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How much does WhistlinDiesel make on YouTube for a Month

Given that it depends on several variables, including ad revenue, brand collaborations, clothing sales, and other sources of income, it is challenging to pinpoint exactly what WhistlinDiesel's net worth is. WhistlinDiesel, however, is thought to have accumulated a sizeable fortune due to his lucrative YouTube career. The channel has likely made a considerable amount of money from advertisements thanks to its millions of users and billions of views.

WhistlinDiesel has also launched its products and cooperated with several other brands, adding to its financial success. The popularity of the channel and its capacity to draw a sizable audience has probably created more options for generating income. Although the precise amounts are still unknown, it is clear that WhistlinDiesel's net worth is increasing as his channel and brand succeed.

YouTube Channel Name WhistlinDiesel
Gender male
Date of Birth July  18th,1998
Age 25 years
Residence Indiana, USA
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status In a relationship
Girlfriend Katie Miller
Weight 53 kgs/117 lbs
Height 5ft 5 inches
Eye /Hair Color Blue/brown
Net Worth 4.8 million dollars as of 2023
Other Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok

How Much Money Does WhistlinDiesel Earn On YouTube?

How Much Money Does WhistlinDiesel Earn On YouTube

As of 2023, the YouTube channel has over 4.8 million subscribers and has accumulated over 950 million views. It can receive approximately 600,000 views daily from various sources. The advertising displayed on the films should bring in an estimated $4,800 per day ($1.7 million annually) from this.

After YouTube collects its cut, most niches pay US, UK, Canadian, and Australian-based YouTube content producers $2 to $12 for every 1000 monetized views. The percentage of views paid for often ranges from 40% to 80%. All of these are influenced by many variables, including the device used, the time of year, the viewer's location, ad inventory, the number of commercials in a video, the percentage of viewers that skip them, the style of advertisement, ad engagement, the type of content, etc.

An auction between advertisers concerning views determines the price of an advertisement view. Advertisers must place a bid of at least $0.01 per view. Additionally, there is a program called Google Preferred, via which wealthy businesses can target advertisements on the top 5% of most popular content. Here, the advertising rates are higher than usual.

In addition to advertisements, YouTube content producers can make extra money through channels, including YouTube Premium, Superchats & Superstickers, Super Thanks, Channel Membership, and Shopping.

Viewers of YouTube Premium must pay a monthly subscription fee to access premium content and ad-free videos. According to how long viewers watch their videos, content creators are paid in this case. They make more money when people watch their films for a longer time.

Fans can communicate with developers during live streams and premieres via Super Chat and Super Sticker. When someone purchases a Super Chat, their comment appears in the live chat highlighted, whereas Super Stickers receive an animated graphic that appears in the live conversation. With Super Thanks, producers may get money from fans who want to express their appreciation for their videos even more. The ability to post a unique, vibrant, and personalized comment in the video's comment section is available to fans who pay for a one-time animation.

Eligible producers can link their stores to YouTube through shopping to showcase their products.

YouTube Compared to typical videos, shorts have a different method of generating income. A part of the combined revenue from the advertising between the Shorts will be distributed to the Creator Pool. Each nation has a unique Creator Pool. Amounts paid to eligible creators will depend on their percentage of overall views. Due to license fees, music-based shorts earn less money.

By establishing sponsorship arrangements and selling items, WhistlinDiesel generates additional revenue.

WhistlinDiesel estimated earnings by months

July 2023 $ 12.6k
June 2023 $ 13.2k
May 2023 $ 30.6k
April 2023 $ -14.4k
March 2023 $ 30.8k
February 2023 $ 17.8k
January 2023 $ 8.05k
December 2022 $ 76k
November 2022 $ -264k
October 2022 $ 33k
September 2022 $ 9.71k
August 2022 $ 30.5k
July 2022 $ 10.8k
June 2022 $ 21.9k
May 2022 $ 18.8k
April 2022 $ 13.8k
March 2022 $ 18.2k
February 2022 $ 5.43k
December 2021 $ 9.08k
November 2021 $ 10.2k
October 2021 $ 16.2k
September 2021 $ 13.1k

What are WhistlinDiesel's most expensive and risky stunts?

