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7 Best XResolver Alternatives in 2023 [Gamertags to IP]

xResolver is an online service of a web-based database that records the Gametags and stores the IP addresses of online gamers such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players.

The X represents the Xbox console but can work with other gaming consoles. It carries the conversion of usernames and Gamertags into IP addresses available to the public; hence it's not illegal when anyone on the website is accessed.

However, we have other best Xbox IP grabbers tools that work similar to xResolver and have to describe them below, which include:

1. Xbox Resolver

Xbox Resolver overview

It is an online app used in gaming platforms such as Xbox video games, where it provides access to features such as Xbox Live area photos, remote control technology, and second screen mode. This app is a software and tool which assist in capturing the exact IP address of online players. It uses the available database of Gamertags and IP addresses. Before using Xbox Resolver, you need to note a few things. First, before gaming sessions start, you need a Gamertag which is provided for any individual Xbox user. Having this Gamertag will help you to have the exact IP addresses of the person; for this to work out, players must be online for tracking IP addresses to be effective. Here are some steps that you can easily track someone's IP address.

Step 1: Log in to your Xbox account and invite your friends or player member you want to play with.

Step 2: On the controller, click the People button and select Gamertag.

Step 3: Please send a link in their Chat or call them so you can see their IP address using Xbox resolution.

Step 4: The system will generate all built-in IP address that is associated with game platforms or game forums that will display.

2. Lance Remastered PCPS

Lance Remastered PCPS overview

It is an Xbox IP grabber tool with a free Xbox/PSN resolver and a Gamertag IP puller that is worth trying, similar to xResolver. This site assists in intercepting and pulling IPS from Xbox live, PlayStation, and PC players. LANC PCPS is a monitoring and packet analysis tool that allows for easier resolving of Gamertags to IPs. Its setup installation process is straightforward, and in case of difficulties, you can check their setup tutorial for more assistance. It's worth having this site since the Xbox IP grabber can be used both offline and online.

3. Octosniff

Octosniff for Xbox IP Grabber overview

Octosniff tool is an IP sniffer that allows you to enhance your gaming connection. . Octosniff tool can be downloaded and easily installed with many tutorials. Its user interface is easy to learn and access for both users in pro and novice gamers. This tool is 100% free from malware. This tool is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, and many other gaming consoles. It has various features, which include IP to username feature, packet filter, DDoSlookup, and geo IP locator. This tool enables you to automatically identify which packets are coming from Xbox chats and the IPs of game servers.

4. Xbox One Booter

Xbox One Booter overview

Xbox one booter is an Xbox IP grabber that supports offline boots and offers an IP grabber, IP puller, and IP booter for gamers using the Xbox console. It boots gamers when offline by drawing and grabbing IPs on Xbox Booter. The IP Booter has tools layer4 and 7, which enable boot gamers offline, providing an easy win in the gameplay.

5. Console sniffer

Console sniffer for Xbox IP Grabber overview

It is a powerful monitor tool for Xbox IP grabber, which works well with other gaming consoles and windows- based computers. It is a network research tool that lets you see the IP address and username of the game players you compete against in the gameplay. You can download it after you have purchased it. Its installation is straightforward, does not require jailbreaking, and is compatible with VPNs.

6. Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding overview

This site contains an Xbox live data search database that offers PCPS, LANC, and many other Xbox tools. It also has some features of VPN servers for seven different places. These places include Germany, France, Canada, London, Sydney, Hillsboro, and Eygelshoven.

7. Cakes

Cakes overview

Cakes are another tool for Xbox IP grabber, which contains an Xbox XUID grabber that enables you to extract the XUID of the players you are looking at by using opponent Gamertags. The XUIDs or Gamertags entered before are not stored in their database. What you need to do is enter the Gamertag and choose the type of format you are using, either hexadecimal or decimal. After selecting, you can click the resolve button, which will eventually display the XUID linked with the Gamertag entered.


Q. Is it legal to use xresolver?

At the technical level, it is legal because it collects public data.

 Q. What if my IP address is recorded in xresolver?

You can pay to delete your IP address from their logs. 12.99 $

 Q. Should I use proxies and a free VPN  for gaming or Not?

To highly enjoy a gaming experience, you will need fast internet that proxies and free VPNs don't provide.

 Q. Is it legal to find the IP address of another individual without their consent?

No law has deemed finding another person's IP address illegal since it's not a crime, and IP addresses are not private but public.


Therefore, the above resolvers are the best alternatives for xResolver to help you during IP grabbing. These resolvers mainly acquire information about your opponent when you use their Gamertags to bring forth their username, player's IP,  address, and location.