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[6 Easy Tricks] How to Hack WhatsApp in 2023

Do you know that there are great ways to hack into someone’s TikTok account to see their online activities? This article is here to help! This article shows you how to hack any TikTok account and how to prevent your hackers from hacking your TikTok account.

Unarguably, WhatsApp ranks among the most used instant messaging apps. User statistics show that the free messaging app has more than 1.5 billion active users. Those behind this excellent messaging app have painstakingly made the app efficient and left no stone unturned in terms of the privacy and security of the platform. This is highly commendable as it has left no room for you to log into another user’s account without first having access to their device.

However, reliable WhatsApp spying software lies abound and can be used secretly to monitor activities on a person’s device. With these applications, you can get information as they occur on the target’s WhatsApp. Now, let’s take a proper look at how to hack a person’s WhatsApp account using several methods.

1. Use Mspy App

I just spoke about using reliable WhatsApp spying software to hack a user’s account. Therefore, if you want to go through this route, I recommend using mSpy. It is one of the best apps for this purpose and is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. Thus, installing this application is an easy task.

This application needs to be active on the target’s phone. But you do not necessarily need to have it installed on yours. You can use the mSpy control panel on any browser to get whatever WhatsApp information you need from your target’s phone.

Meanwhile, if you want you're snooping around to be successful using mSpy, you must do it right. Thus, here are some important steps you need to follow when using mSpy to hack WhatsApp:

Step 1: The first thing to do is visit the website of the mSpy app. You will be required to create an account, after which you can sign in with your login details.

Step 2: After setting up your account and logging in, you can proceed to select your preferred language, followed by clicking on the Confirm button.

Step 3: The next step involves selecting the kind of device you want to spy on. This may be either iOS or Android, depending on which your target is using.

Step 4: You will need complete access to the phone you intend to monitor. If this is not possible, your previous efforts can be in vain.

Step 5: Next, you will need to determine the device’s manufacturer. This is one of the reasons why you need to ensure that you have direct access to your target’s phone. Because it is the only way to get to know what brand the phone belongs to.

Thus, options you will come across on mSpy include Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, and others. Now, let’s assume your target manufacturer is Samsung. Thus, select the right option and click on the proceed button.

Step 6: The next step is to select your Android Version. Proceed to disable the PlayProtect option. You have to disable this option on the target’s mobile device. This is very easy to do. All you have to do is to go to Google Play Store.

You will find the three icons in the profile’s upper left corner. You can look for the Play Protect option and click on it. This will lead you to the Settings icon. Pressing the Play Protect toggle button will disable Scan apps.

Step 7: Now, you can go ahead to use the browser on the phone of the person you intend to spy on and go to this web address: You will be required to draw a Captcha. Then proceed to click on the “Download” button. The APK file can now be downloaded and installed.

Step 8: In this step, you need to set up the mSpy app you have just downloaded. Stick to the instruction provided on your screen to do the configuration perfectly.

Step 9: The mSpy will need some time to familiarize itself with the person’s phone activity. This is necessary to enable the app to record and transfer all the information found to its server. It can take as much as a few hours for this process to occur.

Step 10: After transferring information to the server, you can proceed to the dashboard, where you will find the WhatsApp option. This will allow you to access the target’s message, contact history, and Whatsapp calls.

NOTE: As you can see, using a reliable app like mSpy can help you access a person’s WhatsApp without much trouble. However, you will need direct access to the person’s phone because the application must be secretly active on the person’s mobile device for the process to be successful.

2. Use Phone Number

Here is another easy method to hack a person’s WhatsApp and access their information. It is possible to hack someone’s WhatsApp using their phone number.

However, for this method to be successful, you must ensure you have WhatsApp active on your phone, and the target’s verification code sent as an SMS to the target’s mobile device. This code is vital. As long as you have it, hacking your target’s WhatsApp has been easy. Below are the steps you need to follow to hack a person’s WhatsApp using their phone number:

Step 1: Since you have WhatsApp already active on your phone, run the app and input the person’s phone number to start the hacking process.