Detwiler frequently publishes videos from the stunt series. Buying expensive cars only to wreck them has been regarded as reckless and foolish. WhistlinDiesel, however, seems unconcerned with the criticism and continues to do so. Here are a few of WhistlinDiesel's most expensive and daring stunts.

1. WhistlinDiesel destroyed a Mercedes-Benz truck worth $300,000.

To test the durability of his Mercedes-Benz truck, WhistlinDiesel posted recordings of himself performing some extreme stunts on it in 2022. In the film, WhistlinDiesel drives the car straight into a swamp, tests it on the sand, and even drops it through a home's roof.

1. Swamp


2. Sand


3. Home’s Roof

Home’s Roof

The Mercedes-Benz G63 G-Wagon, which he claims cost him $300,000,000 and is one of the nicest vehicles he has ever had, is then described to his supporters.

2. WhistlinDiesel destroyed a $400,000 Ferrari.

WhistlinDiesel destroyed a $400,000 Ferrari

WhistlinDiesel most recently paid $400,000 for a Ferrari F8 Tributo. When the YouTuber posted a video of himself wrecking this Ferrari, it stirred up controversy online. Many people condemned Detwiler's conduct for being wrong. The Ferrari was a 2020 model with about 3,000 miles and was still in excellent shape. One of the most well-known American YouTubers with a sizable following is WhistlinDiesel.

People in Indiana, USA, frequently enquire, “How much does WhistlinDiesel make?” because he flaunts his collection of pricey automobiles and occupies a sizable rural property. Most of his revenue comes from YouTube, with sponsorship deals and item sales rounding out his sources of income.

WhistlingDiesel accident

WhistlingDiesel accident

The YouTuber has faced several difficulties over his career, including a gun accident. He was shooting at steel plates from a distance of four feet when he was hit in the forehead with a .50-calibre bullet that bounced back. Most of his fans expressed concerns given that some prominent YouTube stars had passed away doing stunts, even on live video. Detwiler later said he'd been hit by a “50 cal bullet ricochet from 4ft away right into my forehead.” He later recovered and liked to share about those moments of his life.

WhistlinDiesel, aka Cody Detwiler, was taken to a hospital where he received a CT scan and got the all-clear, meaning he should fully recover.

WhistlinDiesel’s Social Media Stats

Here is a list of the YouTube Star’s handles with the number of followers;


Here, we have the most following (WhistlinDiesel) with over 5 million subscribers.


On Instagram handle, (Instagram), he has close to 3 million followers.


His Facebook page (Facebook) has more than 3 million followers.


Currently known as X (Twitter), he has the least following due to his inactivity on the platform, with around thirteen thousand followers.


On TikTok (TikTok), he has more than one and a half million followers after his previous account, which had over 17 million followers, was banned.

Fun facts about WhistlinDiesel

  • His ex-wife appears in some of his YouTube videos.
  • Cody and his ex-spouse reportedly married when they were 18 years old.
  • He is currently dating Katie Miller.JAMB Result
  • Cody accidentally shot himself in January 2021, but he survived.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Has WhistlinDiesel ever suffered an injury while performing a stunt?

Yes, WhistlinDiesel has sustained injuries while performing his stunts in different instances.

Q. Does WhistlinDiesel offer instructional videos or DIY projects?

Yes, periodically, WhistlinDiesel posts DIY videos and lessons on his channel.

Q. Does WhistlinDiesel take part in any charitable endeavors?

Regarding WhistlinDiesel's involvement in charity endeavors, no information is publicly accessible.

Q. What kind of car is WhistlinDiesel's favorite?

Trucks and off-road vehicles are WhistlinDiesel's favorite kind of vehicle.

Final Thoughts

YouTuber WhistlinDiesel is a fast-rising YouTube star who has been all over the media platforms. His alluring content has earned him a considerable fan base, and now most are interested in his personal life, including net worth, relationships, family, and more.