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The Best Ways To Use Your Brand To Boost Conversions For Your Business

In marketing, your brand name is the face of your company. It holds the reputation of your business and what people perceive when they hear it.

In this day and age with so many different brand names available it can be difficult for some companies to really gain a memorable brand name that drives in the conversions, they’re after.

However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying.

This expert guide will cover some of the best ways you can use your brand name to really boost the overall conversions for your business.

But before we look more closely at how you can use your brand name, you first need to…

power of brand

Know And Understand Your Customers Better

To really use and market your brand name to bring in the conversions you must first work on understanding your customers better. The position of your brand in your customer’s eyes will be determined on how well you connect with your audience. This needs to be done through segmentation of your audience.

Audience segmentation will help you to understand and personally connect with your audience on a deeper level as you drive your brand marketing efforts. To segment your audience, you need to first do some research yourself by taking the time to review the information that’s collected from analysis of your audience. The areas that should be considered for analysis include:

  • Psychographics
  • Demographics
  • Behaviours
  • Geographic locations

Determining Your Segmentation Criteria

To determine your segmentation criteria, you need to look at your audience and simply identify their traits as individual people. See the graph below for an example:

Geographic Behavioural Psychographic Socio-Demographic
Urban, rural and peri-urbanRegion, district and community Consistency of behaviorDuration of behavior

Relevant behavior

Stages of change

Readiness to change

Frequency of behaviour




Opinions and attitudes

Benefits sought

Ethnicity/languageMarital status




Family size




Criteria Based Audience Segmentation

Once you have determined the criteria above you can then start to work on narrowing down your audience further as seen below:

Potential Audience Socio-Demographic Geographic Behavioural Psychographic
Women Not religious50 years married RuralDubbo Going into menopauseWorks with animals

Is a kind, shy individual

Wants to become more confident and outgoing in lifeDoesn’t hesitate to help others

Needs help to work out what her next life choice should be

In understanding your audience, you can then market your brand on the deeper level to make a connection that will last in their minds.

Let’s take a look now at the different ways you can market your brand better.

Brand Name Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

steps to creating a great brand name sagefrog

Organize Or Sponsor Charity Events

One of the biggest ways you can really bring in more conversions is by first showing the public that you’re all about helping those in need.

People look fondly on businesses and brands which sponsor or organize charity events. It also gives the brand what they’re looking for… exposure and attention. However, you shouldn’t just rush off and sponsor just any charity event. Instead, you need to work out:

  • The types of events that your target audience and customer base would be more involved with based on your audience segmentation above.
  • Whether you can commit to this sponsorship for a long period of time. The more times you sponsor a charity or hold an event across the years the better you will look in your audience’s eyes.

Sponsoring a charity shouldn’t just be done because you want to boost your conversions, although it does help, you should want to sponsor them of your own accord. Some charities that are great choices for brands to sponsor include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Saving or caring for animal charities
  • Sick or disabled children charities
  • Humanitarian charities
  • Cure disease charities

Become The Brand That Brings The Craze

Brand names that bring a new craze and product to their audience have a higher chance to really drive in the conversions. But how can you do this when you sell things that everyone else sells? That’s a good question, however, you’ll need to think outside of the box for a moment. Some things you can consider to bring high attention to your brand is to:

  • Work out whether you can improve on a product you’ve developed or can you make it better than the original?
  • Can you offer an additional expensive must-have promotional item for free or at a lower price along with the sale of a particular product?
  • Can you offer your customers with something exclusive that no one else is doing at this current time?
  • Continue to come up with something new and exciting for your customers. You need for your audience to say to themselves ‘I really need this now!’ to create spontaneous buys.
  • Do something that no other brand has done before which can bring a radical change to the industry and the way your audience sees you.

Trigger Your Audience’s Key Emotions Through Your Brand

When marketing your brand, one key area which should be explored is emotional marketing. The idea of emotional marketing is to trigger your customer’s emotions when they see your brand. To trigger an emotional response when they see your brand you’ll need to:

  • Create urgency and fear through limited or once in a lifetime offers.
  • Add mystery into your marketing material by asking your audience interesting questions.
  • Make yourself desirable and trustworthy by solving problems your customers may be having.
  • Create surprise by giving your customers something they want when they least expect it.

In bringing out emotional responses in your customers and audience you’ll have a higher chance of creating spontaneous and long-term sales and conversions.


Be Consistent With The Marketing Of Your Brand

Like it or not, customers prefer to have a familiar essence when they see your brand. To help improve your conversions you need to keep your communication and marketing efforts consistent and in tune with one another to really connect and stay connected.

There are a few ways your brand can stay consistent and these include:

  • Be consistent with your identity: This includes the color, graphic elements, and typography.
  • Be consistent with your copywriting: usage of words, tone of your product descriptions, etc.
  • Be consistent with your imageries: camera angles, backgrounds, lighting.
  • Be consistent with your delivery experience: The product in the image should look the same as the product that’s delivered.

Being consistent throughout your business will help your audience relate better to your overall brand. The more relatable you become the more customers will come back.

Brand for Conversions

Wrapping it up

Your brand name can be a powerful way to market your business and bring in conversions when done right. By taking the time to consider these techniques and tips you have a higher chance of really boosting your conversions.

So, are you going to try any of these?