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20 Services to Get Free Instagram Followers [Real And Active]

Do you want to gain more followers for your Instagram account without spending a dime? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the top best Instagram followers tools to get followers and increase your engagement rate for free.

Instagram’s meteoric rise over the last year is unparalleled by any other social media network. The amount of interaction on Instagram has increased exponentially with the introduction of services like Instagram Stories and live videos. There are a wide variety of strategies you can use to rapidly increase your Instagram following. If you’ve been caught off guard and find yourself suddenly needing a large number of followers on Instagram, you’re in luck: there are a plethora of applications and services that can help you do this fast and easily.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of the top applications to quickly increase your Instagram following, so you can join up and begin gaining more exposure for your brand or profile.

1. Get Followers — Best Marketing Toolkit for Instagram

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

To increase your Instagram following, download the app Get Followers and do easy activities to get cash. When you first install the program, it will credit your account with some virtual currency. The next step is a request to follow certain Instagram accounts. For each profile you follow, the app will add money to your account. These coins may then be used to attract new Instagram followers. The app’s UI is designed to meet the needs of its users, making it simple to learn and implement.

2. InsTrack — Best App for Instagram Engagement and gaining more Instagram Followers

InsTrack Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% for the Free Plan but comes with limitations like limited account search and limited profile access

Acquire Instagram Supporters without Spending a dime right now with this ingenious and easy-to-operate solution. There are a variety of Instagram metrics provided, such as the number of subscriptions, likes, comments, and followers you have. Not only can you get more Instagram followers, but you can also switch between other profiles with ease.

3. Follower Analyzer — Best for Instant Instagram Followers

Follower Analyzer Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

Follower Analyzer is the next app on the top Instagram follower applications list. This amazing software will provide you access to all kinds of information about your Instagram account. It’s easy to keep tabs on who’s following and who’s unfollowing you, as well as ban and unblock users and see a history of your followers and unfollowers.

4. Followers and Unfollowers — Best App for Growing Instagram Account Faster

Followers and Unfollowers Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

This is a top Instagram follower application. Furthermore, it allows you to increase your record of success by one more set of perfect grades. You may use it to both add new persons to your list of followers and remove those you are already following. The app has a high number of downloads and a high user rating (4.6 out of 5 stars).

Amazingly, this tool does more than just track your Instagram followers and unfollowers; it also provides you with valuable information about your account. Increase the number of people who follow your account by using this no-cost application.

5. Crowdfire — Best Instagram Bot for More Instagram Followers

Crowdfire Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free for the Basic (Free) Plan but comes with limitations

The next application on the list of the top free Android followers apps is Crowdfire. Get more Instagram followers, boost user interaction, and stay abreast of the latest popular content by using this free application.

You can use it to learn about people who have recently followed or unfollowed you, as well as inactive users and those who haven’t used the service in a while. Packed to the gills with useful functions, An Instagram account combined with Crowdfire would be a great combination.

6. Social Scan — Best for Real and Organic Instagram Followers

Social Scan Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free for the Basic Plan but comes with limitations

It’s possible that Social Scan is the application you’ve been searching for to assist you easily managing and monitoring your Instagram account and attracting more of the right kind of followers. When compared to other top free follower apps on Instagram, this one is a strong contender. It has a clean and simple user interface and a ton of useful functions.

Learn who among your followers and unfollowers is really engaging with your content. Additionally, you can see all of your engagement metrics in one place, including the total amount of likes, comments, posts, and follows. It’s a helpful application that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your computer’s hard drive. When used on an iOS device, Social Scan is both functional and free of charge.

You can use it for free, but if you want access to more advanced features, you can pay for the pro version.

7. Followers Gallery — Best for Safe and Secure Instagram Followers

Followers Gallery Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

When using Instagram, it is simple to count the number of followers and likes you have. Followers Gallery eliminates this necessity. It deserves its high ranking as one of the top Instagram follower applications. To begin with, just like any respectable Instagram follower app, this one may bring in actual, active followers in addition to likes. Moreover, you get coins by showing support for other users and their articles via likes and follows. This Instagram followers application is a must-try since it performs exactly what you need it to accomplish, and it does it without charging you a dime.

8. Real Followers & Likes for Ins— Powerful Growth App for Growing Instagram Followers List

Real Followers & Likes for Ins Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

Real Followers and Likes for Ins is an amazing application. It provides you with all the information you need to expand your account, which is a great aid while using this software. The latest version brings significant improvements to the application’s user interface and general efficiency. It has many different options for you to add to your profile.

