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How to Solve "Your password must include a two letter symbol from the periodic table" in The Password Game

With over 10 million plays, The Password Game has become a viral sensation for its absurd and challenging password rules that satirize strict authentication policies. In this guide, you‘ll learn how to conquer rule 12 which requires using a two letter symbol from the periodic table.

The Viral Craze of The Password Game

Created by developer Neal Agarwal in 2022, The Password Game presents players with 35 increasingly ridiculous password requirements. To progress, you must follow all previous rules – even when they directly conflict.

This brilliantly parodies the headache-inducing policies many of us face trying to create secure passwords. As you advance through the levels, rules demand emojis, fictional characters, rhyming words, and other strange stipulations.

According to Google Trends data, searches for "password game" skyrocketed by 5,000% after its launch. Major brands like Spotify have also joined in on the fun by creating their own absurd password rules.

Understanding Rule 12: Periodic Table Symbols

Rule 12 states: "Your password must include a two letter symbol from the periodic table."

The periodic table organizes the chemical elements, with each assigned a one or two letter symbol like H for hydrogen and He for helium. Most two letter symbols are derived from the element‘s Latin name.

For this rule, you simply need to include any two letter symbol in your password. Be sure to capitalize the first letter and use lowercase for the second (e.g. Na not NA).

According to a McAfee study, 73% of people rely on personal info like birthdays in passwords. So using a chemistry symbol adds randomness.

Choosing Your Element Strategically

With requirements escalating, strategically selecting your periodic element matters.

Go Early in the Table

Good choices include early elements like:

  • Li – Lithium
  • Be – Beryllium
  • Na – Sodium

Avoid late table elements like "Np" (Neptunium) as future rules may ban their use.

Pick Memorable Symbols

Na (Sodium) is a smart choice since its symbol directly ties to its name.

Mg (Magnesium) and Ca (Calcium) are also easy to remember.

Consider Future Rules

A symbol like Li (Lithium) works well and won‘t likely conflict with upcoming requirements.

Here‘s a table highlighting smart element options:

Symbol Element Atomic Number
Li Lithium 3
Be Beryllium 4
Na Sodium 11
Mg Magnesium 12
Ca Calcium 20


With 35 hilariously frustrating password rules, The Password Game brilliantly parodies strict authentication policies. By strategically choosing your periodic element symbol, you can master rule 12 and continue this viral hit.

Have you tried these wacky challenges? Share your password pet peeves and game tips below!