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Top 20 Gay Dating Apps For LGBTQ+ (2023 Ultimate List)

Do you desire to find your perfect match online? This article is here to help. This article provides you with the best gay dating applications to help you connect with men of similar interests.

The process of dating may be quite draining. Obviously, everyone is aware of this. Thankfully, there has been a rise in the number of dating services and applications specifically catering to the LGBTQ+ population, increasing the number of potential partners and dating alternatives available to them.

But there’s always a chance of ruin when something wonderful happens. A lot of people abuse online dating platforms. It’s not always easy to tell at first sight whether someone isn’t seeking the same things you are.

The number of gay-oriented online dating platforms has increased recently. There will be over 1,500 dating applications by 2022. MarketWatch reports that the majority of LGBTQ+ persons now find dates via internet dating services.

To this day, many gay dating apps and websites are focused only on sexual encounters. It’s not always easy to zero in on the one dating app that’s ideal for your specific needs, whether you’re pursuing a serious relationship or just a friend.

If you identify as gay and have had a hard time finding a dating app that welcomes people from all areas of life who identify as LGBTQ+, you’ve come to the perfect place. You shouldn’t give up.

Read on to learn about the top 20 gay dating sites and apps of 2022 for gay, bi, trans, and queer singles. This diverse collection of gay dating apps offers something for everyone, so there’s a good chance you’ll meet your soul mate among them.

20 Best Gay Friends & Dating Apps

1. Senior Match — Ideal for those who are above the age of 60 and looking for a companion

Senior Match Gay Dating Apps

To locate local and international partners in a senior-friendly environment, Senior Match is a great choice for LGBTQ+ seniors. While the program welcomes LGBTQ+ members, it is primarily aimed at those who are 50 and older.

It’s one of the most user-friendly options for those over 50 looking for romance, new friends, or casual encounters with other single adults.

This service is dedicated to providing a safe and welcoming environment for elderly citizens looking for love online. The vast majority of users here are accepting and nonjudgmental. Senior match constantly checks all accounts for signs of bot activity.

2. BeNaughty — The ideal choice for sexy, noncommittal encounters

BeNaughty Gay Dating Apps

Those in the LGBTQ+ community who are kink-inclined and looking for flings would love BeNaughty. Because of its open nature, it stands out from other matchmaking platforms. Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone’s true motives on other dating apps and services. The goal of every BeNaughty user, though, is harmless hilarity.

The group’s members come from many walks of life, and all have similar traits of being accepting and tolerant of others. In particular, its search features, which let you refine your results based on a variety of criteria, are tailored to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. BeNaughty welcomes people with all kinds of sexual preferences and orientations.

3. Our Time — Ideal for lonely seniors searching for a partner

Our Time Gay Dating Apps

Those 55 and above who identify as gays and are seeking any kind of connection will find what they’re after on Our Time. The primary objective is to provide people in their fifties a chance to socialize and make new relationships. You can look for a buddy, a pen pal, or a life partner.

Statistics on the dating scene show that more and more people beyond the age of 50 are participating in it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many niche dating applications for them to choose from. To overcome this, Our Time provides a welcoming environment where people over the age of 50 can meet and get to know one another.

4. Silver Singles — Ideal for those who are above the age of 50 and looking for a companion

Silver Singles Gay Dating Apps

For homosexual men over the age of 50, Silver Singles is a fantastic resource. This is one of the most well-liked online dating platforms due to a large number of users in this demographic. It is geared toward those in search of platonic or romantic companionship. You’ll meet people from different walks of life, whether they have never been married, divorced, separated, or lost a spouse to death.

Silver Singles is a fantastic dating app for those who identify as LGBTQ+ and are over the age of 50. It’s a great place for seniors looking for meaningful relationships without fear of stigma or prejudice. And if you’d rather use your smartphone, there’s an app for that, too.

