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How To Get Someone’s IP Address From LOL [4 Ways]

How frequently do you play the game of League of Legends and feel like being a detective at the same time while playing? Several tricks you can learn from here will enable you to locate your opponent's IP address without them knowing you are tracking them. Here are workable methods that have worked with other players in tracking someone's IP address while playing. LOL, and I suggest you look at them.

In the gaming industry, we have a popular game for online gamers called League of Legends, abbreviated as LOL. It is one of the interesting video games where players battle against each other in an online arena. You need to know that this game is free, but you can only pay when you want to buy the character customization. According to statistics, this game has a wide range of players who love to play it because the game version is compatible with Windows and MacOS, which are mainly used operating systems.

Lol has impressive character designs, and the production quality is excellent, giving a good visual appeal to players. Do you know that you can locate someone's IP address within the League of Legends? It's possible, and in this article, we have gathered various tricks that can assist you in obtaining someone's IP address in the League of Legends. The tricks are straightforward when you follow the steps, and you can access someone else's IP address with a few clicks.

1. Using The  Netstat Command

The Netstat command is an inbuilt Windows command that provides information about active connections and protocol statistics you can find on any computer. This method is one of the most straightforward and efficient tools to obtain someone's IP address in the League of Legends. To learn more about this trick, we can follow the steps below to get the complete overview process.

Step 1: Add the person you want to track through an invitation to join your game and be your game friend.

Step2: After launching the game, you can proceed to open the “Command Prompt” by simply using shortcuts of pressing the start menu and typing CMD to bring the CMD, or you can key in combination with WIDOWS KEY + R. Using those shortcuts, you will be executing the netstat command.

Step 3: When the command prompt dialog box opens, you can type the “netstat-an” command and press enter for the order to execute. This command provides a network connection view that automatically detects the IP address of other devices linked with your machine.

netstat -an command

Step 4: To know the exact IP address of the person you are tracking, try to know the PID (Person Identification Number) of the other player of the LOL game through the task manager. Use the following combinations keys (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) at once to access the app named ‘exe' and note down its PID.


Step 5: Return to the CMD and check if any matching LOL PID is linked with the IP address listed in the CMD. Take your time and carefully check each IP Address since the player ID is not shown directly.

2. Using A Short Link



A short link is a link that is used for sharing and remembering URLs and normally is much shorter than the original URL. Some platforms that provide short links include, often used on social media platforms like Twitter. One function of these short links is that they can track the device's IP address used by another person who has clicked the link.

Unfortunately, this method can be limited if the other user uses a VPN. What a VPN does is mask the IP address of the person you want to track, and it will be difficult for a short link to get the IP address. Suppose you want to obtain someone else IP address using short links. In that case, you can use the following steps:

Step 1: Generate short links by creating a hidden link similar to Google Drive or Dropbox using an unofficial new account on a file hosting service. Please ensure the link created should be uploaded with an image file that does not contain sensitive or confidential information so that when you share, it should protect the privacy of you and others.

Step 2: Try to access the IP logger website and enter the shareable link created before into the “URL and image shortener field.” Once you are done with that, you can proceed to obtain the IP logger code, which is provided by the website.

Step 3: Proceed to the next window on the website, which will present an IP logger link that can be used to gather statistics and view the IP address who have clicked the link. Make sure to copy this link designed explicitly for viewing statistics, enabling you to monitor and track users accessing the link. You can get their IP address and the users' location.

Step 4: You need to shorten the URL using a shortening service like Bitly. This website has a user-friendly interface. You are required to create a new account with them and paste the link there, which will convert the link to shorten in a few seconds.

Step 5: When you are ready with the short link, launch your game and wait for another player to join. If the other player joins, you send the link to the chatbox for the opponent to click, and when it is clicked, you will be able to obtain their IP address.

3. Using Cain And Abel

Cain And Abel

Another method of getting someone's IP address is using third-party software called Cain and Abel View. This software lets you analyze your computer network and track your LOL opponent player's IP address. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: To acquire Cain and Abel view software, download and install it on your computer. It will take you a few minutes for the installation process to complete. Always keep in mind never to install this software when your firewall, windows defender, anti-virus, and other machine restrictions are enabled. Always switch them off so that the software cannot be seen as a virus in the computer, allowing the software to be installed fully.

