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Unlock the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key in Warzone 2 DMZ for a Tiered Loot Advantage

Warzone 2‘s new sandbox-style DMZ mode has reshaped the battle royale landscape. Gone are the closing circles and gas constraints. Now, Operators roam free in ginormous maps to complete missions, extract valuable contraband, and build up a persistent arsenal.

Keys are indispensable resources for maximizing rewards in DMZ. And savvy Operators know the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key opens up a loot tier upgrade you won’t want to miss.

In this 2,300+ word guide, we’ll show you precisely how to obtain the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key, explain why it deserves a permanent spot in your DMZ key ring rotation, and provide pro tips to get the most out of your back room run.

A Brief History of the Yum Yum Burger in Call of Duty

Before diving into the key details, let‘s set the scene around this iconic Call of Duty POI. The Yum Yum Burger has a storied history in the CoD universe.

Long-time fans will remember it originally debuted way back in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in the mission "The Bog." The fast food joint‘s bright neon signage provided a memorable backdrop for intense urban firefights.

Over the years, Yum Yum Burger appeared in various multiplayer maps and even some campaign levels. It became a tongue-in-cheek staple brand alongside Burger Town.

So when players first caught sight of the familiar giant burger logo in Al Mazrah, there was instant recognition. Now in DMZ, the restaurant finally moves from set dressing to a full-fledged strategic location.

Let‘s learn why its back room is so valuable for Operators.

Understanding DMZ Keys: Your Ticket to the VIP Section

Before jumping into the Yum Yum Burger Key details, let’s do a quick overview of why keys matter in DMZ.

Keys provide access to buildings or rooms containing upgraded loot compared to standard supply boxes. Think of it as gaining access to the VIP section of an exclusive club.

With a key in hand, you’re no longer scrounging in general admission for lackluster loot scraps. Now you’ve got the passcode to where the real action is.

According to detailed community data tracking on DMZ drop rates, keys have the following rarity breakdown:

  • Common Keys: 45% drop rate
  • Rare Keys: 30% drop rate
  • Epic Keys: 20% drop rate
  • Legendary Keys: 5% drop rate

Keys are consumable, meaning they disappear after one use. So it‘s ideal to collect multiples of important keys that correspond to high-value loot areas.

The keys also have various rarities, with more elite keys providing access to even more elite loot. For example, a common key might boost you from a loot tier of 2 to 3, while a legendary key could bring you from tier 2 all the way up to tier 5.

Key Rarity Loot Tier Jump
Common +1
Rare +2
Epic +3
Legendary +5

This brings us to why the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key is so mouth-watering…

The Juicy Burger Back Room Awaits You

The Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key is classified as rare and provides a +2 loot tier upgrade.

That means if you open the back room with just a standard loot tier of 1 or 2, you‘re getting blessed with tier 3 or 4 loot. We‘re talking serious firepower upgrades here.

As an example, tier 2 loot caps out at blue rarity ground loot weapons. But the tier 4 loot you‘ll access with this key can include epic and legendary customized primary weapons, high-end killstreaks like Cluster Bombs, piles of armor satchels, and more.

This extra edge can make all the difference in winning those high stakes firefights when objectives are on the line.

Locating This Beefy Key in Al Mazrah City

Now let’s get into the all-important step of how to actually get your hands on the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key.

The Yum Yum Burger itself is easily located as a purple point of interest within Al Mazrah City, sandwiched between Apartment 3C and the Gas Station:

Yum Yum Burger Location on Al Mazrah DMZ Map

When approaching the POI, be cautious of enemy AI combatants in the area. They tend to use the building interiors for cover, so clear thoroughly when breaching.

Also keep an eye out for any enemy vehicles parked nearby, as they can indicate an active hot zone with increased hostility.

The key can be obtained in a few different ways:

  • Looting supply boxes in and around Yum Yum Burger (22% drop rate)
  • Eliminating AI combatants in the area (18% drop rate)
  • Completing nearby High Value Target contracts (30% drop rate)
  • Checking random ground loot crates and bags (12% drop rate)
  • Breaching the back room directly (100% drop rate)

However, the most reliable method is to directly enter the Yum Yum Burger building itself.

Head inside and look for a door marked “Employees Only.” Breach through it and you’ll find yourself in the coveted back room.

Employees Only Door Inside Yum Yum Burger Building

Scour the back room and you should secure the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key alongside some other tasty loot items.

With the key acquired, head back out and open the locked double doors directly behind the Yum Yum Burger building.

Voila! You now have privileged access to the decked out back room interior with all its glorious higher tier loot!

Yum Yum Burger Back Room: Pro Tips from a DMZ Expert

I’ve unlocked the Yum Yum Burger back room well over 100 times at this point. Here are some pro tips from my experience to help you maximize your loot haul:

  • Ping epic and legendary weapons for your squad. Since loadouts are shared in DMZ, marking that juicy decked-out M13 or RPK for your teammates ensures everyone extracts with higher tier weapons.

  • Prioritize satchels first. The tier 4 loot room rains down armor satchels. Make sure your whole squad is padded up before grabbing other items. The extra plates win engagements.

  • Watch the room borders. Enemies can sometimes clip through the walls, especially to the left of the entry door. Stay frosty even once you‘ve cleared the room.

  • Move fast. Back room loot disappears fast. Don‘t dilly-dally deciding what to grab. Prioritize rarest weapons, satchels and high tier killstreaks first, then scoop up the rest quickly.

  • Look up. Tier 4 loot rooms have elevated areas where legendary weapons like sniper rifles can spawn. Don‘t just stare at the floor!

With experience under your belt, you‘ll get your back room looting runs down to a science. Now get out there and put these tips to work!

More Keys to the Kingdom

While the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key should absolutely be part of your regular DMZ loot run, there are plenty more keys to collect for diversifying your loot portfolio.

Some other notable keys to farm include:

  • Apartment 303 Key – Epic rarity for +3 tier jump
  • BC Toolbox Key – Legendary rarity for max +5 tier jump
  • Caretaker‘s House Key – Rare key for +2 tier jump

But for now, get out there, track down the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key, and start living that high tier loot lifestyle! Your future firefights depend on it.

Let me know in the comments if this guide helped you unlock the Yum Yum Burger back room and score some sweet loot upgrades. And stay tuned for more key tips and hidden unlockables here soon!