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22 Famous Male Tiktokers to Follow in 2023

Are you a TikToker and wondering who might be those top boys on the video-sharing platform? This article provides you with a long list of top TikTok boys who are currently making the buzz on the platform.

In recent years, the TikTok platform has gained popularity for normalizing the practice of lip-syncing in online videos. TikTok’s engaging and addicting structure has led to a dramatic increase in its user base, which currently numbers more than 1.2 billion active monthly users worldwide. Many people use the TikTok app to create and share short, humorous, and engaging videos. Videomakers can utilize the included sounds and filters, or they can add their own using the included file-uploading functionality.

TikTok has the same number of male and female users, yet the channel is dominated by women. Women make up a disproportionate share of the most popular TikTok creators. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean men can’t have huge followings on TikTok.

I’m going to make this article on the top male TikTokers, so all the examples will be from that demographic. This is the greatest spot to begin your search for brand-influencer partnerships or to choose which male TikTokers are worth following.

1. Khaby Lame


  • Followers:4 million
  • Following: 79
  • Likes: 2.4 billion

Given his evident talent, Khaby Lame’s accomplishments come as no surprise. After seeing his initial drawing a few years ago, I knew he was destined for greatness. Over one hundred million people follow Khaby on TikTok presently. He ranks second in terms of TikTok popularity. His popularity rose largely as a result of his humorous short films.

One of Lame’s viral videos shows him reacting to someone else’s attempt to peel a banana, and he has quickly become more popular than Dixie D’Amelio, TikTok’s Zach King, and Bella Poarch. There are no signs that the star’s popularity will decrease anytime soon. When do we start talking about Charli D’Amelio? Did Khaby have what it took to depose her for so long?

2. Jacob Sartorius


  • Followers:7 million
  • Following: 2409
  • Likes: 6 billion

With over 20 million subscribers, Jacob has more male followers than any other TikTok star. His videos often include him lip-syncing to radio hits. He also has a successful solo singing career, with “Sweatshirt” his most well-known track to date.

3. Gilmher Croes


  • Followers:1 million
  • Following: 514
  • Likes: 854 million

With an astounding 18 million followers, Gil is undoubtedly one of the most prominent TikTok influencers. He writes hilariously brief social media postings that go viral. Aside from acting and modeling, he also does both.

His sibling, Jayden Croes, is also a successful TikTok personality, and he often features him in his videos. They also manage the popular CroesBros YouTube channel, which has 991K followers.

4. Cameron Dallas


  • Followers:5 million
  • Following: 298
  • Likes:7 million

Cameron Dallas is a well-known TikTok celebrity who uses his online presence to influence his fans. He gained fame via the videos he uploaded to platforms like YouTube, Vine, and TikTok. He acts out humorous scenes for his TikTok followers. In addition, he shares clips of himself lip-syncing to other tunes. Given his online notoriety, Netflix has decided to produce a series on him.

5. Zach King


  • Followers:3 million
  • Following: 60
  • Likes:9 million

Zach began his career on Vine but has become an influential figure on the TikTok platform. In his popular TikTok and YouTube videos, he mostly performs magic tricks and sleights of hand. The majority of his subscribers like his videos on both channels.

6. Jayden Croes


  • Followers:9 million
  • Following: 248
  • Likes:1 billion

Like his older sibling, Jayden Croes has established himself as a popular TikTok user. Along with his brother and other TikTok producers, he makes short dancing films that he shares online.

7. Lucas and Marcus


  • Followers:2 million
  • Following: 172
  • Likes: 934 million

These two siblings have made quite a name for themselves as TikTok makers with their eclectic selection of clips. They often do acrobatic feats and dance to current hit tunes.

8. Manjul Khattar


  • Followers:9 million
  • Following: 255
  • Likes:3 million

His humorous TikTok videos catapulted him to prominence, and he is now a popular influencer in India. In his videos, he usually acts out humorous situations or lip-syncs to hit Hindi songs. Even though his videos are only available in a certain region’s language, he has amassed millions of subscribers and become one of the channel’s most prominent content producers.

9. Cash Baker


  • Followers:1 million
  • Following: 303
  • Likes:2 million

TikTok star Cash Baker is recognized for his humorous, outdoor-themed lip-sync videos. He often plays out sequences from well-known films by lip-syncing to their speech. Cash Baker’s sibling, a successful TikTok personality, and other pals often appear in his movies. He and his sibling have a song called “The Way You Move” out.

10. Maverick Baker


  • Followers:1 million
  • Following: 430
  • Likes:9 million

Like his older sibling Cash, Maverick is a well-known TikTok maker specializing in lip-sync videos. His outdoor-oriented films often involve his sibling and their pals. Together with his sibling, Cash Baker, he manages a popular YouTube channel.

