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How To Apply For OpenAI Sora [AI Video Tester]

To test the OpenAI Sora, you will need to join the Red Teaming Network by filling in the application form. Unfortunately, the applications are closed, but you can still fill it out to join the waiting list and increase your chances.

OpenAI Sora revolutionized video making. Since its introduction in February 2024, it has been a sensation to many people. The fact that you can create a one-minute video using a text prompt is quite amazing. Through OpenAI Sora, it is possible to create a video straight from a static image that makes it look real.

Also, you can write a text prompt telling the system to place a subject in a particular location, and you will get a video showcasing that. The videos that have been publicized look real and there are many questions on whether it will have an impact on the filmmaking industry. However, it can be quite exhausting to compile one-minute videos to be one hour long. Don’t you think?

Unfortunately, only users in the red team, OpenAI staff, and invited collaborators can access the Sora. If you would like to be part of the expert red team you will need to fill out a form and test it before it is opened to the public. Unfortunately, the applications were closed in December, but you can try your luck to join the waiting list.

Procedure To Apply For OpenAI Sora?

If you are among the curious ones who would want to try out OpenAI Sora, then you can consider applying to use it. The steps are easy, and you will be done within no time and wait for your response.

Step 1: Access the OpenAI Sora website

First, access the OpenAI Sora website. You might as well check the videos on that specific page to get a glimpse of what that powerful tool does. Be assured that you will enjoy watching those incredible video clips.

Access the OpenAI Sora website

Step 2: Click “Search” on the top menu bar.

Proceed to click the“Search” option on the top menu bar. You will be redirected to the search page, where you can type in “OpenAI Red Teaming Network Application”. Click the search button, and you will be redirected to the search results with teh application form.

Click “Search” on the top menu bar

Step 3: Click the application in the search results

Proceed to click the OpenAI Red Teaming Network application to start filling it out. However, you can also opt to read about the network to get a glimpse of what is required of you when filling out the form.

Click the application in the search results

Step 4: Fill out the form

Proceed to fill out the form with your personal information and answer all the other open-ended and close-ended questions carefully. The form is not that long, so you will fill it out fast. Be as honest as possible.

Fill out the form

Step 5: Submit and wait for the results

Once done answering all the questions honestly, wait for the results that will be sent to your email within 3–5 days. (However, since applications are closed, you might wait longer)

What Information is Needed in The OpenAI Sora Application Form?

Since they are looking for domain experts who can help improve the safety of the OpenAI’s models. They are looking for members from different geographic locations and dynamics so you can try out your luck. You will need to provide information such as:

  • Personal information like your name, email, and residence.
  • The company you are affiliated with, expertise, and education
  • Reason for joining the team
  • Time duration you are willing to invest.
  • Language proficiency.
  • Areas of concern
  • OpenAI technologies you have used.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn Profile URLs.

What are the Benefits of Joining the OpenAI Red Teaming Network?

OpenAI Red Teaming Network

If you are passionate about technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and other technologies, you should join the OpenAI red teaming network. Here are some of the benefits of joining:

1. Build your expertise

By joining the team, you will be able to build your expertise in AI and even play a part in assessing the models and systems. Your feedback will be highly appreciated, and you will play a part in ensuring the AI models are effective and meet the end user’s needs.

2. Compensation

You will also get some compensation for your contributions to the network. However, you will also need to help in research and be informative. The input you give will be very vital in the establishment of the AI models.

3. Opportunities

When you join the team, you will be contacted about opportunities to test a new model or area of interest. The work will be conducted under a non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, even if you first test Sora, you will still be invited to test other AI models.

4. Flexibility

The time you commit can be adjusted based on your schedule. Different people in the Open AI red team will be contacted based on different projects. Therefore, even if you have a busy schedule with the right expertise, that shouldn’t deter you from applying.

Is The Application To Join The OpenAI Sora Red Teaming Network Open?

It was closed on December 1st, 2023, but you should still apply for it. You will be added to the waiting list and when an A.I. model fits your expertise, you will be contacted.

However, to increase your chances of acceptance you need to be passionate about AI safety, demonstrate expertise in some of the domains of preference, have a diverse background, have a diverse geographic representation, fluency in more than one language, technical ability, and no conflict of interest.

You also need to be careful not to fall short of scammers who might lie to you that you can use the OpenAI Sora software. Regardless of the platform they use to entice you, use the right channels like the OpenAI website. It can only be used on an invite basis.

What Is The Aim Of The OpenAI Red Teaming Network?

The red teaming’s main aim is to uncover vulnerabilities that can lead to malicious behavior. The OpenAI staff are the blue team while the external experts who are outsiders act as the red team. The blue team defends the AI models, while the red team attacks to ensure the model is effective. However, at the end of the day, they work together to ensure the success of it.

As part of the red teaming, you will need to take part in rigorous assessment and testing of the AI systems to identify risks and vulnerabilities. The red teaming network will test Sora to test its quality and security before release to the public and also check for misinformation, hateful content, and bias.

Why Does OpenAI Sora Stand Out?

Why Does OpenAI Sora Stand Out

OpenAI Sora stands out because you can generate videos from a text prompt or a static image. One great thing about Sora is that it understands the real world and provides a realistic output. Additionally, The videos can be rendered in different ratios and still maintain cohesion with the frames.

You can even change the background to be a location of your preference and even simulate artificial processes. Moreover, the videos are generated with dynamic camera motions and even allow you to connect videos.

Apply to Increase your Chances of testing the OpenAI Sora

In as much as applications are currently closed for joining the OpenAI red teaming network, you can still apply to ensure that you are on the waiting list and increase your chances of joining the team.

Not only will you test Sora, but also other AI models that they will release to the market. At the end of the day, you will get more expertise and even be more enlightened on these new technologies. You never know, you might even use it to partake in a project. Apply Today!