Step 2: You must provide the OTP PIN (One-Time Password). This code you will get via SMS on the person’s mobile device. That is why you need direct access to the person’s mobile device.

Step 3: Once you provide the correct One-Time Password, you will successfully log in to the person’s WhatsApp account. Thus, you will find all the information such as WhatsApp calls, messages, and others. There will be no restrictions.

The only problem with this method is that the person you are spying on will be promptly notified about your activities. This will make them log in to their account and deactivate your login quickly. The only way to prevent this is if you have altered the password before the target can take any measures.

NOTE: This method is different from the first. Here, you don’t need a third-party spying app to facilitate hacking. And it is relatively more straightforward. But you still need access to the target’s mobile device to obtain their verification code. However, as stated earlier, the only problem is that the target will get notified of your activities and may take necessary measures to restrain you.

3. Use Chrome Browser

Use Chrome Browser

This third method involves hacking a person’s WhatsApp using the Chrome browser. However, you must be aware that certain versions of Androids (Android 7+) and iPhones (iOS 10) provide constant alerts when WhatsApp web is used.

Thus, the target will know about your suspicious activities when you access their information. This does not mean that the method can’t be successful, but that can be a hindrance to your aim. Meanwhile, below are the steps you need to heed when hacking someone’s WhatsApp using the Chrome browser.

Step 1: Allow Chrome Browser to run on your laptop or desktop and go to this site:

Whats app web

Step 2: You will be required to scan the QR code on your target’s phone. Thus, you need direct access to your target’s mobile device.

Step 3: After this is done successfully, you can access the person’s WhatsApp information, such as messages, calls, and more.

NOTE: This method seems to be the easiest thus far. However, you need direct access to the target’s mobile device as this is the only way to access their QR code for scanning purposes. That is the most vital step.

Aside from that, you don’t need to install any spying app on the target’s phone to facilitate the process. Also, the person will get notified of your activity depending on what version of Android or iOS devices they are using. This may make them take necessary measures to stop your activity.

4. Use Mobile Phone Number (for Mac devices using the Spoofing method)


This is another method to help you hack a person’s WhatsApp. You will also need direct access to the individual’s mobile device to get certain valuable information to actualize the process. You will need to follow the following steps if you want to hack a person’s WhatsApp account using the phone number for Mac devices and use the spoofing method.

Step 1: To begin the process, you must uninstall WhatsApp Messenger from the target’s mobile device. Thus, you need direct access to the phone.

Step 2: Proceed to determine the MAC Address of the person’s device. You can do this by going through Settings. Select ‘General,’ then ‘About,’ and then ‘Wi-Fi Address.’

Step 3: You will need to download and install a WhatsApp hacking tool on the person’s phone. Examples of the tools you can install include Busy Box and Terminal Emulator.

Step 4: Proceed to alter your Wi-Fi Mac Address with your target’s phone using those hacking tools.

Step 5: You can download and install WhatsApp on your device using the individual’s phone number instead of yours. This is because you are now using the person’s Wi-Fi Mac Address.

After that, a verification code will be sent to the person’s phone. Retrieve this code and enter it on your device to access the person’s WhatsApp account. With this done, you can access the person’s WhatsApp activities.

NOTE: The most notable feature of this method is that you don’t need to use a browser like Chrome to facilitate the process. However, you need direct access to your target’s phone for the process to work.

5. Use Bluetooth

hack Use Bluetooth

Another method suitable for hacking WhatsApp is through Bluetooth tracking. However, this will depend on the distance of the target’s phone. Bluetooth connection is usually possible only on a short distance. This means the target’s phone would need to be nearer for an effective Bluetooth connection to be established.

The data transmission occurs at a minimal frequency, an advantage the hacker has. It is difficult for the target to notice what is happening or identify the hacker. The steps below will help you hack WhatsApp using Bluetooth.

Step 1: You need to detect the person’s mobile phone, after which you can scan it.

Step 2: Verify the tenderness of the target’s phone. This is to prevent data tracing.

Step 3: After that, hack the data from the person’s phone.

Step 4: Transfer the data to your device

NOTE: This method is quite easy to undertake. However, the only limitation is that Bluetooth connection is only possible over a short distance. Thus, if the target’s phone is very far from yours, it may not work.

