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How to Know If Someone Blocked You on iMessage [6 Ways]

Sending countless messages via iMessage to a loved one without any reply can make you feel terrible. This is particularly true if you’re in love or in a relationship.

The messages exchanged between you and your partner through iMessage are special. But when they go unreplied, you might not know whether the recipient is ignoring you or not getting the messages.

When this happens, it’s not that the message was not delivered, nor does it mean the recipient’s iPhone has a problem. They may have blocked you on iMessage. So, how do you know if someone blocked you on iMessage? Read on.

How to Know if Someone Blocked you on iMessage

Blocked you on iMessage

You will not receive a notification from Apple when someone blocks you on iMessage. Instead, you have to find out by yourself. Here are easy clues to help you out;

1. Be Keen on the Color of the Text Bubble

Be Keen on the Color of the Text Bubble

iOS devices allow users to use either the iMessage app or a standard SMS/MMS app when messaging. When messaging your friend over the Wi-Fi or mobile data, both of you are using iOS devices, the text bubbles will be blue. It’s an indication that the two of you are using iMessage. However, the text bubble would be green if you used the ordinary SMS/MMS app.

Sending the message to might have blocked you

When your chat history suddenly shows green bubbles accompanied by a Send as Text Message just under your text message rather than the blue bubbles, it is a hint. The person you are sending the message to might has blocked you.

However, don’t be quick to conclude that you are blocked. When there are network issues on the other end, the text bubbles will appear green, and a Send as Text Message will appear below the text. Check the following tips for further clarity;

2. Check iMessage Delivery Status

Check iMessage Delivery Status

When you use the iMessage app on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook), the app will display a delivery notification or read receipt of any recently sent messages. This setting will depend on whether the message receiver has enabled the delivery status notification for your contact. If they haven’t enabled your connection for such notifications, you will not see them.

However, if you previously saw the notifications but are now not seeing them, it’s another possibility that you are blocked. Nevertheless, the recipient might have changed the setting because they don’t want you to know if they have received your message. This doesn’t mean they have blocked you. Secondly, when the receiver puts on the Do Not Disturb mode, you will not receive the delivery status notification. It doesn’t mean you are blocked!

The message may also not be delivered if the phone is off, without an internet connection, or it’s out of service.

3. Check Status Updates

With iMessage, you can check the status update of every message in your conversations by tapping on the message. The status update will display;

  • The time you sent the message
  • When it was delivered to the recipient

Check Status Updates

  • Whether it has been seen or not

However, if the recipient has blocked you on iMessage, you will not be able to view the status updates. Thus, if you want to confirm if the user has been blocked, you tap on the message to view the status.


Messages you sent before the recipient blocked you will display the status updates. However, any message sent after you have been blocked will not have/display the status updates. Such messages will be sent as standard text messages and appear in a green bubble.

4. Use Other Messaging Apps

Use Other Messaging Apps

This is among the best solutions to confirm if the person you are messaging on iMessage has blocked you. If your messages on iMessage are not responded to and there is no delivery notification, try messaging them from another app.

However, this solution will only be viable if the person is using other messaging apps as you do. And if they have blocked other apps, too, this trick may not be helpful. Otherwise, if you get a notification from other messaging apps that the person has opened and read your messages, they might have blocked you on iMessage.

5. Try Calling the Person

Try Calling the Person

If you’re not receiving feedback from the person you are texting on iMessage and can’t see the delivery notifications, try calling them.

When you call a number that has blocked you on iMessage, the phone will ring once, and it will automatically divert to voicemail.  The automated voicemail system will notify you that the recipient is not available. You may leave a message. In some instances, the phone will hang after the first call. This confirms that the recipient of the call has blocked you on iMessage.

call has blocked you on iMessage

Interestingly, the blocker will not receive any notification that you called them. However, the person will receive your voice message and appear in the Blocked Messages folder.

6. Try Calling or Sending a Message Using a Different iMessage Account

This is a desperate way of knowing whether someone has blocked you on iMessage or not. However, it's a sure way of getting to know the truth.

Calling or Sending a Message Using a Different iMessage Account

Try calling or sending the “suspected blocker” with a new number or new iMessage account. If they receive and read your message sent via the new iMessage account, then it's inevitable that they have blocked your normal iMessage account.

Similarly, if you call them and they receive the call from your new number, they have blocked your ordinary number.

Blocked your ordinary number


Being blocked on iMessage by a loved one can be a terrible feeling. But before you conclude that you have been blocked, you ought to ascertain that it is so. While Apple doesn’t notify users when they are blocked on iMessage, there are easy ways of knowing if someone has blocked you. Be keen on the text bubble color, check iMessage delivery status, and check status updates. While all the methods fail, be courageous enough, use other communication channels and ask if the person has blocked you! They may have blocked you willingly or unwillingly.