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Waterfox Vs Firefox: Which Browser is Safer to Use?

Firefox has a source code made up of open-source software that enables users to modify and send to anyone or use it for any intention. This open-source attribute led to the development of Waterfox for 64-Bit systems, specifically with many improvements in speed, controls, privacy, and security. Both being almost similar browsers have many differences that we will explore in this article.

Who owns Waterfox?


Waterfox has had great success as a high-speed browser, with many 64-Bit users preferring to use it. System1 has owned Waterfox since February 2020.

1. Startup

Waterfox is faster to boot without compatibility issues, hence a quick start. Waterfox has the flexibility to control plugins or extensions.

Waterfox boot

Firefox slightly takes time to start. Plugins and extensions tend to contribute to slowing down the browser.

Firefox boot

Starting up Waterfox is faster than Firefox.

2. Platform support

Platform support browsers

Firefox is easily accessible on Windows, Mac, and Apple mobile devices, Linux, and Android. Firefox functions well on these platforms.

Waterfox is supported on platforms with 64-Bit, Windows, Mac, and particular versions of Linux. Waterfox has specific requirements for it to function smoothly on these platforms. Waterfox has a free version for Android users on Google Play Store, but the device must be 64-Bit.

Firefox has a better performance on main platforms compared to Waterfox.

3. Language Support

Firefox has optimization for not less than 90 languages.

Firefox Language Support

Waterfox requires one to download a language pack for those in other countries, especially when there are errors when using the browser. Waterfox language support is not optimized, making it a challenge to use multiple languages.

Waterfox Language Support

Firefox has better language support than Waterfox.

4. Plugins (Extensions)

Waterfox uses an online store to have the largest extension support for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Waterfox’s support for old extensions and plugins is outstanding. It is easy to get plugins that are being removed or those that the browser cannot support anymore on Waterfox.

Waterfox Plugins

Firefox's plugin and extension support are extraordinary.

Firefox Plugin

Waterfox is well built though it is a fusion of many versions of Firefox that may not have been safe.

Firefox has more stability in plugins and extensions than Waterfox.

5. HTML 5 Support


HTML 5 is supported on all browsers, provided they are stable, and the experience is common across the board with this attribute.

Firefox works better with HTML 5 support from test scores than Waterfox due to its steadiness.

Stability makes Firefox better than Waterfox on HTML 5 support.

6. Built-in search engine

Waterfox comprises two search boxes on its interface at the top. Many search engines are supported by Waterfox, including StartPage, Google, Bing, Qwant, Wiki, DuckDuckGo, and Yandex.

Waterfox search engines

Waterfox has more search engines compared to Firefox.

Firefox does not have a comprehensive list, and they include Google, Baidu, Amazon, Wiki, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Firefox search engines

Firefox has an orange theme for display, and Waterfox has a blue theme display, though there is no significant difference on page display.

Waterfox wins on built-in search engines because it has more support than Firefox.

7. Security

Automatic recording and transmission of data on Watefox are disabled in its pockets. This turning-off function is by default on Waterfox, which makes it insecure. This feature in Waterfox makes it such that one cannot watch audio or video from controlled content sites like Netflix. These sites with controlled content have their requirements they enforce when their content is being played.

Waterfox Security

Some sites require encrypted media extension (EME), and they also require data automatically recorded and transmitted by Firefox, but Firefox does not support this function, making it secure.

Consistent improvement of the Firefox browser is made by the regular updates the developer receives from the data collected during browsing. Firefox collects information when we use the internet and sends it constantly to Mozilla.

firefox Security

Waterfox has a slow security update because it waits for the updates from Firefox before it now works on integrating them into the browser. This whole process may take weeks, leaving your computer vulnerable to any attacks for some time.

Waterfox sends no data to Mozilla when browsing.

Waterfox has a wonderful privacy policy and is better compared to Firefox.

It is still unclear whether Sympson will be able to send ads on Waterfox because they have had access to your data since they acquired Waterfox. Care should be taken on what one shares here and be keen to notice slight changes.

In terms of privacy, Waterfox has done well than Firefox.

8. Memory and CPU usage

When tested with opening more web pages, Waterfox has less work for the memory and the CPU because few hardware resources are engaged from the task manager display.

Waterfox Memory usage

With the same test, Firefox engages more memory, and the CPU is engaged, and this is because more hardware resources are used here when viewed on the task manager.

firefox Memory and CPU usage

Waterfox uses fewer hardware resources, memory, and CPU than Firefox, which means that Waterfox is more efficient under a lot of workload than Firefox.

On memory and CPU usage, Waterfox is better than Firefox.

Many browsers in parallel

For better productivity, we recommend that you should explore as many browsers as possible. Each of them has its strengths and weaknesses that another one can complement.

Important factors to keep in mind are security features, compatibility, performance, and exceptional support, which means that even your device can function smoothly with it.

The commonly available browsers are Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari, which can help when browsing the internet.


You can enjoy the best of both browsers by going to settings on Firefox and getting Waterfox privacy features. You will be able to enjoy Waterfox in Firefox. After installing Waterfox, it usually offers to copy settings from Firefox if it exists so that the user can enjoy them.

Waterfox has grown as an independent browser from Firefox, and so it has gotten a lot of attention over time, and Firefox has been the all-time consistent browser.

Exploring both worlds is the best way to go so that any choice made will be based on a personal experience.