Step 2: Open the installed software and navigate to the Sniffer tab. Within this tab, you will have some information, including the IP address, Mac address, hostname, and OUI fingerprint. This information can be helpful while tracking your network analysis.

Step 3: To initiate the process of network scanning, click on the “start or stop sniffer” icon. You will be able to see a Dialog box and  ensure to leave all the checkboxes unchecked and click “OK.” The software will now scan all the devices connected to your network, including those actively using it. This scan gives you a comprehensive view of all network devices.

Step 4: Navigate to the “APR” section and click it on; locate the blue cross icon on the top menu bar and click it on. A display of the list of devices will show up, and you can select the specific device that matches the League of Legends (LOL) games. A dialog box will be displayed with the connected devices; choose the relevant device and click on it.

Step 5: Upon accessing the game lobby information, you can see the number of individuals present. These players are those in your game, and you will be able to know whether the routing is full or half. Note that the player with the highest number of packets is the one to be assumed to be the host of the game lobby.

Step 6: Try to access each IP address available and pick one IP address to track it.

4. Wireshark

If you are looking for the most popular network analyzer tools, you can use Wireshark is the best choice as it gives you a microscopic view of the network traffic. To track someone's IP address using Wireshark, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Wireshark official website, look for the software version compatible with your machine, and download it. Proceed to install the downloaded software and later on confirm if the software is working on your computer.

Wireshark Overview

Step 2: After completing the first step go to the subsequent screen. You will be provided with an IP logger link that will be used for gathering and analyzing statistics. Proceed and click on the ‘viewing statistics' link and copy the link to use it later on to your clipboard.

Step 3: Begin by launching the League of Legends game and take your time to wait for the target opponent to join the game. Once the player has joined the game, you can see their IP address and location.

Step 4: Capture the IP address of your opponent and open the League of Legends website and go to the search bar where you can insert the IP address, and press ‘Enter” to search for the results

Step 5: With the results displayed, you can also use additional tools to help you identify the exact location of the IP address of the target opponent player in the League of Legends.

Wireshark ip

How to determine the location based on the IP address

Once you have obtained the IP address using the tricks above, you can use some third-party tools, such as the Online open tracker tool, to give you additional details. This tool works in a manner where it offers a range of information such as the exact IP address, country name, city, average income, country code, time zone, internet service provider, and various data. With all the information provided, come as a result of the IP address used in this tool; players can get more comprehensive information about the specific location of the IP address.

determine the location based on the IP address

There are other free online tools, like, that can give you the full location of someone as long as you have their IP address and enter the link to the tool browser, and you will have the full details location of that individual.

How Can I Locate the IP Address of a Game Server?

Locating a game server's IP address is possible using the multiple ways available. But we have a straightforward method that can easily get the IP address of the LOL Server through the netstat command. Enter the “netstat -n” command in the cmd of your machine, and when executed, the command will display both your IP address and the IP address of the game server.

netstat -n


Before applying this command in your CMD, it's best to close other applications running on your computer to minimize the number of IP addresses listed when the command is executed. It will be easy to locate the game server IP address.

Are the methods for locating IP addresses illegal operation?

Depending on the player's intentions, these methods can be used for good or bad intentions. The methods can be used for good intentions for just tracking the IP address of their opponents if you feel like suspecting something from them.

Acquiring someone's IP address, knowing their location, and using that information for unlawful purposes will be illegal. Tracking other opponents' IP addresses is only a good practice if you have a valid reason to do so.

How Can I Find a Player's ID in League of Legends?

To know your player ID, also known as Riot ID, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open your computer and start the League of Legends game.

Step 2: In the LOL game, access the “friend list.”

lol friend list

Step 3:  Go to your Profile tab and hover the mouse over it.

Step 4:  you can see your ID card, which will provide your Riot ID.

Riot ID


With all the tricks or methods mentioned above, you can now use any method to determine your opponent's IP address while playing the League of Legends game ( LOL). If one option method fails to work, you have other alternative ways to attempt to extract the opponent's IP address.

Whenever you successfully obtain your opponent's IP address, you can easily enjoy the freedom of locating your opponent's geographical location. However, the location you obtained should not be used for illegal activities since it will be illegal and have some consequences. Always maintain fair play and have an enjoyable time while playing LOL.