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50 Fascinating Female Neck Tattoos Idea in 2023

Neck tattoos can be placed at the back, front, or side of the neck. The size of the tattoo determines where it should be placed to attract the right attention and admiration.

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo any time soon? What’s on your mind? When you get a tattoo you will have it for the rest of your life. Therefore, you need to choose a design you will always be proud of and not feel ashamed or want to hide it when in a crowd of people.

Therefore, do thorough research to find the perfect tattoo that you can use on your body. Removing a tattoo is twice as painful as getting it. So, you better get one you won’t mind having till eternity.

We have highlighted some 50 beautiful female neck tattoos that will make you look gorgeous as usual.

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

1. Butterfly phrase tattoo

Butterfly phrase tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. They are also a symbol of transformation. Therefore, you can consider having a butterfly-themed tattoo with some initials, words, or phrases above it. Just behind the ear would be a perfect place to draw the right attention. Don’t you think?

2. Floral themed tattoo

Floral themed tattoo

You can also go out of the ordinary and get a tattoo on the front of your neck. The trick of front neck tattoos is to ensure it is big enough not to be hidden by your chin. This floral-themed tattoo would be perfect for your neck. It draws the right attention too. You can be creative on how you want it to look, plus color combinations.

3. Flowery spikes tattoo

Flowery spikes tattoo

Adding a little touch of spike-like features onto your inverted flower would look great on your neck. It might not necessarily be a plant, but you can choose a feature that can easily be inverted and easily supplemented with a spike-like feature.

4. Tree-themed tattoo design

Tree-themed tattoo design

If you are an environmentalist, or you love trees, this would be a perfect choice for you. A simple tree can be drawn at the back of your neck to symbolize your love for them. You can choose your favorite tree to be drawn at the back with a valid reason for it.

5. Flowing butterflies design

Flowing butterflies design

Butterflies can be put anywhere around your neck. It all depends on how you want it done. You can choose to have butterflies of different sizes on your neck flying in a specific direction or just choose to have them in one size. However, different sizes make the tattoo more adorable.

6. Upright flower design

Upright flower design

The front part of your neck requires a tattoo design that can attract the right attention quickly. Another ideal front design would be an upright flower. Just ensure the tattoo artist draws the upright flower large enough to be seen but doesn’t occupy too much space.

7. One butterfly design

One butterfly design

There are many species of butterflies out there. Therefore, you can peruse through them and see which one would be a perfect fit behind your neck. The butterflies bring out a calm feeling since they are known for their beauty. Therefore, choosing a beautiful butterfly would work best.

8. Chain tattoo design

Chain tattoo design

What does your favorite neckchain look like? Well, why not have a chain-like tattoo on your neck? The middle part can have your favorite pendant or animal and ensure the lines correspond to it. Be creative with the kind of design you want.

9. Leaf butterfly-themed design

Leaf butterfly-themed design

Tattoos can be made in any way that you want. Therefore, you can even choose to get a butterfly on a leaf or even choose other features that can accompany the specific butterfly species. The tattoo needs to stand out and draw the right attention.

10. Name-themed design

Name-themed design

Another neck design idea would be getting your name or name initials written behind your ear. This works for anyone who would not want the tattoo to draw too much attention or someone who would still want to draw attention. When the hair is closed in different ways, it provides a chance for the tattoo to be seen.

11. Leaf neck tattoo idea

Leaf neck tattoo idea

Some leaves tend to be powerful while some carry some spiritual meaning. Therefore, you can consider getting your favorite leaf tattoo on the side of your neck or even behind. It all depends on where you are most comfortable with.

12. Unfinished tattoo idea

Unfinished tattoo idea

Some tattoos would look great if they were unfinished. This brings out confusion on what the specific tattoo illustrates. If you want to confuse people, this would be the perfect tattoo to try out. It is a minimalistic tattoo design for anyone.

13. Lotus Flower Idea

Lotus Flower Idea

The Lotus flower is beautiful. You can consider having it either on your side of the neck or even behind. Its flower is small in real life, so you can consider just having a minimalistic design of it. It would look great on anyone.

14. Animal Print design

Animal Print design

If you love animals, getting an animal print tattoo would be great for you. You just need to have a great idea of the kind of animal you would want and get it tattooed on your neck. Just be creative about it to bring out that adorable look.

15. Birds flying tattoo idea

Birds flying tattoo idea

Another great neck design would be a bird flying tattoo. You can choose to have it at the back of your neck and choose the bird sizes. You can also choose which side they will be flying to and their color combination. It will surely draw the right attention.

16. Signature neck design

Signature neck design

How is your signature, or what’s your best sign? You can consider that for your tattoo. It can be placed at the back of your neck. Just ensure it showcases something great about you. You definitely wouldn’t want to be questioned about its meaning, would you?