5. Chappy —Ideal for deep relationships

Chappy Gay Dating Apps

If you’re a homosexual man in search of long-term relationships, Chappy is your best bet. Shareholders of Bumble, a well-known mainstream dating app, purchased Chappy in 2018, therefore legitimizing it as Bumble’s homosexual rival.

It was designed to be a welcoming and secure place for homosexual guys to meet and date. Chappy allows its users to choose their partners based on shared interests in an effort to humanize the service and increase its emotional worth.

It’s exclusively accessible in certain places, and its members are all homosexual, with the bulk falling in the prime working years of 18–34.

6. Jack’d — Best for Transgender Singles

Jack’d Gay Dating Apps

When it comes to bisexual, gay, queer, and transgender singles, Jack’d your best bet. Over 5 million people from more than 180 different nations make up its worldwide membership.

This homosexual app’s primary focus is on welcoming everyone. It aspires to establish a group where people from all LGBTQ+ backgrounds can meet, become friends, and form meaningful relationships with one another.

Jack’d a location-based app that operates like Tinder and Grindr. There is a freemium model available as well. This is the most inclusive gay dating app available anywhere in the world.

7. Nuit — Best gay dating application ideal for astrologers

Nuit Gay Dating Apps

Nuit is the finest gay dating app for astrologers. This application is designed for the rising number of 2022 residents who are interested in the zodiac, birth charts, cosmic energies, and astrology.

If you are homosexual and interested in astrology, this is a terrific opportunity to meet others in your region who share your interests. With so many people to connect with and activities to choose from, this app makes it easy to find a buddy who shares your zest for life.

8. Lex — Ideal for trans and gender nonconforming people

Lex Gay Dating Apps

Lex is a wonderful place for nonconforming queer and nonbinary people to find others with similar perspectives. Lex isn’t like any other dating app since it doesn’t center on photos. It is proud of its UI, which is reminiscent of Craigslist and was popular in the early 2000s.

In your immediate vicinity, you can meet others who share your values and passions. This app is not only incredibly welcoming to all users, but it also does not tolerate any kind of harassment or bigotry.

This is the finest gay dating app if you value a distinctive UI and are looking for people who share your interest in gender nonconformity.

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9. Hinge — Perfect for serious relationships

Hinge Gay Dating Apps

To connect with other young LGBTQ+ people, Hinge is a fantastic app. This is an app for serious daters who are looking to settle down.

The slogan for Hinge reads, “designed to be eliminated.” This app is for those who are looking for serious partnerships within the LGBTQ+ community.

Keep in mind that this is a mainstream dating app, and you may not discover compatible matches if you identify as LGBT.

Since the app does not aim to especially serve the LGBTQ+ community, there is always a risk that you won’t discover precisely your type among the many various profiles accessible in your immediate area.

10. Tinder — The top choice for a mass audience

Tinder Gay Dating Apps

Tinder is the most popular dating and hookup app for singles, and it is widely used by members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Tinder’s huge user base is the app’s most appealing feature for those looking to meet new people. Due to its immense popularity, you will surely discover anything that comes close to satisfying your needs.

Although there are a number of gay-specific dating apps (such as Scruff and HER), none of them have achieved the kind of success that Tinder has. Remember that the app’s intended users are young, single professionals (aged 18-34) when considering a purchase.

11. OkCupid — Top Gay and Allies-Friendly Application

OkCupid Gay Dating Apps

If you’re a homosexual man looking for a reliable, LGBTQ+-friendly dating app, OkCupid is your best bet. With over 30 million monthly active users, OkCupid has evolved greatly since its 2004 launch to better serve its user base.

Despite its initial focus on the heterosexual community, over the last few years, it has gained a sizable following among those who identify as LGBTQ+.

You have a wide range of options in terms of pronouns and sexual orientation to choose from, ensuring that you can find the best fit for your circumstances.

To guarantee that you are matched with someone who shares your same beliefs and ideas, you need just complete a series of questions when you join up.

