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15 Best Cracked PC Games Sites to Download for Free 2024

Are you in search of the best-cracked PC game websites? Below is a list of the top 15 platforms where you can find various games, from popular titles to rare gems.

The gaming industry has witnessed overwhelming growth and many games are captivating players everywhere. However, the popularity of cracked games on different online platforms is a darker side of the gaming community that has emerged as a result of this boom in demand. The invention of cracked games, essentially unauthorized copies of original works with digital rights management (DRM) disabled, has caused a stir in the gaming community and disrupted the established order. Cracked games can now be accessed via multiple websites.

This article explores websites that provide free, unrestricted access to premium gaming content, delving into the cracked game world. Even while free games have a lot of appeal, it is essential to consider their moral, legal, and security implications. These websites include:

1. Ocean of Games


Ocean of Games is a highly popular website for downloading cracked PC games, known for its user-friendly interface and efficient game acquisition process. The site's simplicity allows users to download games with just a few clicks, making it accessible to individuals with varying technical expertise. Boasting an extensive collection of cracked games spanning different genres, Ocean of Games provides users with a broad selection and facilitates easy navigation through numerous filters.

The website's high-speed server is a standout feature, enabling users to download large-sized single-file games, up to 60 GB, at impressive speeds of up to 1 MBps. This ensures a swift and efficient downloading experience. Additionally, Ocean of Games offers a game error fix page, providing valuable solutions for users encountering installation issues.

2. Ova Games


Ova Games is a game download site that stands out for its old-fashioned yet user-friendly interface. Despite potential server limitations compared to other platforms, Ova Games focuses on providing a smooth browsing experience. The website offers a variety of legit, full-version Windows PC games, including FitGirl, repack, and Codex versions. Users can easily search for and access games, with a tutorial page ensuring trouble-free downloads. The platform features a request page for users to request specific games and a release index showcasing the latest additions.

One notable aspect of Ova Games is its user-friendly interface, facilitating easy navigation through various game genres. The site provides detailed game descriptions, system requirements, and screenshots, aiding users in making informed choices. Ova Games engages with its community through a Facebook fan page, where users can request games, seek troubleshooting assistance, and interact directly with the platform. Ova Games offers an ad-free experience during the download process and ensures the safety of all downloadable games, free from viruses.

3. Skidrow Codex


Skidrow Codex is a prominent warez group established in February 2014, known for cracking games and distributing them through various channels. The group gained recognition for cracking the DRM on games like Assassin's Creed 2 and Uplay. The website associated with Skidrow Codex provides a platform for downloading free cracked and pirated games, offering a wide range of genres and features like game requests, tutorials, and filtering options. The site's appearance reflects its focus on action-packed and war-themed games.

Despite not having an official website, Skidrow Codex maintains a strong reputation in the gaming community, drawing on its historical significance and continued success in cracking popular titles. The platform is appreciated for its speed, responsiveness, and comprehensive collection of games, but users are advised to be cautious of potential malware on mirror sites.

4. Blackbox Repack


Blackbox Repack is a website that provides a diverse selection of new and up-to-date PC games across various genres. The site is known for offering free downloads and accommodating user requests for specific games. The term “black box” refers to a team capable of cracking PC games or bypassing game security, enabling users to play pirated games.

Despite its appeal as a source for modern games, Blackbox Repack has notable drawbacks, notably many pop-up ads. Navigating the website can be challenging for visitors due to the difficulty in distinguishing between authentic download links and those leading to advertisements. Despite these challenges, the site caters to gamers seeking repacked games at smaller sizes, making them accessible to users with lower bandwidth and speed capabilities.

5. IGG Games


IGG Games is a user-friendly website offering a vast and varied selection of cracked games that may be difficult to find elsewhere. The platform boasts a visually appealing design and a quick, responsive interface. With a collection of rare games and over a hundred games, IGG Games stands out for including titles not commonly found on other platforms.

The website facilitates easy navigation through genres like survival, RPG, and sports, allowing users to discover and download games based on their preferences. IGG Games features a “Random” option for users who have trouble deciding which game to download, providing a novel way to explore new titles. IGG Games provides a torrent site accessible through its platform, catering to users who prefer this method. Despite its effectiveness as a game download site, users may encounter some ads during their browsing experience.

6. ApunKaGames


ApunKaGames is a prominent gaming blog and website known for offering a wide collection of cracked PC games with detailed articles about each title. Featuring a simple design on over a thousand pages, the site attracts users with its simplicity and ease of navigation.

ApunKaGames provides full versions of cracked games, including popular titles like GTA and Call of Duty, categorized into various genres such as action, shooting, and sports. The site's user-friendly approach allows users to filter games by size, addressing concerns about disk space from under 100 MB to 2 GB. With a mission to offer the best gaming experience, ApunKaGames stands out for its three passwords to crack any game. However, it has specific rules, excluding multiplayer games and allowing users to play one game for free daily.

7. RG Mechanics


RG Mechanics is a game download website known for providing a wide range of games, including anime-themed titles and popular games like GTA V. The site offers game “repacks,” allowing for faster downloads due to smaller file sizes than the original. Known for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, RG Mechanics stands out for its quick and responsive service, offering various genres without ads.

Founded by a woman, RG Mechanics focuses uniquely on anime-themed games, making it an attractive choice for anime fans. Despite not consistently featuring the latest releases, the platform is popular for offering the most played games. RG Mechanics Games extends beyond anime, featuring a collection of up-to-date games not readily found on other platforms. The site also provides games in parts and displays the number of downloads, enhancing the overall user experience for gamers seeking a straightforward and efficient platform.

