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12 Best Survival Games Like Subnautica [2023 List]

Are you interested in survival games? Do survival games engage your mind a lot? A game like Subnautica is addictive in the sense that you want to go on with the game as you find ways to survive.

Subnautica is an open-world game that tests your survival skills and how creative you can be.  You get to explore an alien underwater environment. You have to outsmart the creatures there to survive. Crafting submarines and other survival equipment help fight large creatures or other enemies.

Some other survival adventure games like Subnautica include:

Game name Subnautica
Game type Action adventure, survival
Opener Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Gaming platform macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S
Publish time 2018/01/23

Background: In Subnautica, the spaceship crashes on the planet’s surface. As the main character, you need to control Ryley the lone survivor stranded on the remote ocean planet. The main objective is to explore the ocean, survive its dangers, find what happened to his sister, and complete tasks. Luckily, you can collect resources, construct tools, bases, and submersibles.

The game is set underwater with two explorable islands. Ryley aims to construct a high-speed space journey-infrastructure and save the crew of the Degasi ship which had crashed. Will they manage to survive amid the aliens?

Mode: There are different modes such as the survival mode, freedom mode, hardcore mode, and creative mode.

Price: The price ranges from $29.99 – $71.96

Number of players: Single-player

Main Features

  • Learn how to survive in the alien ocean world.
  • Construct habitats and vehicles.
  • Research on the alien lifeforms.
  • Battle with unfriendly creatures.
  • Survive the chilly temperatures.
  • Find out who lived on the planet earlier on.

1. Rust


This is a survival game that you could team up with your friends and play online. When starting the game, you have nothing, but as you progress, you can begin building your structures.  The player is also supposed to be cautious of other players who are there as enemies.

The main objective of the game is not well defined, but the player's decisions determine how the game will go. There are various materials you can use to construct and make weapons. Rust also shows how survival for the fittest best applies since you have to defeat your enemies and fight other wild animals to survive. You could also make friends instead of enemies in the game.

2. The long, dark

The long dark

In this game, you will have to navigate a cold world covered with snow and ice. A global disaster destroys the power supply that has to be rectified.  The main character is a pilot who crashed in this area filled with snow. The game has two modes which are story and sandbox.

While playing in story mode, you get to play in different episodes to familiarize yourself with the area and understand the state of the matter. In sandbox mode, the player can choose from six map zones and try to survive from the one picked. You can change some rules while in sandbox mode.

3. Stranded 2

Stranded 2

The player is set to survive on an island. You can build a house for shelter as you look for other ways to stay safe.  The story mode gives the player goals to be achieved. In sandbox mode, you can explore different islands as you try to survive on your own.

The decisions you make determine how your story will be. There are different themes on each island.  It is essential to know that there are friendly animals and hostile animals on every island.

4. Miasmata


In Miasmata, you will explore different landscapes as you try to find a cure for a deadly disease you have.  The main advantage is that you are an expert in science and know a lot about treating and curing diseases.  The main character, controlled by the player, Robert Hughes, is stranded on a certain island.

There are various rivers and hills on this island. There are also larger landmarks that help you mark your location on the map. Your role is to explore the locations o the ma to gather the required plants to create a cure for the disease. There are animals on the island that you need to protect yourself from because they may kill you.

5. Minecraft


It was enhanced in 2011 which had been improved graphically.  The game has two main modes, which are creative mode and survival mode.

In creative mode, the player can build and develop structures using the different block types provided.  In survival mode, the player gets to explore a world where survival is key. There are lots of challenges faced in this mode that the player has to conquer. You can play with your friends online and compete against one another.

6. 3079


This is a sci-fi game that involves the main character being on a planet that had a war between the Neanders and the Humoids. You will be part of the Humoids community and start the game as one of them. If you feel you do not want the Humoids, you could betray them and be part of Neanders.

The unique thing about this game is that you will never lack weapons or ships to move with. Playing with your friends online makes the game more interesting.

7. Farsky


Farsky is a unique game in the survival role-playing genre since it is based in the ocean. The main character in the game is a submarine, and the ship crashes. The sad part is that it all happens at the bottom of the ocean.

You have to find ways to survive on the floor of the ocean. Try building ocean-friendly structures that could help you survive longer. You satisfy your hunger by getting fish and cooking them. Oxygen supply is increased through crafting. There are two game modes which are sandbox mode and story mode.

8. No man’s sky

No mans sky game

It is an action-adventure game that lets you survive on your own as you explore the galaxy.  The game was officially released in the year 2016. There are billions of planets in the galaxy, and all planets have their unique structure and landscape.

The player can play in the first-person perspective or third-person point of view. There are four game pillars in this game which are: exploration, combat, survival, and trading.

9. Raft


Raft is an adventure game where you and your friend characters in the game go on an ocean adventure. You could play together with your friends online.

The main objective is to protect yourself against any danger experienced in the ocean. The characters are stuck in a raft all alone in the middle of the ocean. Try creating survival equipment to fight large sea creatures and other opponents.

10. Astroneer


It is an adventure game in which you can explore space and different planets.  You can team up with friends and explore outer space together as you build different structures.

Creativity matters since it opens your thinking and makes your gaming experience more interesting. Some planets are traversed, and you must be very careful in such environments.

11. Firewatch


Firewatch is a mystery game that was established in the year 2016. It can only be played by a single player at a time. The main character is Henry, a man who works as a fire lookout in the wilderness.

Your main job is to look out for smoke or any signs of fire. The only contact you have is with your supervisor. You have the freedom to explore the wilderness as you survive by yourself.

12. Stranded deep

Stranded deep

Stranded deep is a survival game that happens in the ocean. The player is stranded in the middle of the ocean after experiencing a plane crash. You have to try your best to survive since there are sharks and squids around that may hurt you.

You could play as a single player or cooperate with your friends and play online. Try all your best to survive since the only person who has got you is yourself. Explore underwater and find safer sides to pass in for the time being.


Adventure survival games are very interesting since they also test your critical and creative thinking. They also open up your mind to how to survive in certain situations. I hope you will enjoy the games mentioned in this article. Feel free to share with your friends.