6. Send Spam links

Send Spam links

If you want to hack a person’s account using this method, you must send a spam link that can crash their device. For this method to be effective, hack your target’s mobile number and send the malicious link through SMS. Another effective means is by dialing their number.

Meanwhile, if you are suspicious that someone is trying to hack your WhatsApp account through this means, you can download and activate an antivirus program on your phone to stay safe.

NOTE: Hacking a person’s WhatsApp account using this method works. But you will need to hack the person’s phone number first. And all your efforts may be irrelevant if the person has an active antivirus program on their phone.

Reasons for hacking someone’s WhatsApp

Reasons for hacking someone’s WhatsApp

Knowing how to hack WhatsApp may be wrong, but it can come in handy. No one will go about hacking a person’s WhatsApp without any reason. You may want to know if a person is being dishonest with you. Going through the person’s messages on WhatsApp can give you the answers you want.

Aside from that, a person may want to hack another’s WhatsApp for security reasons because they are concerned about the person’s safety or health. Parents may wish to monitor their children’s activities to ensure they aren’t involved in any wrong activity. Below are some reasons why knowing how to hack WhatsApp is important.

1. Spying on Loved Ones

A spouse may be suspicious about their loved one and may want to find closure by reading their WhatsApp messages. Relationships can be difficult, and suspicions can kick in at different moments. Thus, knowing how to spy on their WhatsApp activities without their knowledge can be very helpful in knowing if they are doing something sinful behind your back.

2. To Keep Children from Harm’s Way

Parents are usually concerned about their children. They always want to ensure they do not involve themselves in the wrong online activities that may be detrimental to their general wellbeing and development. Social media and the internet have advantages but can pose unimaginable threats when used wrongly.

Cyberbullying and access to unhealthy web content are possible. Monitoring children’s WhatsApp activities can give parents a hint of what they are doing.

3. Monitoring Employees’ Activity

If you want to keep tabs on your employees, you can monitor their WhatsApp activities. Social media is a place where so many things occur. Thus, your team member can use WhatsApp to abuse their privileges or waste time without doing what is required. Monitoring their WhatsApp activity can be a way to catch them red-handed.

4. Retrieve Deleted Messages

The knowledge of WhatsApp account hacking can be very important when you lose your phone or get damaged beyond repair. You can hack your WhatsApp account to retrieve lost messages and get family and friends’ contacts.


Q. Can I hack WhatsApp?

Yes. Hacking WhatsApp is possible. However, there are risks involved in such acts. This is because most of the methods require you to have direct access to the target’s mobile device. Thus, one of the best methods to hack WhatsApp is spying apps such as mSpy since they can remain active on the person’s mobile device without their knowledge.

Q. What are the reasons for hacking WhatsApp?

There are numerous reasons for hacking WhatsApp. If you are a parent, you may want to keep an eye on your child’s online and social media activities. A spouse suspicious of their partner can gain vital information through the person’s WhatsApp activities. You can also hack a person’s WhatsApp for security and health reasons. Lastly, hacking your WhatsApp account on another device will help you retrieve lost messages and contacts if your phone is damaged beyond repair or stolen.

Q. What is a WhatsApp Spy Tool?

A WhatsApp Spy Tool is an app that can help you monitor all the activities of a person’s device, including their GPS location. Such tools allow you to monitor social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Q. How to know if someone is hacking my Whatsapp and reading my messages?

You can detect if your WhatsApp account has been hacked. If you discover that your WhatsApp messages have already been read, something fishy must be going on. This is because read messages are given double blue marks. Thus, if you are sure that you didn’t open the received message, then someone with access to your WhatsApp account may have done so.


Hacking WhatsApp is possible, as you can see from this article. The numerous methods mentioned above are all ways you can achieve your aim. However, each method has limitations that can make your task difficult or even unsuccessful. All of the methods have risks.

Ensure you know the repercussions if caught in the act before deciding to hack anybody’s WhatsApp account. However, if it is your account you are hacking for one reason or another, then you have no worries.