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18 Puzzle and Math Games Like 2048 (Bigger and Better)

The 2048 game is one of the most popular online puzzle games in recent years and is still unabated. There are other similar games like 2048 that you can try to improve your cognitive skills to create high scores in puzzle games.

1. Threes

Threes Games Download from Google Play Store

It is one of the puzzle number games like 2048, but it was released earlier than 2048. The game is addictive as you can quickly master the rules in your brain within 30 seconds. It has a 4*4 grid board where a player slides the numbers in tiles and adds them together to be a multiple of 3 and 3.

The play rule is that at the beginning, you can add a tile of 1 and 2 to create a new tile of number 3. After that, you can add two tiles with 3 and form a tile of 6. You can also pair it with another 6-tile number to get another tile of 12; you can proceed to pair others.

This game will end when you are out of moves of numbers, and your final score is calculated by adding the numbers to the grid. It has 12 different numbers that range from 3 to 6144, and when you exceed the upper limit, you will be able to unlock new icons.

2. 1024

1024 Games Download from Google Play Store

1024 It's an addictive number puzzle game just like 2048 and also fun to play. In this game, you are required to complete 1024 titles compared to the 2048 game, where you are required to complete 2048 tiles. It also has a 4*4 grid layout where you swipe left, right, up, and down to move the tiles.

The concept of playing the game is to join the numbers to reach the 1024 tile. The identical numbers in the tiles touch each other as they merge to form one tile and join other comparable tiles. The game gives a second chance as you can undo your one-step backward. After creating 1024 tiles, you can proceed to 2048 or 4096.

3. Hexic 2048

Hexic 2048 Games Download from Google Play Store

The word hexic has a hexagonal tile that looks like a honeycomb. It is similar to 2048, where you must join the numbers to reach the 2048 tiles. It has a hexagonal board where you can swipe the numbers to move in the tiles by merging two identical numbers that touch to form one tile number and continue to join other comparable tiles. The game has similar rules to 2048, and it ends when you are out of any movements of your titles.

4. 243

243 Games Download from Google Play Store

243 game is a free, open-source puzzle game similar to 2048 and uses the same algorithm as 2048, but its grid is 5 by 5. The gameplay is quite different as it combines three numbers to form one tile. For instance, when a player merges three number tiles into one, you need to be cautious and ensure the number merged is a multiple of 3.

The main goal is to create the number 243; your game will end when you have no more tiles to join.

5. 2048 Hex

2048 Hex Games Download from Google Play Store

2048 Hex is a simple puzzle number game with a hexagonal board similar to Hex 2048. The game has a slight difference in the tile since it consists of three colors red, green, and blue. To play the game, you need to swipe two Hex tiles that have the same color. The only difference it has from the rest of the number puzzle games is the colors, but the regulations are the same. When you match the two tiles by color, you can go on until you reach the 2048 tile.

6. Chain Fruit 2048 Puzzle Game

Chain Fruit 2048 Puzzle Games Download from Google Play Store

Chain fruit 2048 puzzle game is another unique level in terms of game projection and layout board. It's different compared to traditional board-matching number games. To play this game, the player needs to swipe on the screen to choose the fruits where they fall to match them instead of numbers. If you find two comparable fruits, match them to get a juicy fruit such as watermelon, coconut, orange, etc. Every merge you do, you get a win and are awarded more points.

7. Fives

Fives Games Download from Google Play Store

Fives it's a similar game to 2048 that looks simple to play its number puzzle, but that is not that straightforward because mastering its algorithm will take a while. It's a 5 by 5 grid game in that you need to combine twos and threes to get 5, and the 5 can be combined to get a ten, and you can go on with that algorithm.

Always note twos and threes can be combined, but you don't combine twos and twos or threes or threes. Like Numbers are combined only when it's in the table of 5, while unlike numbers are combined in twos and threes. It isn't very easy to play at first because mastering the algorithm takes time.

8. White 2048

White 2048 Games Download from Google Play Store

The genre of this game is different from other games mentioned here; it doesn't seem easy to beat because it requires deep reasoning and planning. The game works in a  manner that you need to target the large blocks and white blocks where you detonate the boxes with bombs. I guess it's now confusing to know how similar it is to games like 2048.

Don't worry since it has the same tactic and board where you are required to join blocks and large blocks to be eliminated using bombs, and one bomb should appear after every ten blocks. A few tips for scoring high are to get rid of white blocks and destroy the white blocks. To beat the game, ensure you have reached 4096!

9. Chain Cube 2048: 3D merge game

Chain Cube 2048 Games Download from Google Play Store

If you are fun of logic puzzle merge games and like brain challenges, this will be a great game for you as it will give you those puzzle game challenges. Frankly, to score 2048 is hard, and you will be good to reach there. The game is much more fun since the board and the cubes are in 3D, and you need to make a slingshot on the set of cubes blocks

Cubes fall, and you need to merge the cube number blocks when you drop the cubes; that is when you earn the highest points and be able to solve the 2048 puzzle.

10. Countdown Number Puzzle game

Countdown Number Puzzle Games Download from Google Play Store

If you like solving maths questions, you will love this game more as it improves your maths skills. The countdown game is a game of simple rules where you use algebra operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to reach the target using the six numbers in the puzzle. You need to solve the exact target solution, which you are later provided with solutions, and a hint is provided if you feel stuck at some point.

The game has ten packages; each package offers 100 puzzles you need to solve, starting from easy to hard. You can have a lot of practice with the 1000 questions, which can keep your brain brilliant.

11. Bubble Buster 2048

Bubble Buster 2048 Games Download from Google Play Store

Bubble buster 2048 is a puzzle game that uses balls instead of blocks or tiles like the other games mentioned. The logic of the play is just the same, where you need to swipe and match numbers, but it also has an additional rule of matching balls of the same colors.

This game has a level where you receive new puzzle challenges and obstacles you need to beat, making the game fun. To play it effectively, you need to swipe and aim for the ball of the same color to hit it, merge the ball to reach your target, and destroy all obstacles that come your way.

12. 2048 Endless: Classic Game

2048 Endless Games Download from Google Play Store

It's similar to the 2048 game, which follows the same rule but is quite different because its target is endless, starting from 2048,4096,8192. It also has multiple boards size like 4×4, 5×5, 6×6,8×8,10×10,3×5,4×6,5×8, and 6×9. It's a fun game to try out, as you will receive more challenges as you proceed to the next targets.

13. 2048 Alphabet

2048 Alphabet Games Download from Google Play Store

2048 Alphabet is another unique and interesting game if you are tired of playing the normal 2048 game. It has the same principle gameplay, but it's based on letters, not numbers, where you are required to merge the same color alphabets and reach up to the letter K to win the game. You can also proceed further to play after reaching K.

14. 2048 Cubed (3D)

2048 Cubed (3D) Games Download from Google Play Store

2048 Cubed (3D) it's a clown of the 2048 game but in a 3D projection of the cubes. It works with the same rules as 2048, where you slide and match 2 cubes to form a new cube and go on until you hit the 2048 cube target. It's an addictive game that you will experience good gaming.

15. 2×2: Train your Brain

2×2- Train your Brain Games Download from Google Play Store

2X2: Train Your Brain is a helpful game that trains your brain to critical thinking, focus, attention, and have a good memory. This game boosts your cognitive and is fun to play the seven stages. The game has a Schulte table that uses a psycho-diagnostic test that trains the brain in speed reading, attention, visual perception, and peripheral vision.

For instance, in the Schulte table, in the ‘1 color ‘ and ‘2 color' modes, you can try them in 5x 5 fields where you will experience different orders and colors that need a high concentration; otherwise, it will confuse your brain.

16. 2048 WARS -PvP Puzzle Wars

2048 WARS -PvP Puzzle Wars Games Download from Google Play Store

2048 WARS game is a number puzzle game that is more interactive as you can also match with other people online. That sounds cool, right? You can add your friends by adding their IDs or inviting them, and you play with them as your challenger.

This game provides a tutorial that will teach you how to play if you are a beginner. This game follows the same methods as the 2048 game with the rules. I would recommend trying this game to enjoy the fun with your friends.

17. Age of 2048: Civilization City Building Games

Age of 2048 Games Download from Google Play Store

It is a puzzle game in that you are required to build the highest constriction using the number blocks. It uses the same principle of 2048 of connecting blocks of the same pattern to form a new infrastructure so that you can upgrade the city and have a civilized city. The game comprises six ages, each with a level that you have to attain the 2048 target to unlock the next stage.

18. Impossible Nine:2048 Puzzle

Impossible Nine Games Download from Google Play Store

Impossible Nine game is a similar online puzzle game as 2048 that has the same rules. To play the game, you are required to merge three tiles of the same number to get a high number and continue with the trend of the game to achieve the target. Try the game to experience how challenging it is and have fun.

How to get a higher score in 2048?

Here are six tips that can use to beat the highest score in 2048

  • Master the board movement.- Always remember that before you swipe a tile, the tiles move on the board in the direction you have swiped.
  • Avoid swiping large tiles. Don't be tempted to swipe large tiles to combine them. It will lead you to a worse situation; always focus on small tiles to be safe.
  • Focus your work toward the corners- when you have the tiles in the middle, you can group them at the corner and swipe them so that it can easily combine them.
  • Plan ahead. Always use the chance of what tiles you have on the board before making the swipe. The tiles like 2 and 4, you can plan so that it can create multiple matches in one swipe move.
  • Slow down and think. Always take your time before making the next move and re-evaluate what you have on the board to have the best move before meeting the new cards.
  • Take the best move of matching multiple tiles that can merge first in one move, and this will bring one new card onto the board.