8. Hienzo


Hienzo is a well-established and widely visited website in Indonesia, recognized as one of the best platforms for downloading pirated games. While its server may not match international standards, Hienzo is reputed for providing safe game files without viruses. Catering primarily to PC game enthusiasts, the site offers a diverse selection of popular online games, ensuring an immersive gaming experience with full versions. Despite the downloading process requiring some effort from various file hosting platforms like Tusfiles and Macro Creator, Hienzo provides detailed instructions, including images and step-by-step guides.

The website extends its offerings beyond PC games to include PlayStation, PSP, and emulator games, offering a comprehensive gaming experience. With a simple and organized design, Hienzo facilitates easy navigation, featuring helpful instructions and a means to report game-related issues. Its commitment to providing full versions for free positions it as a go-to destination for Indonesian gamers despite the slight complexity of the download process.

9. FitGirl


FitGirl is a well-known website for downloading pirated and compressed games, offering a large collection of titles with high compression levels for quick and simple downloads. Despite the efficiency of downloads, the installation process may take time due to the compression, with some games taking hours to install. The platform boasts hundreds of games, regularly updating them with official releases and ensuring a variety of genres to cater to diverse gaming preferences.

What sets FitGirl apart is its commitment to providing high-quality gaming experiences. The website rigorously tests and optimizes games from reputable sources like Codex and CPY, ensuring smooth gameplay on various systems. FitGirl's user-friendly design simplifies the downloading process, and in case of errors during installation, users can turn to the repack troubleshooting page for assistance. The website's popularity has led to occasional downtime due to DDoS attacks. Still, its reliability, cost savings, and accessibility to games that are difficult to obtain through official channels have made FitGirl a go-to platform for those seeking cracked PC games. It also provides game screenshots and descriptions, giving users an idea of what to expect before downloading.

10. Steam Unlocked


Steam Unlocked is a website that offers cracked PC games, primarily sourced from the Steam platform, without official authorization. Users can download various games, spanning genres like shooters, action, driving, simulators, and virtual reality, including free updates or downloadable content. Created by James, the platform stands out among torrent download sites by providing pre-installed games, allowing for easy extraction and immediate gameplay. Despite potentially longer download times, Steam Unlocked is favoured by gamers for its reliability, ensuring that downloaded games function properly after installation.

The website features a user-friendly interface with a dropdown menu for easy genre-based browsing. Unlike some other platforms, the games offered on Steam Unlocked are known to work effectively. The site's comments section provides user-generated reviews and insights, aiding others in making informed decisions before downloading specific games. Steam Unlocked assures users of a secure experience by highlighting the absence of viruses, malware, scams, or ransomware, further contributing to its popularity in the gaming community.

11. Game PCISO


GamesPCISO offers a huge selection of PC games that can be downloaded, giving customers a lot of choices when it comes to gaming. The platform allows users to download games for several different platforms, such as the PS4, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSVita, Wii, XBOX, and Switch, in addition to PC titles. With the ability to access games on many consoles, this wide range of supported platforms appeals to a wide audience.

Interestingly, you may play the games on GamesPCISO on the devices that they are compatible with or, for even more flexibility, on emulators. Users can thus emulate the gaming experience on suitable emulators or play these games on genuine gaming consoles. Users can now enjoy increased accessibility and convenience thanks to both options.



Action, strategy, adventure, and more genres are among the many games and entertainment applications in the MS-DOS software package. There is something for every interest and inclination in this extensive collection. Users can download these applications for free and get instant access to various leisure and gaming materials. The MS-DOS software package provides a handy and cost-free way to explore and enjoy a range of digital adventures, whether you are looking for action-packed experiences, strategic challenges, adventurous journeys, or other forms of engaging entertainment.

13. MyPlayCity


MyPlayCity is a well-known website offering many free-to-play casual games. Well known for its generosity, this website has emerged as the preferred choice for players looking for various free cracked PC games.

MyPlayCity offers various game genres, making it a great option for players with varying tastes. MyPlayCity guarantees a varied and captivating gaming experience, regardless of the player's preference for the exhilaration of driving, the intensity of shooting games, the cerebral challenges presented by puzzles, or any other genre. This platform is unique in that it is dedicated to providing players with free access to these games. MyPlayCity's emphasis on casual games has produced a friendly environment for infrequent and ardent gamers.

14. CroTorrets


CroTorrents is a digital centre created to give customers quick access to a wide range of resources, primarily game downloads, for free. The website has been carefully designed to serve the gaming community and provides a means for users to obtain a range of games for free.

CroTorrents stands out for its dedication to providing users with information. Apart from enabling the downloading of games, the website consistently updates its users with the most recent updates and new features for various games. This dynamic component improves the user experience by ensuring that users get free games and are informed on how the gaming industry is changing.

15. Game Trex


GameTrex is a well-known website providing a safe refuge for PC gamers looking to download cracked games for free. The website is well-known for having a large selection and is a top choice for anyone wishing to access a variety of gaming experiences.

One of GameTrex's unique selling points is how it organizes the games into various categories. This well-considered layout accommodates a broad range of gaming tastes by enabling gamers to move between titles from the past and the present with ease. GameTrex offers a user-friendly layout that makes it easier for consumers to find and download games, regardless of whether they are excited to explore the newest releases or are nostalgic for the classics.


While the availability of cracked games on various websites may be tempting for those looking to access premium content without payment, it is essential to recognize the ethical and legal implications of engaging in such activities. Piracy, as facilitated by these platforms, undermines the hard work of game developers, distributors, and the gaming industry. It is important to highlight the associated risks, such as exposure to malware, viruses, and other security threats that often accompany illegally obtained games. Ultimately, responsible and ethical choices in acquiring and enjoying video games contribute to the sustainability and growth of the gaming industry, fostering innovation and creativity.