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10 Best YouTube Username Checkers of 2023 [Availability Search]

Are you an influencer and cannot come up with an ideal username? Check out these tools that can generate and check if a name you want is available for use..

An upcoming content creator needs an attention-grabbing username on YouTube because there are more than 2 billion viewers to draw visitors to their personal or commercial channel.

This title must also explain what viewers may get when they click on the videos. It seems like a straightforward process until you discover that, given the popularity of YouTube, it's doubtful you'll be able to acquire the very first username you think of.

1. Brandsnag tool

Brandsnag tool Overview

If your chosen username isn't sufficiently original, the contest for YouTube nicknames can be a bit tough.

You can quickly and securely find out if the desired username is accessible with BrandSnag's YouTube Name Checker. Instead of manually looking for a username, it is far more efficient to utilize this tool. With the help of this tool, it's simple to test out many versions until you discover the one that best captures consumers' attention and accurately represents your business.

2. Youtube username checker tool

Youtube username checker tool Overview

For the most acceptable options for your channel, use the YouTube Channel Username Checker Tool, created just for YouTube. The usernames that are accessible aren't very excellent, and there aren't a ton of them. Selecting a catchy username is essential since it makes an impact on someone who is trying to listen to anything on Youtube for the first time.

For the username's usability, the program will search the internet. Additionally, it will suggest a few lovely names for you to think about. With the help of SEO, your chances of ranking high on youtube searches are 98% with an eye-catching title; highlighting your content.

3. Spinxo tool

Spinxo tool Overview

You may create social media network handles such as Youtube and Reddit with our intelligent username outcome based on your identity, nickname, or any other phrases you choose to represent yourself. Once you've provided some keywords, use the Rhyme scheme Words option to come up with creative alliterative names. You may generate a fresh bunch of random names by clicking the Spin button as much as you like.

Keep in mind that the algorithm does not relate to the creativity of the human brain. As much as you want to incorporate wordplay or puns in the username, the tool will suggest some phrases and can come up with tons of username variations.

4. Namechk tool

Namechk tool Overview

Enter each potential name you have come up with into the search field to start.

When you come up with a username, Namechk will scan hundreds of social media sites and broadband services to see whether it is available as a username/ domain name, even if it is just a random string of letters.

A particular searched channel glows green if the requested name is on it. A dim name, on the other hand, indicates that it is not accessible.

5. Checkuser

Checkuser overview

It began as a simple Instagram Name Checker Checkuser program but eventually included more capabilities like a domain availability checker. You may use Checkuser to see if the username or brand name you want is used on over  70 social media platforms. However, it mainly checks for usernames on Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube. In addition, the tool shows you the domain extensions that are accessible for your particular brand.

6. YT SEO tool

YT SEO tool Overview

This tool may be considered a play area where you could visit and experiment with all the imaginative username thoughts that occur in your head and then see which ones are accessible before you decide on a choice.

Not exclusively for startup companies, either. You may quickly use our tool to verify the availability of such names if you sense that you need to rebrand but are putting it off since your preferred username isn't available.

Here are some reasons to employ this tool:

It is free, accurate, and user-friendly, and it helps you save a lot of time and worry.

7. Myraah tool

Myraah tool Overview

Building a solid, enduring brand requires more than just your brand name. It will help if you approach your brand intelligently and strategically, from the name to the messaging to the visual design. Do not wholly rely on luck.

With only one button press, the Myraah AI brand name algorithm can provide hundreds of different brand names.

This is how you go about it:

INPUT: Describe your company, product, app, or website. Describe your company's mission and the advantages your customers will receive from using your service or product in one phrase.

When defining your company, try to use adjectives and particular advantages you provide to your clients. This will make it easier for artificial intelligence to comprehend your needs and come up with fantastic titles for your Youtube channel.

8. Randommer

Randommer Overview

Developers came up with this tool since they know you require a brand name to be present on the most popular websites. It will check whether your name is already taken on the largest networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and WordPress.

You need to be present on all social media channels bearing your name if you desire to become an influencer. This service begins by simultaneously checking the platforms mentioned above and confirming the availability of the name.

9. Biznamewiz

Biznamewiz Overview

For assistance in selecting creative usernames for your online profile, we'd recommend using the biznamewiz username generator. Make sure your username may be used in the future as a brand; it's incredibly beneficial to do this. It's essential to avoid sounding like well-known firms, and you shouldn't utilize trademarks that already exist in your username.

You may wish to think about establishing a website if the domain name you have doesn't match your username. All you need to do to use the generator is insert a seeding keyword at the top of the page, and it will work its magic from there.

10. Business name generator

Business name generator Overview

Brainstorming is usually the first step in choosing the ideal YouTube channel name, but doing it alone may be quite time-consuming. You can ask those around you to help you come up with brand names. You'll be surprised how many heads can have some great ideas!

You may save time using the business Youtube name generator instead of creating your collection of names.

The generator only requires a word or two to start producing a range of possible channel names. See how easy this sounds?


You are fully equipped to construct the ideal username for yourself.

Ensure that you put the advice this article gave you to use. For guidance on the best usernames to choose, take a close look at whatever tool you're utilizing.

To help you come up with ideas, we advise using these username generators. They will help you save a lot of hassle and wasted time. There are no restrictions, and the generators are entirely free. You are free to use it as often as you like. Best of all, the algorithms never run out of concepts.

We can only wish you luck as you navigate the web world at this point.