12. Elite Singles — Ideal for finding compatible single professionals

Elite Singles Gay Dating Apps

For those looking to meet other single professionals with similar values, Elite Singles is a great place to start. Since this is a somewhat high-end site, the premium features are not free. The majority of users here have successful careers and are seeking a committed partner.

One’s level of education has a significant role in determining who contacts them throughout the personality test. It may seem condescending to some, but when comparing the top dating services and apps for singles of all backgrounds, this one stands out as the clear winner.

13. Grindr — The top choice for sexual encounters and one-night stands

Grindr Gay Dating Apps

When it comes to gay dating apps, Grindr is unrivaled. The straight community is also familiar with it. Grindr is used by homosexual men in over 200 countries to find instant sex with other gay men. This application has become the standard for casual sexual encounters and hookups.

As the interface is geolocation-based, hot males in your region are always only a click away, and setting up a spontaneous sex session takes no more than a few seconds. They’ve only just created trans and nonbinary-specific sections. Unfortunately, a specific sort of person is what Grindr is most known for.

14. HER — Most enjoyable for gay

HER Gay Dating Apps

For bisexual and queer women, HER is the top gay dating app. Unfortunately, queer women using dating apps often experience harassment from males. It’s possible that your prospects won’t be interested in you even if you narrow your choices to solely female users.

This is the first application of its kind for the gay community. It’s explicitly aimed toward gay guys since it’s made for them. You can get it in all the big cities of 114 different nations. For gays who are sick of using traditional matchmaking services, this groundbreaking application is a must-have.

15. Hornet — The top choice for dates across borders

Hornet Gay Dating Apps

The developers of the dating app Hornet specifically created it for usage in nations that aren’t accepting of the LGBTQ+ community; therefore, it mostly attracts homosexual males from outside of such countries. It is the “digital home” for the LGBT network and boasts a community of 25 million subscribers across the globe.

It’s a method of discretion and caution due to its application in less liberal nations. However, it doesn’t imply it isn’t in demand. Hornet is a fantastic app for meeting people from distant countries, whether you want to hook up while on vacation or find your soul mate.

16. Scruff — Ideal for gay guys in the GTBQ community

Scruff Gay Dating Apps

Scruff is ideal for guys in the GTBQ community who are interested in dating a wide variety of other men. One of the best gay dating apps out there, it makes use of your location to find compatible men in your area. It enables you to choose one or more ethnic groups to search inside while looking for a suitable partner.

Among these groups are the bear, bisexual, cub, daddy, discreet, drag, jock, military, muscle, otter, poz, and trans communities, among many others. It’s easy to set up meet-ups in your destination location thanks to the app, which lets you submit a trip agenda with your itinerary.

17. Zoosk — Best for younger gay guys

Zoosk Gay Dating Apps

The younger gay individuals seeking partnerships on Zoosk are the right target audience for this site. The app is aimed at those in their early to mid-20s who aren’t searching for flings of the casual kind. If you’re looking to have fun on your dates, this app’s interface is just what you need to do.

It’s one of the biggest online dating communities, with over 35 million users across 80 countries. Everyone of any age, color, religion, or orientation is welcome to join. Additionally, it offers verified profiles to ensure that the user you’re interested in isn’t a bot or troll account.

18. eHarmony — Effective for finding match-making

eHarmony Gay Dating Apps

For homosexual men interested in committed relationships, eHarmony is an excellent choice. Back in 2000, we introduced a webpage just for gay Christians. However, this platform has evolved over time and now welcomes members of the LGBTQ+ community. Since its inception in 2009, the organization’s upscale matching services have helped many members of the LGBTQ+ community find lasting love.

A premium membership guarantees that you will be matched with someone who shares your beliefs, goals, and desires, making it ideal for those who are serious about finding a lifelong relationship. It’s one of the greatest gay dating services out there for serious relationships, but it won’t come cheap.

