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Fling Review 2023: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Since the beginning of time, people have always been on the lookout for new ways to meet people. Hence, it is no surprise that the development of modern media immediately ushered in new creative ways to achieve this goal.

From the first known print personal ads that date back to the 16th century, to the current era of high-speed WiFi and swipe-powered dating apps, humans have always found a way to imbibe new technology into the dating game.

However, the progression has not been only in the medium. The process and the norms surrounding seeking new partners have seen significant shifts over the ages, especially in the current digital era.

To put that in perspective, in the 1700s, the first woman to post a personal ad, Helen Morrison, was committed to an asylum by her city mayor for a month.

Today, we have apps like tinder and meetup sites like at the forefront of “hookup culture,” providing an unpretentious space to find other people, even if only for casual hookups. Overview is the king of being unpretentious. Everything from the provocative site aesthetics, the super explicit profile photos, to the availability of live sex cam girls on the platform immediately alerts you to what you are getting here.

This portal is not one for people seeking long-term commitments. Instead, is that website you get to when you are just out of a protracted relationship and are in no hurry to dive back into the serious scenes.

Fling is home of no-strings-attached casual sex, and it proudly and unapologetically markets itself at such.

Furthermore, the site ensures that it offers no limits to your experimentation. Everything from seeking threesomes, group sex, swinging couples, BDSM, to cybersex is allowed. Your only limits are your imagination, and whatever your kink, you are sure to find some matching category and members.

While the site does offer a “safe mode” that completely blocks out all adult content, we can only assume that feature is to make the interface more safe for work. A significant majority of the site members are here to explore their sexual fantasies, so if you are getting on here, expect to meet the adventurous.

First launched in 2006, has grown to become one of the big names in the dating world. The website currently has a user base of over 3 million members from around the world, with the majority of their traffic coming from the US, Australia, and Russian. Pros

Exciting Interface's homepage immediately lets you know what you came to get. Right from the front page, you meet a sea of selected user profiles giving you feel for the kind of members on the platform. Furthermore, this homepage is dynamic, so the page cycles through new user profiles giving you more data to go by while you decide on whether to signup for your account.

You have to give props for how in-your-face they are with their site mission. At least, you won't find unsure members here, that is for sure. is hands down an excellent website for people to be comfortable with their sexual kinks and their adventurous sexuality. Everything from group sex to threesomes, swinging, and BDSM is welcomed and even encouraged on the platform.

Furthermore, the website also offers access to live cam girls known as the Fling Live Girls. Here, you gain access to videos and live feeds of various cam models straight from the website.

Exciting Interface of

With Safe Mode

While the raunchy interface is a plus for considering its niche, a safe, nudity-free mode is always a plus. For when you want to do some profile browsing in public, or if you are not just into all that nudity,'s safe mode offers a clean version of the site that excludes all users with naked profile photos from your viewfinder.

Varied Member User Base

With a membership count of over 3 million, has an abundance of people that are up for some erotic adventures. The available interest categories on are experimenting, threesomes+, friends with benefits, online flirting, meet in person, and lastly, open to a relationship.

Hence, if hooking up is your goal, with 3 million people in the categories as mentioned above, you are in for a treat.

Effective Search Functionality

On, you get two search options: their quick search and the advanced search feature. The quick search is a great way to find members in your local fast, while the advanced search feature offers more filtering options as it lets you scan member profiles for specific phrases and keywords.

With the search feature, you can find users based on their sexual interest, with keywords like roleplaying, anal, BDSM, cybersex, candle play, and so on. Alternatively, you can choose to seek out members with whom you will bond on hobbies like music, wine, or biking.

Free Signup and Cheap Trial Offer

Like on many similar dating and hookup sites, on, signup is open to all and free for both men, women, and couples. And similar to what you will get on other websites, the free account has minimal functionality.

However, where differentiates itself from the pack is its cheap $0.95 trial offer that lets you test out the features of the site for two days before deciding whether to pay for a standard subscription. The trial accounts give you access to the site's photo galleries, live cams, and chat rooms.

3-Month Get Laid Guarantee

Do you think that the paid account was a ripoff? No worries. The platform offers a get laid guarantee that gives you an extra three months free membership if you do not get laid within your first three months of site membership.

Profile Activity Check

Excessive dead profiles are a common problem with many online dating and hookup sites. Sometimes, certain users only signup to try out the site once, and then they abandon their accounts. This abundance of non-functional profiles can quickly become a problem for members seeking people as you often send out a large number of messages and get a meager response rate. tries to curb this menace with a hotness rating system that measures the activity level of each member.