9. Followers+ — Best App for Buying Instagram Followers

Followers+ Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% to use

A popular application for increasing one’s Instagram following is called Followers+. Find out what hashtags are currently popular in the community and use them in your own posts. In addition, you can save information for later use or share what you find interesting by reposting it. To remain active and engaged on the site, you can interact with your audience. To increase your number of free Instagram followers, it will help you create an engaging profile.

10. Boostgram — Easy-to-use Instagram Tool for Gaining More Instagram Followers

Boostgram Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

Next on this list is an application that, thanks to its superior audience targeting capabilities, can help you attract and retain actual, engaged followers on Instagram. It will also let you upload pictures you have discovered online and want to share, and they will let you schedule your postings in advance.

11. Get more followers for Instagram — 100% Best for Free Instagram Followers

Get more followers for Instagram Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

This application is a user-friendly app that provides instant access to trending community hashtags. The more carefully you utilize them, the more people you’ll be able to influence with your messages. The application instructs you on how to improve your profile so that you can learn which posts get the most engagement. This will increase the number of people that interact with your account and the length of time your followers stick with you.

12. Followers Chief — Best for Keeping your Followers Engaged and Gaining More Followers

Followers Chief Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

The Instagram app Followers Chief is available for free on both iOS and Android. It offers advice on how to make your material more interesting to readers, which in turn will help you attract followers. The program also maintains tabs on your account’s metrics, so you can see how many likes and comments each of your photos receives. In addition, the program eliminates “ghost” accounts and bulk accounts that do nothing to further your career.

13. 1000+ followers for Instagram – Best for Instant 1k Instagram Followers

1000+ followers for Instagram Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

A quick boost in popularity for your Instagram account can be achieved by purchasing a pre-made package of 1,000 or more active users. Tags are organized for Instagram users so that their posts can be seen by more people. Not only that, but you can purchase Instagram followers on this app and quickly amass a following of over a thousand. The app’s design is intuitive and useful for creating a high-quality article.

14. Followers Insight — Best for Keeping Tabs on your Followers

Followers Insight Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

It’s possible that many of the accounts following your handle on Instagram are fake or dormant accounts. While they may boost your total number of followers, the lack of engagement from these accounts means they provide little value to your profile. Therefore, Followers Insight maintains tabs on all these profiles so you can remove them. What kinds of people are visiting your site and what topics pique their interest can be determined from this data. With this knowledge, you can create content specifically for your target audience and attract more visitors to your page.

15. Followers Pro for Instagram — Best for Instagram Account Monitoring and Growing Instagram Followers List

Followers Pro for Instagram Free Instagram Followers app

You can increase your Instagram following with the free application Followers Pro for Instagram. This amazing application also helps to inspire companies to be resourceful in their marketing and assists them in developing the most effective approach. It is effective for gauging the efficacy of your postings and tailoring future ones to your most popular content. The intuitive design of the app’s UI contributes to its widespread usage for boosting an account’s popularity on Instagram.

16. Followers for Instagram — Coin-based System for Gaining More Instagram Followers

Followers for Instagram Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

Earning followers for your Instagram profile can also be done using a coin-based method on Followers for Instagram. If you like posts or follow a specific number of users, you will rise in the app’s popularity and get a particular number of followers. The main advantage of utilizing Followers for Instagram, though, is that it monitors all of your posts. Using this app, you can monitor your account’s Analytics, such as which posts are the most popular and who is following you. In this approach, your content can be tailored more effectively to attract more followers.

17. Followers Pumper — Best for Building Instagram Follower List

Followers Pumper Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

The Android application Followers Pumper can help you get a larger Instagram following by incorporating currently trendy hashtags into your existing posts. The more effectively you use hashtags, the more likely it is that your material will be discovered. Thus, it can rapidly increase the number of people who like and follow your posts. The software also provides guidance on how to make the most use of trending hashtags to ensure that your material gets seen by the right people and is of interest to them.

18. HashtagsMix — Best for Instagram Hashtag and Increasing Followers Engagement

HashtagsMix Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

If you want your Instagram photos to be seen by a large number of people, you need to add relevant hashtags. The goal of HashtagsMix is to promote uniformity in this manner. The software highlights trending hashtags in your area, allowing you to incorporate them into your content and make it more relevant. On top of that, the app offers advice on how to improve your Instagram profile’s aesthetics and interactivity for your followers. By doing so, you will attract a larger, more loyal, and trustworthy following.