11. Jason Coffee


  • Followers: 21. 6 million
  • Following: 1064
  • Likes:2 billion

Jason is a bona fide social media superstar thanks to his massive following across several networks, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Videos of his goofy family life have gone viral, earning him millions of likes.

12. Cole LaBrant


  • Followers: 22 million
  • Following: 61
  • Likes:7 million

Cole and his wife Savannah and their daughter Everleigh have built a strong online following thanks to their vlogs documenting their everyday lives together. His movies are a montage of everyday moments from their life together, such as funny dance routines or snapshots from their travels. He also has millions of fans following him on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

13. Dominic Toliver

Dominic Toliver

  • Followers:3 billion
  • Following: 2679
  • Likes:5 million

Dominic and his colleagues make music and comedy films in the great outdoors. He first gained popularity on Vine, but now he has millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube.

14. Jake Paul


  • Followers:7 million
  • Following: 137
  • Likes:7 million

Jake has become a viral sensation on TikTok because of his comedic lip-syncing videos. He first gained popularity with his Vine videos before switching to TikTok. Because of his fame on the internet, he was cast in an episode of the Disney sitcom “Bizaardvark.”

15. Carson Lueders


  • Followers: 7 million
  • Following: 90
  • Likes:9 million

Carson, a multi-talented entertainer with over 6 million TikTok fans, is a singer, actor, and composer. He also has over a million followers on his YouTube account, where he publishes cover versions of famous songs and his original music. Beyond his musical performances, he shares a wealth of humorous and engaging videos on TikTok.

16. Max and Harvey


  • Followers:5 million
  • Following: 701
  • Likes:3 million

Identical twins Harvey Kitt Mills and Max Luca Mills have amassed a massive following on TikTok with their collaborative channel. They make music videos in which they lip-sync to popular songs, and they’ve also produced original material. They were also featured in an episode of “Fear of Missing Out.”

17. Oliver Moy


  • Followers:8 million
  • Following: 2729
  • Likes:3 million

Like many other viral TikTok stars, Oliver makes videos of himself lip-syncing to today’s most popular tunes. In his films, he often features himself and his pals, and he frequently works with other TikTok makers.

18. Sebastian Bails


  • Followers:6 million
  • Following: 6818
  • Likes:3 million

Like the other prominent TikTok users, Sebastian gained his following by uploading hilarious skits set to music or snippets from movies. His fiancée often appears in his films and acts out scenarios and lip-syncs to the conversation with him.

19. Josh Richards


  • Followers:6 million
  • Following: 9486
  • Likes:8 billion

Josh has become a household name as a model and actor because of his part in “Brother's Keeper.” As a result of his humorous and engaging TikTok videos, he has amassed a sizable fan following.

20. Christian Collins


  • Followers:9 million
  • Following: 96
  • Likes:9 million

Chris has millions of fans across all of his social media channels due to his acting and singing careers. He often shares vlogs, cover songs, and original compositions on TikTok.

21. Antonie Lokhorst


  • Followers:2 million
  • Following: 177
  • Likes:8 million

This Dutch creator on TikTok has found success by publishing fitness videos rather than the platform's signature lip-sync clips. He has built a large fan following in the fitness industry by specializing in that area.

22. Aaron Doh


  • Followers:2 million
  • Following: 3808
  • Likes: 363 million

Like many other successful TikTok creators, Aaron Doh draws on his wit and humor to captivate his audience. His early success came on Vine, but he has now transitioned to TikTok. He prefers to work alone in his videos and lip-sync to music or talk.


Q. Who is currently the TikTok king?

Khaby Lame has successfully ascended to the throne of TikTok. Now with 142.8 million fans, the comedy video master has become a TikTok phenomenon.

Q. How much is TikTok paying its users?

You can expect to earn between 2 and 4 cents for every 1,000 views on a video uploaded to TikTok. TikTok does not publicly reveal the variables that determine the compensation. This explains why some artists are paid more than others for the same amount of views.

Q. What is the total worth of TikTok?

TikTok has a value of 50 billion USD. Bloomberg reports that the valuation of ByteDance, the firm behind TikTok, has risen to 275 billion USD in recent months.

Q. Where is TikTok from?

Chinese IT firm ByteDance released the app in 2016.


An ever-growing number of people are using the Tik Tok app because it is so fun to make and share short videos. The men shown here are the most popular TikTok creators, with millions of people watching the videos they post daily. Explore their TikTok channels and start following the creators whose videos you like the most. Brand partnerships with them are a great way to expand your exposure to a wide audience.