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8 Best Zombie Games for Nintendo Switch


1. Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

  • Horror Index: 7.5

Resident Evil 6 jumps straight into the action as you find yourself surrounded by fire, chaos, and brutal shooting coming from a helicopter. The story starts in 2013 when the President of the US has decided to inform the world of the truth about the incident that happened in Racoon City.

Bio-organic weapons are a global threat, and the President admits that he is partly to blame. However, he ended up getting infected, and the outbreak of C-Virus has spread to the entire world. Although the RE6 menu, items, and other interfaces may look confusing compared to the other games, it is also intriguing, terrifying, and action-thrilled as you get to play four different campaigns for four different characters.

2. Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Telltale’s The Walking Dead

  • Horror Index: 8

An emotional story-driven game about an apocalyptic event that changed the entire world. A mysterious virus has spread through the city and caused people to turn into Walkers, also more known as zombies. The game has lots of dialogue and difficult choices that you will have to make, which will impact the fate of your characters.

You will interact with the world around you; by using your cursor during cutscenes and events, the game will force you to engage in killing all those zombies for the sake of your survival.

3. Zombie Army Trilogy

Zombie Army Trilogy

  • Horror Index: 5

ZAT is a third-person zombie survival horror game back in World War II. You play as one of the surviving heroes seeking to complete their core mission and fight off everything standing in their path.

While the story of ZAT is lacking, the game makes up for it with its gameplay and mechanics. Playing the game alone is alright, but it’s an entirely different experience to kill hordes of zombies with three other friends in co-op mode.

Since the game takes place in the era of World War, the weapons are obviously of that era as well, and they are fun to blast zombie's heads with

4. Zombie Night Terror

Zombie Night Terror

  • Horror Index: 1

Unlike all other zombie games, Zombie Night Terror’s purpose is the complete opposite. You’re in full control of making the virus outbreak happen. There are challenges, levels, and requirements for each night. Using the game's controls, you can inject a human with the virus on their casual day to turn it into a massacre and chaos.

You will be put through different scenarios, and you will have to figure out a method to kill as many humans as possible without having them escape and survive. It’s an enjoyable 2D pixel-art game with plenty of features and upgrades, as well as comedic dialogues.

5. World War Z

World War Z

  • Horror Index: 7

World War Z: Aftermath follows the story of an apocalyptic world that has been invaded by a malicious sickness that caused people to turn into zombies. The undead is threatening the world with its outbreak; countries all around the planet have agreed to work together to put an end to this infection.

Play from a third-person perspective in the ultimate zombie shooting games with stunning, breathtaking graphics and textures. Fight along with your friends or random partners against vicious hordes of zombies as you attempt to complete missions assigned to your character.

World War Z: Aftermath submits the ultimate satisfaction of emptying all the ammo of your guns on hundreds of zombies, which is enjoyable enough for it to become addicting.

6. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

  • Horror Index: 5

A first-person shooter game with an exciting story to follow. You play as James in an acomplotic world, full of zombies. While you’re on your way to regroup with your people, you end up losing control of your vehicle and getting in an accident.

You will have to survive the dead that has mysteriously increased in numbers. They had never been seen in such a large number in one area before, making this game difficult and the story intriguing.

You will progress through chapters with certain goals to achieve, shoot all the zombies and survive.

7. Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse

  • Horror Index: 2

Welcome to Punchbowl, a city built 50 years ahead of its age, meant for a modern century with AI robots. You play as a green-skinned zombie wearing a suit with a tie that starts terrorizing the town and eating people’s brains.

Unfortunately for them, the AI bot is on your side as it guides you to more locations with even more people, making you spread the infection with ease. It’s a fun game with silly lines coming from everyone as they seem never to have encountered a zombie before.

Brewery of the police! They have guns, and they mean to shoot your brains out! That’s why you should use your guts and throw them at them to gain an advantage.

8. Bloody Zombies

Bloody Zombies

  • Horror Index: 1

The story started in London when the city was overrun with zombies. A year later, a group of talented veterans was sent to London by Homeland Defense to retake the lab that was trapped in the city in the hope of putting an end to the outbreak of madness.

Play four different characters in a 2D game as you fight and combo zombies with different attacks, starting with your fists and legs then gathering new weapons to turn the undead into piles of blood.

There will be bosses and different zombies at each stage. Read their movement and their attack pattern, be careful not to fall to their simple attacks! Every health matters.

9. Dying Light

Dying Light

  • Horror Index: 9

After a breakout of a virus that turned humans into zombies, a special group is sent to contain the outbreak in one of the cities of Iran. Failing their mission will have the city wholly bombed and its residence by the defense ministry. Dying Light is an FPS survival-thrilling game with outstanding graphics.

Dying Light has exceeded expectations and become an award-winning game. Players had always argued about better, the story or the mechanics. The parkour and combat are memorable, the story-driven playthrough is marvelous.

The Day & Night cycle makes the game much more intriguing as the behavior of zombies creates a tense and terrifying atmosphere during the night.

10. Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver

  • Horror Index: 2

Drive through zombies in a top-down screen camera control! Run them over and collect upgrades on the way to allow you to shoot weapons and annihilate different hordes of zombies. Your goal is never to stop and get trapped between them!

You must keep the car running to avoid the threat that comes in numbers. There will be different destinations that you will have to arrive at, as you won’t only be killing zombies but also saving people that hid inside different buildings.