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TOP 10 Wallpaper Engine Alternatives in 2023 [Free & Premium]

Wallpaper engine is currently the most popular wallpaper software on the market, it is not expensive, but you may be also looking for some similar alternatives.

Wallpaper engines are used to enable live wallpapers on your desktop background. This includes 3D and 2D animations. You could also use your videos as your Windows desktop background. The main essence of live wallpapers is to bring life to your PC's screen.

Different wallpaper engines enable you to customize your videos to artistic wallpapers by using the various tools and effects provided. Some of these wallpaper engines include:

1. Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper overview

Free, open-source software, support video/gif, can load HTML file as wallpaper, and support audio reaction wallpaper. In addition, drag and drop the video link to play the video as a background. You can modify the taskbar. After loading some live wallpapers, you can adjust parameters like the wallpaper engine, such as the speed at which raindrops fall.

While using this application, Hardware Acceleration is supported. You can also match your taskbar with the live wallpaper applied so that the colors will blend. Lively wallpaper allows you to screen record any video and convert it to a live wallpaper.

2. ScreenPlay

ScreenPlay overview

This is a cross-platform application that customizes and displays animated wallpapers, AppDrawer and Widgets. You could apply a web or video wallpaper by using this open-source application. Programming skills are not required when interacting with this app to create your widgets and wallpapers. The provided standards for video wallpaper are VP8 and VP9.

The screenplay is optimized to support high DPI screens and thus can handle 4K and HDR wallpapers. This assures you of very clear wallpapers, be it pictures or live wallpapers. It comes with an added advantage which is having both light and dark modes to choose from.

3. RainWallpaper

RainWallpaper overview

This application enables the user to easily customize clocks, weather widgets, and wallpapers for your windows desktop. There is minimal usage of the CPU and Memory while using this application. When creating your love wallpapers, various measurements and edits should be made to get a smooth and clear result.

The WYSIWYG feature simplifies the process of creating live wallpapers, web pages as well as weather widgets. You can share your customized wallpapers with other people on social media after downloading. RainWallpaper supports video formats such as avi, mov, and mp4. The aspect ratios supported are 16:9, 21:9, 4:3, and 16:10.

4. DeskScapes

DeskScapes overview

DeskScapes is an application that has a cloud library with lots of wallpapers to choose from. You also have the option of creating your wallpapers when using this application. When creating your customized wallpapers, you can add the effects your wish as well as videos and images you like.

You can explore the various effects and tools provided in the application that help you familiarize yourself with the interface. If you have multiple monitors, you can run different desktop backgrounds for each. The wallpapers applied do not use memory or affect the computer’s performance.

5. Variety Wallpaper Changer

Variety Wallpaper Changer overview

The unique thing about Variety Wallpaper Changer is that it is built for Linux Operating System. You can create a customized digital cock that you could place on your desktop.

The application allows you to use your local or downloaded images to create slideshows or live wallpapers.

6. Weebp –2

Weebp –2 overview

This is an open-source application that enables the user to set various types of wallpapers as desktop backgrounds. Mpv video formats are supported by Weebp. This is the best format for Weebp since it is powerful and can easily stream videos from online sources.

Before applying your live wallpapers, it is recommended to change the appearance and performance of Windows to avoid malfunctions.

7. GoodPaper Wallpapers

GoodPaper Wallpapers overview

This application enables you to download different wallpapers based on different themes. GoodPaper is also compatible with android phones. It is straightforward to use this application as well as change wallpapers. The wallpapers available are of high quality.

Note that new wallpapers are added daily to the GoodPaper library. You can download the wallpapers for free. You need not customize your wallpapers since they are already provided.

8. Plastuer

Plastuer overview

This is a Windows-based application that enables users to set GIFs, videos, and Webpages as desktop backgrounds. When playing games, the live wallpaper is paused to avoid background distractions that may interrupt your gaming session.

CSS3 Animations, HTML5 Canvas, and WebGL are supported due to the presence of Chromium open-source browsers. You can use DreamScenes, GIFs, and videos to create your customized live wallpapers. When the computer starts, the application runs automatically and sets the respective wallpaper as the desktop background.

9. Desktopr

Desktopr overview

This is a wallpaper engine made explicitly for MacBook. You could set a live website as your desktop background, which you can still explore from that position. Such websites include Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Pinterest, among many others.

Setting local videos or GIFs as your desktop backgrounds is possible with Desktopr. The application allows you to select more than one website to be your background. You can put the time interval before changing to the next website.

10. Live Desktop

Live Desktop overview

Live Desktop allows the user to set any video as the desktop background. You can eliminate the video’s sound before setting it as the background. You can acquire this application for $ 1.99.

With this application, you can use various filters and effects to improve the quality of the video you wish to be your desktop background.


Live wallpapers are very attractive indeed as well as efficient. They tend to use Memory efficiently and do not affect your gaming sessions. The reason is that the love wallpaper pauses when you start a game. Note that the Frames per Second rate might get affected when these live wallpapers are used for a long time. Live wallpapers also use a lot of battery power. It is advisable to use well-known wallpaper engines to avoid malicious elements reaching your computer and tampering with your files. Creating your love wallpapers also improves your creative thinking.