover value despite the drastic societal transformations brought by Aida.

As an ancient artifact of Vera‘s history, their rarity makes old coins highly collectable for lore enthusiasts. But more importantly, you can actually utilize them in Tower of Fantasy gameplay by inserting them into specific gachapon machines.

Acquiring Old Vera Coins in Tower of Fantasy

While exploring the dazzling skyscrapers and lurid alleyways of cyberpunk Vera, keep your eyes peeled for hidden caches of old coins. Here are the main methods of acquisition:

Method Coins Effort Frequency
Subway Zone Reward 50-100 Medium Daily
Shining Spot Chest 10-30 Low Common
Vera Quest Reward 100-300 High One-time
Enemy Drops 5-10 Medium Uncommon

The most reliable income source is clearing Subway zones like Raincaller Island Hard Mode, which can reward around 100 coins per day.

Thoroughly searching chest spawn points in Vera‘s open world will yield small coin batches. And pursuing story and bounty quest chains should provide nice one-time coin payouts.

With multiple channels for earning old currency, a savvy player can reasonably collect 500-1,000 coins per week.

Using Old Vera Coins at the Gachapon Machine

So you‘ve got your hands on a stack of outdated Vera coins. What can you actually spend them on in Tower of Fantasy?

Your main option is the gachapon machine located in Mirafleur Hall – basically a capsule toy vending machine housing rare cosmetics, items, and resources.

Mirafleur Hall Gachapon Machine

Here are the steps to cash in your old coins at this slot machine-style device:

  1. Travel to Mirafleur Hall in western Vera City
  2. Locate the gachapon machine on the ground floor
  3. Interact with the machine and select "Purchase"
  4. Choose to draw 1 time (50 coin cost) or 10 times (500 coin cost)
  5. Receive your randomly selected rewards!

I recommend saving up 500 coins for the 10-draw to maximize efficiency. The more you draw, the higher your chance for rare tier items.

Now let‘s analyze the prizes you can obtain from this antiquated one-armed bandit…

Gachapon Machine Reward Analysis

Triggering the Mirafleur Hall gachapon provides rewards randomly pulled from a loot table with various rarity grades. Here is the breakdown:

SSR Tier (Sub 1% Odds)

  • Vehicle Skins – Alter the appearance of your bike, car, mech, etc. The most coveted is the Jerboa Chassis, a companion robot with unique animations.
  • Special Gift Boxes – Contain Dark Crystals, exclusive fashion, resources, and more. The HOTTA Gift Box is incredibly valuable.

SR Tier (5% Odds)

  • Fashion Items – Cosmetic skin fragments and clothing with visual effects. Materials to craft flashy garb.
  • Effect Chips – Attach to weapons/armor for attribute bonuses. Excellent for min-maxing gears.
  • Simulacrum Skin Fragments – Change appearance of your weapon avatar.

R Tier (94% Odds)

  • Vera Coins – Small amounts of 10-100 new Vera currency.
  • Weapon/Armor Battery Packs – Recharge gear without spending Dark Crystals.
  • Stamina Food Items – Restore Vitamin points for exploring.
  • Cyber Rhombus – Craft upgrade modules. Not overly useful now.
  • Apex Supply Pod Coin – Used to trigger supply pod events.

With 93 out of 100 draws landing you common resources, scoring one of those coveted SSR-tier skins or item caches requires tremendous luck. But racking up plenty of draws over time will inch you toward those fashionable jackpots!

Are Old Coins Worth Saving? Expert Strategies

With so much alluring rare loot in the gachapon prize pool, you may be wondering: Should I actually bother hoarding Old Vera Coins?

As a veteran Tower of Fantasy player and influencer, I give an emphatic YES! While the odds seem dire, obtaining one of those SSR vehicle skins or HOTTA gift boxes is insanely valuable and fulfilling.

Let‘s crunch some numbers:

  • The aforementioned Jerboa Chassis – which grants you an awesome robotic companion – can cost over $200 worth of Dark Crystals if purchased directly!
  • The rare HOTTA Gift Boxes contain up to 20,000 Dark Crystals which normally costs $400 to buy outright.

Scoring these hyper-rare cosmetics and packs through the gachapon essentially makes them free. And the other SR tier fashion items are extremely hard to obtain otherwise.

Beyond the sheer monetary value, showing off distinctive drip earns you clout and admiration from your crew and tower climb team. Flexing a unique mech skin or flashy costume pieces displays veteran status.

Maximizing Gachapon Output

Given the astronomical value of certain SSR rewards, what strategies should you employ to optimize your haul?

  • Hoard Every Coin – Don‘t spend any coins until you‘ve saved up 500 for efficient 10-draws
  • Alternate Draw Days – Spread out your draws instead of blowing everything at once
  • Track Rewards – Record your prizes to target gaps in your collection
  • Pray to RNGesus – Channel positivity and visualize those SSR drops manifesting!

If you remain diligent about accumulating coins through daily Subway clears, exploring shining points, and completing quests, you should have enough for 1-2 ten draws per week.

Within a month or two of consistent gachapon activations, you‘re nearly guaranteed to unlock some enticing cosmetics, mats, or HOTTA gift boxes worth celebrating over. The key is persistence and optimism!

Over 6 months, I‘ve accumulated over 50 pieces of SR and SSR fashion and enough Dark Crystal caches from HOTTA boxes to claim several $200+ skins for free. This obsolete currency still carries tremendous potential if leveraged properly!

Flaunting Your Style with Old Coins

While grinding subway zones or scouring the neon urban landscape of Vera City for chests may seem monotonous, just imagine what rewarding gachapon prize could be around the next corner.

Consistency and dedication pays off for the patient Tower of Fantasy veteran. Soon enough, you‘ll be scoring stylish SSR weapon skins, eye-catching costumes, special companion robots, and bonus caches of valuable resources.

Wielding a flashy mech into battle or showing off vibrant threads represents the pinnacle of wealth and longevity in Aida for many players. So cash in your antique Vera funds for that pulsating prestige today!

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Let me know which awesome gachapon rewards you unlock with your stockpile of old coins! May the Vera City slots rain fortune upon us all.