17. Floral leaf neck design

Floral leaf neck design

How about having flowers and leaf branches on your neck? It would be the perfect idea for a floral-themed tattoo. It can run from your neck to your hands or just the neck area. You can choose the color combination of the flowers and leaves to bring out the stunning look.

18. Different-sized birds

Different-sized birds

Another great neck design would be having different-sized birds flying on your neck. They can be moving from the bottom of your neck towards the ear. This brings out a great feeling of birds' flight and their togetherness when moving from one place to the other in different seasons.

19. Inverted rose flower

Inverted rose flower

What’s your favorite flower? Well, you can have an inverted rose flower that runs from your neck to your back. The color combination can be based on what you like. A tattoo should bring out a form of beauty. This motive can easily be achieved using this neck design.

20. Live, laugh, love phrase

Live- laugh- love phrase

The “Live, laugh, love” phrase is a common one that simply summarizes life. You should take life easily and this can even be illustrated by this simple tattoo phrase. You will constantly remind yourself to take life easily when you feel a lot is happening. This is a great neck design idea for anyone.

21. Wing-themed design

Wing-themed design

Another great idea would be getting a wing-themed neck design. You don’t necessarily need to have a bird design, but wings would be enough. The tattoo artist just needs to ensure they are the same size to prevent one being larger than the other.

22. Nature neck tattoo

Nature neck tattoo

If you love nature, this would be the perfect tattoo for you. You can choose to have a flower, birds, leaves, and branches at the front of your neck. This will make the perfect natural combination. It will attract the right attention.

23. Large butterfly neck tattoo

Large butterfly neck tattoo

What’s your favorite butterfly species? Why not get that for your neck tattoo? You can explain to the tattoo artist, the distinct features that need more attention and the butterfly species of your choice. They will do a great job with that.

24. Colored Lotus flower

Colored Lotus flower

You can choose to have a colored Lotus flower at the back of your neck or any other flower of your choice. You can choose a matching color combination to give the flower that stunning look. Not only that, but you will look great with it. It will also draw the right attention from everyone who sees it. Just be creative to get the best neck tattoo.

25. Unfinished flower neck tattoo idea

Unfinished flower neck tattoo idea

Unfinished flower neck tattoos tend to look amazing. You can choose to have a well-drawn flower like this or have some parts unfinished. The tattoo will make you look gorgeous. It can work best at the back of your neck or even on the sides.

26. Wavy flower neck tattoo

Wavy flower neck tattoo

There are different species of flowers and leaves out there. You can even check the benefits of a certain flower or leaf and then decide whether you would want it for a tattoo. The aesthetic nature of flowers and leaves makes them a popular pick for neck designs.

27. Inverted flower design

Inverted flower design

What’s your favorite gift? If you love getting surprised with flowers, then this tattoo will be a great one for you. It can flow right from your ear, down to your neck. You just need to elaborate to the tattoo artist what details need to be emphasized more to ensure the perfect finish.

28. Bow tie neck tattoo

Bow tie neck tattoo

Bow ties come in different colors and designs. If you also love holding up your hair using a ponytail, this design will amaze you. You can choose the bow tie neck tattoo to be placed on one side of your neck and choose the color combination. It doesn’t always need to be black and white.

29. Holding fingers neck tattoo design

Holding fingers neck tattoo design

This epic design would be great for the back of your neck. The holding fingers neck tattoo design can be put on different parts of your body. However, it stands out more at the back of your neck. Don’t you agree? Well, it’s a great choice for anyone.

30. Spiritual emblem neck design

Spiritual emblem neck design

You can also consider having a spiritual emblem or symbol at the back of your neck. It all depends on your beliefs, and you can choose how you need it designed. Be assured that it will look great on your neck.

31. Scorpion flower neck design

Scorpion flower neck design

You can also choose to get a scorpion-flower-themed neck tattoo. If you want to show fierceness, with tenderness, this would work for you. It is a perfect neck design that shows two personalities matched together by a fierce scorpion and a tender flower.

32. Be strong phrase

Be strong phrase

Words are powerful. Therefore, you can choose to get a tattoo of your favorite quote, phrase, or words. You can choose the “be strong” phrase to continuously remind yourself to stay strong or anyone else you come in contact with to stay strong.

33. Memorable year tattoo design

Memorable year tattoo design

What’s a year you can never forget? Your year of birth? When did you graduate? When did you get married? Well, why not get a tattoo of your favorite year placed on your neck? It depends on whether you want it placed vertically or horizontally.

34. Flower circle tattoo design

Flower circle tattoo design

Be unique and get a flower, leaf, and circle combination. The neck design brings out a minimalistic unique design. It is classy and would draw the right attention easily. Therefore, you can count on this design.

