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What Does the Red Dot Mean on My Apple Watch?

Does a red dot appear on your Apple Watch, what does it mean, don’t worry, it’s just an unread message. The red dot on the Apple watch is the notification indicator, indicating that there are unread notifications, just like the breathing light of many Android phones.

What does the red dot mean?

red dot on the Apple watch

Note that the red dot is the app badge that reminds you that you have new messages or updates on the app.

When you have unread messages, the breathing light at the bottom will flash. You only need to slide down the screen and read the message; this will make the red dot disappear.

Turn off the message notification red dot on the iPhone

If you are not a fan of the red dot indicating notifications on your iOS phone, you could turn them off. The following steps are to guide you on how to turn off the message notification red dot:

Step 1: Open the settings application.

Step 2: Select the “Notifications Center” option.

Step 3: Select the app you want to turn off the notifications for. You could also do this to various apps. It all depends on you.

Step 4: You are to tap on the Badges App Icon switch to turn it off. This will remove the red dot on the respective app.

Turn off the message notification red dot on the iPhone

Turn off the message notification red dot on the Apple watch

A red dot appears on the watch's screen, which indicates new notifications. You can view the notifications on your watch by swiping from the top. The red dot appears at the top of the screen, which is noticed quickly. You can disable the red dot through the following steps:

Step 1: Get the app connected to your smartwatch on your iPhone. Open the application and select ‘My Watch”.

Tap the gear icon

Step 2:  Click on “Notifications,” which will lead you to a switch “Notifications Indicator” that you are to toggle to disable.

applewatch Notifications

toggle to disable Notifications Indicator

Through this, you have successfully disabled the red dot appearing at the top of your smart apple watch. If you want the red dot back, you could follow the same steps but turn on the “Notification Indicator”.

The meaning of other icons

Green lightning icon— this indicates that your apple watch is charging. It appears at the top of the screen.

Red lightning —  This icon symbolizes a low battery on your Apple Watch.

Yellow/ orange airplane — The watch is currently in airplane mode. You cannot access wireless features such as Bluetooth while this setting is on. Note that when you turn off the airplane mode on your watch, it is still on your iPhone.

Blue crescent moon — this icon shows that the Do Not Disturb feature is active. You will not receive calls while this feature is on, but alarms will still work.

Theatre Icon — It indicates Theatre Mode, which keeps the screen dark even though the AOD feature is on. You have to press a button or tap the screen to turn the screen on.

Wi-Fi icon—this shows that the Apple Watch is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Cellular network icon — this icon indicates that the watch is connected to a cellular network. The strength of the network is determined by the number of bars displayed.

Canceled box — this notifies you that your Apple Watch is not paired to your iPhone. Airplane Mode could cause this problem.

A red cross mark — indicates that the Apple Watch has lost its connection to the cellular network.

A blue water drop icon — indicates that the Water Lock feature is on. The Apple Watch will not respond to taps.

Red dot – this symbolizes new notifications.

A padlock icon — this means that the Apple Watch is locked.

Bed icon —- this is to show that the Sleep Mode is on.

Microphone icon — this means that your Apple Watch mic is recording or listening.


You need not worry about the red dot notification on your watch. You could disable it and enable it with time if you feel like it is a necessary feature.