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10 Best WEBM to MP4 Converters [Online, Free & Fast]

WebM is widely accepted by various browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc., but it can't be played normally on computers or mobile phones. To solve this problem, it is best to change the WebM file to a more compatible video format-MP4. In this article, we will introduce how to convert WebM to MP4 online.

What is the WebM format?

It is an open-format video which is developed by On2 Technologies. This format is of high quality but small in size. It became famous when HTML 5 was used with popular sites such as youtube and devices like iPhones. Its format is based on the Matroska format (MKV). Its format comprises audio, video, and subtitles, all in one file, each with its encoding type. Its audio is compressed using Opus or Vorbis, while its video elements are compressed using VP8 or VP9.

Therefore, Webm videos are challenging to open in most video players, and to open and play these formats; you will need to convert them first or download software that can play or open the WebM file. Here are free online WebM converters to Mp4 files which can be used and include the followings:



It is a powerful online tool that can convert WEBM to mp4 format. It is based web tool which does not require downloading software. This tool uses API that offers a custom integration within your application. It has some features such as Data security, which can protect users' data from the wrong individuals.

It supports 200+ formats in all videos and audio etc. It also offers a high-quality conversion using the quality setting and has a powerful API that allows app integration.



It's a free online tool that converts WEBM to MP4 format. You can use the VLC media player and MPlayer on any operating system to open a WEBM file. For Microsoft Windows OS, you can use Winamp, and for Mac OS X, Elmedia.

Most browsers support the WEBM files, except for the Microsoft browser, which lacks inbuilt  WebM codecs. To use this tool, choose the WebM file or drop the file with a maximum size of 1GB and download the converted file(MP4).

3. Online Convert

Online Converter

It's a WEBM to MP4 converter tool that converts a Web Media File to MPEG-4 video format. Here are some steps to follow during converting WEBM to an MP4 file which includes

  • Select the WEBM file from your desktop that needs to be converted.
  • Changing the size and quality format (optional)
  • Click the start conversion button to convert the existing WEBM file to an MP4 file.
  • In the last step, you can download the MP4 file.

4. Movavi


Movavi It's a free online converter of WEBM to Mp4 files in a couple of minutes. If you want to experience a faster conversion, download the Movavis desktop app.

For proper usage of this tool, follow the following steps:

  • Download, Install and run the WebM file converter.
  • Choose and add files (WebM files) for conversion.
  • Use the editing tool to edit your videos by adjusting the sound volume.
  • Choose the output format Mp4.
  • Start converting the file to mp4 and ensure to save the results.

5. Convertio


Convertio is one of the best online tool converters that convert your WEBM file to MP4. Here are some of the steps and its features that assist you in converting WebM to Mp4:

  • Step1: Upload the video by drag and drop or selecting the Webm Videos.
  • Step2: Convert the uploaded file to start changing from WebM to MP4.
  • Step3: Adjust your photos and customize setting resolution, including resolution, aspect ratio, and quality.
  • Step4:Download the new video (mp4)



ZAMZAR is an online file converter that supports various conversions of different formats. It is a free tool that offers a desktop application that can directly convert files from your desktop and assist developers with automated file conversions using API. Converting a WEBM to an MP4 file is easy.

First, select the WebM file intended to convert, second select mp4 as the format to convert, and lastly, click convert to process the WEBM file to Mp4 and download it.



WEBM.TO is another powerful online file converter that can convert several WebM formats to other files. The tool is freely available by simply using their website for regular users, while developers can use API to convert WebM to Mp4. Using the site, here are a few steps to convert WebM to Mp4, which include:

  • Go to the select button, upload your WebM file, or drag and drop.
  • The file will be automatically converted, and you can click the downloaded link to save the new format video.

8. Piscart


Piscart is a simple WEBM to MP4 converter tool used online, which can assist any individual in converting a WEBM to MP4 files in a matter of seconds. It has features such as enhanced file security, where the security of your file is assured since your files are stored temporarily and deleted.

It is also beginner friendly and fast since the tool automatically converts the uploaded file. It also maintains the quality of your file, and it is free for use.


It's an online uniconverter available for free online that converts WEBM to MP4 files. It provides tutorials on its website, and it's a fast tool to use. The process involved in converting WEBM to MP4 is easy, and here are three steps to follow.

  • Select and add WebM files to the video converter or drag and drop.
  • Choose the output format, i.e., MP4, and its resolution.
  • Select a location on your computer and save the converted file (WEBM as MP4).

10. WebM to Mp4 converter

WebM to Mp4 converter

It is a free online converter tool for various files such as WebM videos to MP4 in an easy way. It has a user-friendly website which eases the process of usage. To upload an image on the site, it has an Upload button to upload a WebM file, or you can use other options such as a dropbox, link, or drag and drop files. After this, you can click the convert button, save the MP4 converted file, and download it.


Therefore a WebM is an open source video format viewed over the browsers supported by HTML 5 when transmitted over the internet. To open this file, you may need a plugin in some browsers when these files fail to open in some video players; hence you can use the above tools to convert WebM files to MP4 files.