35. “Be happy” phrase

Be happy phrase

Life is short, and we need to live it to the fullest. Therefore, you can have the “be happy” phrase as a constant reminder that we need to be happy at all times. You can either have it as plain words or add a little touch to it to look more adorable.

36. Colored wings

Colored wings

What’s your favorite bird? Why not have its wings designed for you? That’s another great neck tattoo design that you can try out. The size depends on where you want it to reach. The wings will give you confidence to soar higher, don’t you think? Choose the perfect color combination for your wings.

37. Sun neck design

Sun neck design

You can also consider having a sun-neck design or any other sign design. It brings out a minimalistic look and if you don’t want to draw too much attention, it would work for you. Just explain to the tattoo artist how minimalistic you want your tattoo to be. However, you can add some other finer details to it.

38. Initial – crown design

Initial – crown design

You can also have your name's initial neck tattoo and place a crown on it. It can also be the name initial of your spouse or someone special. It would work best at the side of your neck or just below your ear. Furthermore, it also provides a minimalistic feel.

39. Well-defined bird

Well-defined bird

What’s your favorite bird? Why do you love it? Well, you can also have the bird image on your neck. The bird can be well-defined so that anyone who sees it can guess which it is. Whether a dove, vulture, eagle, owl etc. Just choose the bird you love most.

40. Flower and half butterfly combination

Flower and half butterfly combination

A great thing about tattoos is that you can combine them the way you wish. You can decide to have two different things together. You can have a half-butterfly and flower combination. Just get a tattoo that will make you feel confident about yourself and those around you.

41. Favorite tree species

Favorite tree species

You can also get a neck tattoo of your favorite tree. Luckily, you can also choose some color combinations to make the tree look lively. Therefore, you have no excuse for not getting such a tattoo. Choose something you will feel proud of having even after some years pass.

42. Favorite symbol neck tattoo design

Favorite symbol neck tattoo design

You can also choose to put a neck tattoo design of your favorite symbol. It can be centrally placed to make it look amazing. Some symbols and signs are believed to have some powers within them like for protection. Therefore, you will always feel confident while carrying on your day-to-day activities.

43. Love phrase neck tattoo design

Love phrase neck tattoo design

Love is a powerful word and feeling. It is also a great neck phrase idea you can try out. It can just be written plainly or designed to make it look more stunning. You will always spread love to everyone as you walk.

44. Love heart, flower, and cross combination

Love heart- flower-- and cross combination

Another great idea would be having a love heart, flower, and cross combination for our neck design. It is also a minimalistic design that brings out some great emotions. You can choose which things you want to combine and not necessarily the three. However, they match well. Don’t you agree? It would look great on you!

45. Two faces neck tattoo design

Two faces neck tattoo design

You can also consider getting a two-face neck tattoo design. Medium-sized faces would work best. It is an ideal design for loved ones or showing respect to each other. You will never regret having such a neck tattoo design. Everyone will admire it.

46. Blessed word and cross neck tattoo

Blessed word and cross neck tattoo

If you are religious, this would be a great tattoo to put on your neck. It shows that you believe that you are already blessed. The kind of faith you have will bring others closer to God. It is an epic design that everyone you encounter will admire.

47. Animal-themed tattoo

Animal-themed tattoo

You can also consider getting an animal-themed tattoo with stars around them. Get to choose an animal that you admire most, or you have similar behaviors, and get a tattoo of it. You will enjoy having such a tattoo and many people will be amazed by how stunning you look.

48. Initial and heart design

Initial and heart design

What’s your first name’s initial? Well, that can work as a tattoo inspiration. You can then combine it with a heart symbol to make it look more gorgeous. When choosing a tattoo, you need to make it as interesting as possible.

49. Bird-themed tattoo

Bird-themed tattoo

With all the birds around, do you think you can miss one that you can use as your neck tattoo? The size of the bird will determine where you place it. However, the back of your ear or the back of your neck would work best.

50. Flower branch neck tattoo design

Flower branch neck tattoo design

There are different flower species and therefore, you can choose your favorite to be your neck tattoo design. You can then tell the tattoo artists to add your favorite colors to it to make it look lively. Choose the best design for your neck tattoo. You aren’t limited at all.

Boost Your Confidence With The Neck Tattoos.

A tattoo can easily boost your confidence. Therefore, you can choose any of these admirable tattoos for your neck. You can choose a tattoo with a hidden meaning or choose one with no meaning at all.

You can choose naturalistic things, flowers, animals, signs, symbols, birds, or other kinds of things for your neck tattoo. If you get a good tattoo artist to do the work for you, you will never regret getting the tattoo. Your friends, family, and strangers will keep admiring it.