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How to Download Linkedin Profile in 2023

If you want to make changes to your profile picture but on the other side, you do not need to lose what you currently have, or perhaps you need to keep a copy of your records, you, therefore, have that one option of saving and downloading the latest version of your profile.

Below are some ways to teach you how to download your LinkedIn profile.

1. Save as PDF

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account.

Log into your LinkedIn account

Go to the web browser and then key in This will bring you to the site of the LinkedIn Platform. You can decide to use these browsers when accessing your LinkedIn profile, and they are as follows: Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and many more.

  • If you have not yet logged in to your account, then you are supposed to log in by putting credentials on the top of your screen and signing in.

Step 2: Type your user's name in the search bar

This is on the top page, next to the magnifying glass icon.

  • The moment you begin typing, then the results will load.
  • Another way is by typing your name to find your page profile. Alternatively, you can tap on your profile icon on the screen's left side.

Step 3: Click the “View profile” option.

View profile

This will automatically open the page of the user profile.

  • For instance, if the user has a too common name, you need to be sure you found the right individual.

Step 4: Click the “More” button on your profile page.

Click the “More” button

This option is located below the user's name and picture.

Step 5: Click the Save to PDF” option from the options that appear.

Save to PDF

After all this, the PDF will automatically start downloading.

  • The moment the PDF resume has been downloaded successfully, and then it will open up.
  • If you want to find your downloaded image, check on your computer's default save location. It usually is the downloads folder.

After you are done with all the above steps, you now have created your resume, which is so helpful when applying for jobs that are outside LinkedIn. In addition, the profile photo you downloaded has your profile link to the LinkedIn platform.

2. Save the page as HTML.

The Save Page WE method can save a web page (just as it has been currently displayed) as an HTML file that can be opened in any browser. The page which is held represents the original page. On the other hand, various pages can be saved by loading a list of URL pages or by choosing multiple tabs.

Note: If someone uses Print Edit WE, Save Page WE will now require Print Edit WE 26.1 for full compatibility.

Toolbar Button

After you have installed Save Page WE, a new blue ‘floppy-disk' button will pop up on the main toolbar.

Therefore, to save the available web pages in all the current file tabs, you need to click on the toolbar button of the Save Page WE toolbar.

Note: you can I will come across two options on how to set button action as:

  • Save Listed URLs (Basic, Standard, or Custom Items)
  • Save Selected Tabs (Basic, Standard, or Custom Items)

In addition, there is also this option that enables you to use a new save method. The advantage of this new save method is that it can save more pages.

Context Menu & Button Menu

If you want to perform tasks on a previous page that is saved or save a web page as an HTML file, you need to right-click on the page's contents to open the context menu. The next thing is you need to select the sub-menu ‘Save Page WE,' followed by selecting one of the items on the menu:

  • Cancel Save
  • Save Listed URLs (Basic, Standard, or Custom Items)
  • Extract Image/Audio/Video (when viewing a dedicated page)
  • Remove Resource Loader (when viewing a protected page – pre 15.2)
  • Save Selected Tabs (Basic, Standard, or Custom Items)
  • View Saved Page Info (when viewing a saved page)

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • If you want to save any page as an HTML file, press Alt + A.
  • If you want to cancel any page, press Alt + C.

Saving Multiple Pages

We have two ways if we want to save multiple pages:

  • Choose several tabs and select the menu item ‘Save Selected Tabs.'
  • Load the file containing a list of URLs in the Zoom Page WE Options dialog and select the menu item ‘Save Listed URLs.'

When we save multiple pages, the tabs are interchanged to the foreground in case the content option of the load lazy is enabled.

Saved Items

These are the options to select the saved items:

  • Save Basic Items – holds the crucial things.
  • Save Standard Items – keeps the essential Items and some additional items.
  • Save Custom Items – protects the crucial Items and items which are selected from the list.

Saved File Name

There is an option to specify the format of the saved file name.

These formats are used when extracting resources (Audio/Image/Video) or when we want to save a complete page.

Note: There are several options for replacing spaces in any saved file. These options might be replaced with a user-defined character, thus setting the maximum length of the saved file name.

Save Methods

We have two save methods, that is, new and old methods. But the default method is the old method.

  • The old method of saving remembers the previous save location, but on the other hand, it cannot save pages later in Chrome (e.g., Yahoo).
  • The new method of saving cannot remember the previous save location, but still, it can save all available pages.

Configuring Chrome

Head to Chrome Menu Button > Settings > Advanced.

When you are in the download section, you should set your download folder location and turn on or off the option of ‘Ask where to save each file before downloading.'

After you have saved the page, a download item will appear immediately in your download bar at the bottom of your window browser. Then the next step is to click on the arrow in the download item and turn on or off the option of ‘Always open files of this type.'

Using Automation

The use of automation mode is another option that allows a page to be able to be saved from a command line.

Note this when this option is enabled:

  • When Firefox begins, Save Page WE will immediately initiate using the current Action Button.
  • When the save process is successful, Firefox will automatically be closed.