Member Verification

On, you can be sure you are talking with a real person thanks to the site's verification system. The platform lets users confirm their identity with a webcam. Once a member verifies their account, a small checkmark badge appears on their profile that lets you know you are onto a real person. Cons

Fake Profiles

Despite the site's user verification, fake profiles are abundant on, and endless user reviews attest to that fact. Once you sign up for the platform, you almost immediately receive a barrage of messages for fake accounts owned by scammers, and the website owners have done little to nothing to help manage this problem.

Inactive Profiles

Dead accounts are also a big issue on this platform. Furthermore, there is no “delete account” option on the site account settings. Hence, even users that no longer wish to be on the website still have their accounts live and broadcasting.

Even more concerning is the fact that even if you cancel your paid account, your profile does not get removed and it remains visible on the platform. The only way to get your account removed is to contact website support. This policy raises the question of how many of the site's user accounts are defunct profiles.

No Member Matching System

The setup on is a free-for-all system where you serve yourself to as many users as you like. Unfortunately, the site does not include any form of matching system that pairs you with similar users. You are on your own with this one.

Outdated Website

While the website homepage scored an A+ in raunchiness, the page does look like something straight out of 1999. The obsolete graphics combine with the overload of pictures, creating a clunky interface that many would consider an eyesore.

The excessive amount of NSFW user profile photos and website graphics may be a tad bit overwhelming for some as well.

Banned App

In 2015, the app was banned from the Apple app store for hosting excessively explicit content.

Getting Started with

Signing Up

Signing Up of
Setting up your account is simple and straightforward. The entire registration process for come only takes 1-2 minutes, and the only requirements are an email address, your age, gender, zip code, and username.

Once you complete the signup process, the site prompts you to verify your email address. However, you can continue using the site's browse and search feature even without verification.

Since is not available in all countries, users from unsupported countries get redirected instead to, a sister dating website, during registration.

Meeting Members

Meeting Members of
Since does not have a member matching feature, the site relies heavily on the search function for pairing users. Consequently, the search feature on the website is quite advanced, letting you find members by age, country, gender, sexual preference, and location.

With advanced search, you can further enhance the filtering parameters to include other features like height, body type, hair color, eye color, race, and any other fillable portion of the user profile.

Alternatively, you can view quick lists of members that highlight new faces, most popular, and online now users. You can also jump into the live chatroom to get connecting with other online members.

However, the availability of many of these features is limited to only paying customers. For example, free members can search for members but cannot view full user profiles. Furthermore, the entire messaging functionality is hidden behind the paywall.

Pricing offers payment plans in two tiers: a silver package and a gold package. The silver package is available at $24.95 for a single month or $99.95 for a 12-month plan. Alternatively, you can buy the gold package that starts at $34.95 for a month, cost $69.95 for six months, with a 12-month subscription setting you back $118.80.

Pricing of

Site Features

The free features available on include:

  • Free account registration
  • Profile setup
  • Uploading photos to and accessing the image galleries
  • Seeing who viewed your profile and who like you profile

With a paid account you get added features that include:

  • Messaging functionality
  • Ability to view user profiles
  • Participating in cam chats with live models
  • Video chat with other site members

User Reviews of

While browsing user review sites, we found a barrage of negative reviews for on many platforms.

One user complained:

Totally waste of money, it is fake, and they only want your money. If you try the three-day trail you won't get access to anything. They force you to pay more. Bad site.
In the same vein, another review read:

What an absolute pile of rubbish. After many months of using it came back to find the same faces online all the time .email notifications sent to your email, but messages don't exist! This is my view is a poor service if not a scam… Sorry but it's crap and a lot of better and FREE apps out there.
While reviews like this one complained about their refund policy:

I have not had this Gold membership any more than 2hrs. So I saw all that I wanted and it wasn't for me no more so I called customer service to end and refund me the charge they told me it's non-refundable now remember I said for less than 2hrs of gold membership wow is all I could say but at the same time it does not say in the rules or on-site that there will be no refunds with purchase of service… Oh and get this is was the gold membership that was 6 months I had not used for more than 2hrs… And on top of that, the rep tells me the billing department will be in touch with me within 72hrs wow… So I had to put in a dispute with my bank… So, guys, you have been warned this site is not what it's cracked up to be Alternatives

Popular alternatives to include: