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10 Best Puzzle and Platform Games Like Monument Valley

Do you love adventure games? These 10 games like Monument Valley won't disappoint you. They are all dynamic, simple, creative, and straightforward. You can play Evo Explores, Lumino City, Kensho, StarMan, and much more.

How often do you play games? Playing games helps to build both our creative and critical skills. One game you should try out is the Monument Valley game. In the game, you guide Princess Ida through an impressive world.

In the midst, you get a chance to explore the fantastic architecture and geometry. However, you need to take good care of princess Ida when uncovering paths, engaging in illusions, and outsmarting strangers. The main idea is to ensure the survival of Ida even in the face of danger.

If that gameplay excites you, you can try these other games like Monument Valley.

1. Evo Explores

Evo Explores

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Evo Explores game has gained popularity over time due to its beautiful architecture and uniqueness. In the game, if something looks real, it is real. There is no room for double guessing.

The main character, Evo, is a space explorer and finds out that physical laws don’t apply to Byte's planet. Hence, as Evo, you can control gravity using your imagination, solve some mind-blowing puzzles, unravel history, and construct optical illusions for alternative paths that lead to the finish door.

It has over 45 levels, relaxing gameplay, and no age restrictions. WIll you be able to save Byte people from being extinct?

2. Mekorama


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Mekorama is made from one of the most beautiful craftsmanship of all time. You will feel happy playing it. It is a mobile puzzle game in which you are required to help a tiny robot to stumble home.

There are over 50 tiny mechanical dioramas for exploration, 22 featured levels, thousands of fan-made levels, and building blocks that you can use to make new levels. It is one of the most relaxing gameplay that features charming robots, collectible level cards, and small sizes.

3. Lumino City

Lumino City

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This is an award-winning puzzle adventure game, crafted entirely by hand out of paper, card, motor, and miniature lights. The game features Lumi’s grandfather, who has been kidnapped. To find him, you will need to explore the city and find the mechanisms powering the world.

Surprisingly, you can play the game for 8-10 hours. The game’s scenery is also beautiful, creative, and inspiring. You can venture into the environment as you discover gardens, boats and houses dug into cliffs.

Get to Control windmills in the clouds, provide power to a house using lemons, and try to win through the puzzling pinball table. Its interface is optimized for different mobile devices and puzzles made from real materials. It also allows cloud-saving syncing. Therefore, you can play on different devices.

4. Back To Bed

Back To Bed

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Back to Bed is a 3D puzzle game that features some twists. One of the characters, Bob tends to fall asleep in his office and then sleepwalks into the big city. Bob has a guardian named Subob, who protects him as he sleepwalks and guides him back to his bed. Subob must lead Bob on a journey through the different cityscapes.

Back to bed allows you to easily navigate detailed 3D puzzles that defy the laws of physics. The player must also manipulate the strange environment to create a safe path for Bob. Which character do you prefer?

There is also the nightmare mode, which is a more challenging game level. It is mainly recommended for those who want to test their puzzle-solving skills.

5. Wonderputt


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This game is mostly available for Netflix members. The game brings a pocket-able nostalgia trip to places you have never been before.

It is a mini-golf game where you plan your shots carefully and sinks the ball into each home. Additionally, you can play in the par mode and keep the fun going through the geometric themed holes and get rewards.

6. Fez


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How much do you love visuals? Then Fez will do the trick for you. Fez is a creature living in the 2D world. When the existence of a 3rd dimension is revealed to him, he gets sent out on a journey to the very end of time and space.

As Fex, you can use your ability to navigate the different 2D structures. Also, explore the serene, beautiful, open-ended world full of secrets, puzzles, and hidden treasures.

Will you manage to solve the puzzles and get the hidden treasures? Get to unearth the secrets and learn the truth about reality and perception.

7. Shadowmatic


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This is an award-winning puzzle game that has stirred the interest of many. In the game, you can rotate abstract objects in a spotlight searching for silhouettes in projected shadows.

It has relaxing gameplay that only requires your creative mind. The game features various environments, unique concepts, atmosphere, and music.

The first 14 levels will predetermine whether you will unlock the rest of the game. Also, each room in the game has its musical arrangement. It's similar to Monument Valley as you get to explore different rooms for your survival.

8. Kensho


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Kensho is a block sliding puzzle game. You begin your journey where nature, time, and space are interlinked. There is a ruined room where many mysterious things happen, while some rooms lead to different worlds and beautiful landscapes.

Therefore, you will need to match blocks and overcome puzzle challenges. It also features some visual effects that unfold a narrative through breathtaking places like jungles and seas. The game also features 11 original songs that accompany you on the adventure.

9. Starman


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In the game, guide Starman through the different scenarios that feature unique atmospheres. It’s a game based on solving puzzles and bringing back life to the world.

The most challenging part is that there is no repeated puzzle; they are all unique. Hence, you need to think overboard and creatively to solve the puzzles.

It also features some soothing music that will leave you relaxed. Get the best game experience from Starman. Will you be able to survive?

10. Outside World

Outside World

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This is one of the most incredible adventure-based puzzles like Monument valley. It features the character Kyrsten who gets lost in a world filled with many challenging puzzles. The game is built on platforms, and as Kyrsten, you need to find a way back home.

You are in the company of Jaynie, who is a ghostly creature. Will you solve the puzzle and go home?

Explore The Different Adventures

These games like monument valley will make you appreciate the beautiful scenery and soothing music. You also get to adventure as you use your skills to avoid any interference that can deter you from reaching your main destination.

These games of exploration will also help to boost your critical and creative thinking. If you love traveling, these games will also excite you. There is more to the world than what we believe. Happy exploration.