But when Firefox starts up, and you feel like exiting the automation mode, then use the menu command of ‘Cancel Save,' or you can even use the keyboard shortcut to cancel the operation and, at the same time, save it. After this, you then turn off the option of using automation.

3. Save LinkedIn profile pictures on your mobile.

Save LinkedIn profile pictures on your mobile

Most people need a better stock of professional pictures. Therefore, if someone gets that professional photo, they must hang on to it just like gold.

LinkedIn is one of the places where you can decide to have your headshot. But suppose you need to use any other platform; how can you download LinkedIn profile photo files without hindrance?

If all this happens, you need to click “save photo” to view your profile picture on this platform. But if that seems contradicting, do not worry; we will know how to download your profile picture on your LinkedIn profile.

For instance, if you need to download your LinkedIn profile picture on your mobile phone, you cannot be able to imply the ‘inspect' method. But on the other hand, you can still download a version of your lower-quality profile picture and save it to your mobile device.

To download a photo on your LinkedIn profile, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to LinkedIn on your phone's mobile browser.

Step 2: Log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Tap on your profile photo in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you to your profile page.

Step 4: Tap on your profile photo to bring the image up.

Step 5: Press and hold your profile photo. A drop-down menu will appear.

Step 6: Select ‘Save in Photos.'

The photo will automatically appear in the library of your mobile device.

4. Download your LinkedIn profile picture Using LinkedIn's Platform

If you want to download an image from your LinkedIn profile, downloading it directly from the platform is the easiest way. However, people using this platform for the first time find it challenging because it is unlike Facebook, which has a download button.

If you want to download your LinkedIn profile picture, what you need to do is, you have to log in to the site with your credentials and then head to your profile page. Once you have reached your page, right-click your profile picture and click ‘save image.' Doing this will automatically save your profile picture to your desktop.

The only problem with this method is the downloaded profile picture will turn out to be somehow Blurry. Therefore, this method is not recommended when downloading your LinkedIn profile photo. Although this method will work for quickly getting you your LinkedIn profile photo, the image will likely turn out a bit blurry. However, on this platform, there is a workaround.

Follow the steps below when you want to download your original resolution LinkedIn profile picture directly from the platform:

Step 1: Log into your LinkedIn account.

Log into your LinkedIn account

Step 2: Navigate to your profile by clicking your profile photo in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 3: Right-click on your profile picture.

Right-click on your profile picture

Step 4: Select ‘inspect .' On some browsers, this option may be ‘Inspect Element.'

Step 5: A sidebar will pop out on the right side of your screen with a series of codes in it.

Step 6: Look through the code until you see the following: “img src=.” Right after, the letters' src=' should be a URL.

Step 7: Click the URL to take you to the full-size version of your profile photo in a new tab.

Step 8: Right-click on this photo and select ‘save as' to download the image and save it to your desktop.

5. Download your LinkedIn profile picture Using Expertsphp (Tripartite downloader)

Another way to download a LinkedIn profile picture is by using Expertsphp, a third-party website. Immediately you register on these third-party websites, and your LinkedIn account will be automatically connected to the websites.

There are various third-party websites; Expertsphp is the most reputable website. All you need to do on this downloader is pop the URL of your LinkedIn profile. Then after this, the site will work out for you and hence allow you to download a high-quality profile picture without any steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: When you get to the landing page, you first need a link to your profile. Please enter the full address of your profile that you copied and paste it into the site.

Step 3: Download the picture in full size!

Without needing to utilize any codes, you can download a full-size photo in seconds! This website has the benefit of being easy to navigate and use. You do not need to download or update anything to attain your goal.


Q. Can I send my LinkedIn profile as a resume?

Once you have created your LinkedIn URL, adding it to your resume is possible, allowing potential employers to know you even better.

The LinkedIn platform immediately provides users a URL using a series of numbers or letters with your name. Note: customizing your URL makes it easy for anyone to find you on LinkedIn.

Q. How do I copy my LinkedIn URL to my resume?

  • Click the “me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click “View Profile.”
  • Click “Edit public profile & URL” on the right pane of your profile page.
  • Your public profile URL will be under the “Edit your custom URL” section.

It'll be an address that starts with “”

  • Please copy and paste this link to share it with others.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you need to have this in mind, when you download a LinkedIn profile picture, you need to have a different approach, and this depends on whether it is someone else's or your profile picture. Typically, the LinkedIn platform provides a transparent method that is used to download your photo, but on the other hand, you need permission when downloading someone else's profile photo.

Note: You should never forget to have respect for privacy settings, and also, where necessary, you should seek consent.

In addition, for convenience, you should consider using reputable third-party applications but be very careful when sharing information that seems too personal. Finally, you must choose an appropriate image format and present a professional profile picture. This is because; a professional profile photo always makes a strong impression in the world of professionalism.

If you carefully follow the insights and guidelines in this article, you can now download profile pictures on the LinkedIn platform and thus maintain professional and ethical standards. Therefore, you must improve your LinkedIn appearance with a professional profile photo reflecting your identity.