19. Adam4Adam — The best gay dating app with a user-friendly interface

Adam4Adam Gay Dating Apps

This is a great app for gay singles since it’s very much like Grindr, but it was one of the first of its kind when it was released. However, if you’re looking for a serious relationship, there are some people who do utilize it for that purpose.

In addition to the live cameras, A4A also has an online sex store. The website’s conversion to an app is great, with the exception that it’s plagued with phony profiles and doesn’t have nearly as many users as Grindr or Tinder.

20. HOLE — Ideal for hookup and dating

HOLE Gay Dating Apps

The HOLE dating application is a casual dating service for homosexual guys to meet one other and start hooking up right away. It’s a chat app for finding local gay men to hang out with. If you’re a gay man in search of casual dates and hookups, HOLE is where it’s at.

There are many gays around the globe. Someone out there has the same passions as you. For whatever reason, the men who use this application are very open-minded and kind.

Tips for Gay Dating

1. Talk about contentious issues on a first date

Do your chit-chatting and everyday queries online instead. Don’t be shy about broaching sensitive or even contentious subjects during in-person meetings. Getting close to someone and allowing yourself to feel safe enough to be vulnerable is the key to building a great relationship. Dates are all about taking chances and exploring new territory.

2. It may be a good idea to disclose your HIV status

You may want to consider notifying your possible date that you have HIV before things get too serious between you. It’s something everyone wonders about but is hesitant to ask or admit. Don’t put off being honest till later and risk an unpleasant discussion.

3. A pre-meeting FaceTime or video conference is recommended

To others, this may seem counterproductive to the spirit of a “first date.” However, give it some consideration. Do you really want to spend a lot of time getting dressed, looking forward to seeing this person for the first time, and traveling to the date location, just to find out that you don’t have any chemistry with this person?

One thing that we have learned through online dating apps is that appearances aren’t always what they seem. Avoid this awkwardness by having a video chat using FaceTime or another service before your first date.

4. Avoid being so harsh and intolerant

You may not be aware of it, but there are a large number of profiles out there that advertise such repulsive interests. You don’t have to be vulgar about it just because you don’t like a certain race or physical type.

Insults based on race or physical size are never acceptable. One should be more accepting of others in a safe atmosphere for the LGBTQ+ community. Be kind while rejecting someone who isn’t your cup of tea.

5. Feeling attracted to others because of how they appear or behave is perfectly normal

However, you should avoid dismissing an entire demographic just because they don’t suit your typical tastes. You will have a far higher chance of meeting someone who is right for you if you’re open to dating individuals from many walks of life.

6. Instead of limiting yourself to those who are “just like you,” broaden your dating options

It’s true that people can be choosy on dates, but it’s also true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. No matter how careful you are, you can’t tell what kind of person gets access to your most private areas.

7. You should be selective while picking a dating app

You should not spend your time on OkCupid or eHarmony if all you want is a quick hookup tonight. As such, you shouldn’t expect to meet a partner for the long haul using a service like Grindr.


Q. What’s the best gay dating application for a relationship?

eHarmony is the finest gay dating site to attempt if you’re a heterosexual or bisexual person who wants a serious, long-term commitment from their partner. It uses an 80-question personality test to create a personalized algorithm that finds you a near-perfect match.

Q. Are gay dating applications safe?

The use of gay dating apps is often risk-free. However, like with any online dating service or mobile app, safety should always come first. You have no idea who you’re communicating with online.

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Q. What distinguishes gay dating applications and websites from those for heterosexuals?

There isn’t much of a distinction between gay and straight dating sites, except that gay dating services tend to include more features geared toward the LGBTQ+ community.


It’s already difficult enough to find a partner in the modern dating scene without having to clarify your gender or sexuality. This is one more reason why gay dating apps are so useful.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a like-minded companion, a fun night out with a complete stranger, or the love of your life to spend the rest of your days with, the process can be simplified, streamlined, and made more pleasurable with the help of a gay dating application.