19. Turbo Followers — Best for Getting Free Unlimited Instagram Followers

Turbo Followers Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

Turbo Followers is popular software that will exchange your likes for followers on Instagram. Using the app, you can easily meet your daily quota of likes for a certain quantity and category of Instagram posts. Then, your app account will be credited with points that can be redeemed for Instagram followers. The result would be an increase in real-life interest in your profile. The application is easy to use, and it works well on both iOS and Android devices.

20. Fame Boom — Best for Gaining Trends on Instagram and Getting More Followers from the Trends

Fame Boom Free Instagram Followers app

  • Free Option: 100% free to use

In order to help you achieve a larger following on Instagram, the developers of Fame Boom have made their app available for Android users free of charge. Fame Boom selects the trending hashtags over a certain time period and invites its users to create content using those terms. Therefore, the postings can be tailored to the supplied keywords, making your material more interesting to the target audience. There will be more of both followers and likes as a result of this.

Easy Tips for Gaining More Instagram Followers Quickly

1. Utilize Free Trials

The best part is that many firms, like the ones I have discussed, provide free trials so that you can learn more about them before committing. You can take advantage of this and utilize the free trial to increase your Instagram following since most of them don’t need a commitment beyond the trial period.

To avoid having to provide your credit card information, you could look for a service that offers a free trial before charging you anything. Many of the tools for gaining more Instagram followers that I have discussed above are free, making this approach a terrific way to rapidly grow your following without draining your bank account.

2. Get your Posts Scheduled

Maintaining a steady stream of posts is crucial to gaining followers and gaining traction on Instagram. Scheduling your material in advance is another wonderful technique to expand your Instagram profile alongside Instagram followers applications. Why? Because increasing your Instagram account’s exposure and reaching more of the people who will like your videos and photos depends on your consistency of posting to your feed.

Though there are many businesses and programs available to assist you in planning out your material in advance, you can always do it yourself and create a timetable that will hold up all week long. Regardless of the method you use, it is essential to publish your material when the bulk of your target audience is online and to maintain a regular posting schedule so that your followers come to know when to anticipate new material from you, whether it’s video or still images. People will stop paying attention to your profile and start checking out others if you start slacking off when it comes to adding material.

3. Get Creative with your Instagram Design

Everyone on Instagram wants to stand out from the crowd, and a well-designed profile is a certain way to achieve just that. There isn’t any use in trying to deny it; Instagram is primarily a visual medium. As such, your success in attracting followers will depend on how aesthetically attractive your platform and Instagram feed are.

When it comes to sharing material on Instagram, consistency is crucial, and there are many resources online to assist you in coming up with great ideas. If you’re seeking to build brand awareness, it’s important that your material adheres to a consistent theme that’s appropriate for your sector and specialty.

Your followers will lose interest in connecting with your Instagram feed if you don’t have a clear direction for your content and instead upload images with a wide variety of layouts and subject matters.

4. Ensure your Profile Bio is Captivating

Instagram bios are sometimes overlooked in favor of utilizing a followers app, yet they are crucial to being seen. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your bio is one of the first things people see when they visit your Instagram profile; therefore, the more interesting it is, the more likely it is that they will continue exploring your page.

Use your Instagram bio to identify yourself and your business; to get the most out of this feature, keep things succinct and add a call to action that urges users to engage with your company. Discuss the values of your company and provide some background on yourself, but don’t overwhelm readers with details. Leaving nothing to chance won’t get you very far.


Q. What’s the price tag for purchasing Instagram followers?

Despite the fact that you can purchase Instagram followers or get them for free from a variety of sources. If you want to know which app is the best to use to get free Instagram followers, then read the comprehensive advice up above. You can use the apps to boost your Instagram following.

Q. Is buying Instagram followers online safe?

Unfortunately, not all of the programs promising free Instagram followers are trustworthy. In exchange for increased Instagram followers, certain apps may attempt to get access to your personal information. In any case, you won’t have to worry about that anymore since this post has a summary of every program that’s worth downloading if you want more Instagram followers. You should examine all of them carefully and then get hold of the one that best fits your needs.

Q. Does Instagram followers purchase really work?

It has been argued that the Instagram algorithm favors accounts that have grown organically. However, you can increase your Instagram likes and interaction with the aid of dedicated applications. Find out what this article has to say about the most useful app for gaining Instagram followers, as well as which websites are excellent for boosting your Instagram following by reading on.


It’s clear that you have a lot of wonderful choices when it comes to selecting an Instagram followers application to assist you in increasing your following. That’s why it’s important to do your homework and find out which ones to ignore and which to pursue. Wishing you much success in growing your Instagram following!