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How to Open a Case on eBay as a Buyer

Do you need help with an eBay purchase or transaction? It's possible to submit a case to eBay for evaluation if you cannot resolve the issue with the seller. Here, we'll explain how to open a case on eBay to get all the help required to resolve the issue. Continue reading!

Do you need help with a transaction or purchase and cannot work things out with the other party? You may have received a damaged or defective product. Or else, as a seller, you are facing difficulties reaching a buyer who does not want to complete a transaction. Without a doubt, eBay is a reliable and well-known online marketplace. Unfortunately, not all sales go smoothly. If you have a problem with a transaction and cannot reach an agreement with the other party, you can contact eBay's support department for assistance through the Resolution Center.

Though getting eBay involved by asking them to step in is always a good idea, you should know a few things first.

How To Ensure The Item Is Eligible For a Case On eBay

How To Ensure The Item Is Eligible For a Case On eBay

You can avoid unnecessary hassle and comply with eBay rules by verifying your eligibility to open a dispute. Unfortunately, not all concerns with a purchase or transaction are entitled to a case. Some examples of when you might qualify to file a case are as follows:

  • The item you received is very different from what was advertised.
  • You received a broken or non-functioning product.
  • Nothing was delivered at all.
  • You have been duped into buying a phony or fake item.

However, there are a few instances in which you might be unable or not qualify to open a case at eBay:

  • You've decided you don't need or desire the product anymore.
  • You were able to locate the product for a lower price somewhere else.
  • You placed an incorrect bid or bought the incorrect item.
  • As a result of your carelessness, you bought the wrong item.

To ensure everything is clear, read the item description thoroughly before buying. Check eBay's policy on the topic or contact customer service if you have questions about whether or not your issue qualifies for a case.

Before I show you how to open a case on eBay, here is what you should do before initiating the process.

What To Do Before Asking eBay To Step In A Case

What To Do Before Asking eBay To Step In A Case

Asking eBay to step-in in a case means that you cannot, or you have been unable to resolve the case between yourselves (buyer and seller), and now you want eBay's intervention. Before asking eBay to help, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Please be patient and understand that the seller requires time to process and ship your order.
  • Send a message to the seller and wait a few days for a reply.
  • Instead of using email, it is recommended that you communicate with the seller through eBay's messaging system.
  • If you are still waiting for a response the first time you contacted the seller, try again twice or thrice.
  • You can use your communication with the seller as evidence in your complaint with eBay.

Due to these cautions, you may wonder what happens when eBay steps-in in a case. Here is what we found out!

What Happens After eBay Steps In

What Happens After eBay Steps In

After receiving your complaint, eBay will investigate it and work toward a just resolution. Here's what to expect:

  • eBay typically responds within 48 hours; however, sometimes, it may take longer if additional information is required.
  • When eBay has found a solution, both you and the seller will be notified of the conclusion and any further steps. For instance:
  • eBay may request that you return the item to the vendor.
  • eBay may request the seller replace or refund the item.
  • If the issue is resolved by issuing a refund, the amount will be credited to the method originally used for payment. In most cases, you may expect your refund within three to five business days.
  • If you disagree with eBay's decision, you can appeal within 30 days after closing the case.

Without further ado, here is how to open a case on eBay.

A Step By Step Guide On How To Open a Case On eBay

Follow this procedure:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility To Open a Case On eBay.

Do this:

  • Ensure that the product delivery time is surpassed.
  • Ensure the item is eligible for a case. (Refer to the reasons listed above).

Step 2: Access eBay's Resolution Center.

Do this:

  • Find and click on the “Help & Contact” link at the top of any eBay page.

ebay Resolution Center

  • Select “Resolution Center” from the drop-down menu.
  • Alternatively, click “My eBay” and select “Resolution Center.”

Step 3: Choose The Reason Why You Want To Open The Case.

Once you reach the Resolution Center, you'll be prompted to choose a case starting reason. For example, you didn't get what you ordered, it wasn't as described, got damaged in transit, or was defective.

Step 4: Back Up Your Claims With Proof.

Note that providing eBay with thorough information and supporting documentation will hasten and improve the resolution of your case.

After picking your case's opening rationale, offer more information to bolster your argument. Include as much detail as you can, such as the purchase date, The catalog number, The user ID of the vendor, A comprehensive breakdown of the issue, or any accompanying visual aids, such as screenshots.

Step 5: Get In Touch With The Vendor.

After filing a case against a seller on eBay, you must communicate with that person to address the problem. Here are the measures that need to be taken:

  1. Await the seller's reply before proceeding:

After opening a case, the vendor has a set time to respond to your case. The time estimate is subject to change based on the specifics of your case. Take your time and wait for the merchant to reply.

  1. Get in touch with the vendor:

eBay will email you the seller's response to your case. After that, use eBay's messaging service to contact the vendor. Communicate clearly and straightforwardly and attempt to find a solution for everyone involved.

  1. Find a solution that works:

It would be best to strive to agree with the vendor once you have established communication. You and the seller can devise a solution that works for both of you, such as a refund, a replacement item, or anything else. Always maintain a respectful and businesslike tone when talking with the vendor. If you agree with the seller, closing the matter formally is essential.

However, you can always ask eBay to mediate if you cannot settle the dispute independently.

Step 6: Escalate The Case To eBay Customer Service

You can escalate the problem to eBay if you have tried to settle the issue with the seller and have yet to get a suitable response. Here's how you get eBay's assistance:

  • Visit the “Resolution Center.”
  • Select the case you wish to escalate and click “Take action.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking “Ask eBay to step in” to submit your request.

After you submit your request to eBay, they'll look into it and reply with a conclusion.

Step 7: eBay's Final Say

eBay will look at the information you and the seller have supplied and conclude. It could take up to 48 hours to conclude. You may get a refund or a replacement if eBay rules in your favor or vice versa. You can contact eBay's support team for more information if you feel the decision was made wrongly.


Keep in mind that escalating a case should be the very last resort. Before reporting an issue to eBay, please get in touch with the seller and try to find a solution with them. Opening a case can assist in safeguarding your rights as an eBay buyer if you and the seller cannot agree.


Need help with a purchase? Now you know how to open a case on eBay. Only ask eBay to step in if you can't find a suitable solution with the seller. However, before filing a case, ensure that you are eligible.