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7 Best Instagram Followers Count Checkers in 2024

Are you active on Instagram or looking to contact an Instagram influencer? Then you can use these Instagram followers count tools to learn more about your favorite Instagrammer.

Are you a fan of Instagram? What do you use it for? There are different reasons why people decide to engage in Instagram, such as to advertise, make friends, grow their business, reach a larger audience, and much more.

If you want to look for an Instagram influencer, it is important to check the number of followers to see whether your business will thrive well through them.

You want a legit influencer who can help reach a large audience. Moreover, you can use the tools to find out whether an Instagrammer has fake followers.

1. Tucktools

Tucktools overview

This Tucktooks Live Instagram Follower count is a great tool that allows you to check the real-time follower count of an Instagram account.

The tool can be used on Android, Linux, Windows, and Linux. It just depends on the device that you are using.

You need to write the specific Instagram username in the search bar, then click search. You will be able to see the user's followers, following, and posts. The tool is free, and you won't have to pay anything to access it. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

2. Instagram Follower Count

Instagram Follower Count overview

How about checking your competitor’s Instagram followers using the Instagram follower count tool?  Regular Instagram users, insta-bloggers, and business account owners need to check their status often. This is to get to understand your audience.

Additionally, this makes it easy to know which kind of content helps increase the likes and followers. You can then use that as the strategy to produce more content like that.

Thereby, it would help if you planned well about what you post. On the platform, input the specific username and search for it. It then gives you the number of followers the user profile has and posts.

3. Insta statistics

Insta statistics overview

This is another great tool that you can use to find Instagram users' statistics. It will let you know how your competitor is performing and work towards reaching them. Also, as an influencer, you can track your following by knowing when it rises and falls. You can then evaluate the kind of posts that led to the rise or fall of the followers.

Maybe you introduced a certain post that led to some users leaving and not following you anymore. To use, Insta statistics, write the username of the Instagram user, then search.

You will get information on the followers, following, posts, website, other accounts, and more details on the user.

4. Famoid Instagram Follower Count Checker

Famoid Instagram Follower Count Checker overview

Famoid’s tool is one of the best in the world. You need to insert Instagram’s username in the search box and search. The results will be 99% accurate. This will help you know how to grow your account to reach someone else and much more.

People always assume that the more followers you have, the more interesting and fun you are. In social media networks, everything revolves around numbers, followers, companies, businesses, and much more.

The Instagram follower count tool will keep you up to date with the latest. With social media accounts, you can make genuine friendships, promote interests and hobbies, and make your profile more appealing.

5. Instablogs

Instablogs overview

Instablogs Instagram followers count has almost the same interface as Instastatistics. You can use the tool to see the number of followers, following, and posts. If you are a business looking for an influencer, you can compile them down into a list and then use Instablogs followers count to check how they perform.

You can use it to determine how active the user is and how people react to their posts through the likes. It also allows you to see other Instagram accounts of the specific user. This happens if they have a personal and business account.

6. Insfollowup Instagram Followers Counter

Insfollowup Instagram Followers Counter overview

This is one of the best Instagram Followers Counter that you can use to track the Instagram followers of a certain user. You need to enter the username you want to check and click the bottom to get the results immediately.

The Instagram community continues expanding, and it is important to know how certain users and influencers are fairings. You can also learn how to boost your popularity by using the strategies used by top Instagrammers.

Thereby, the statistics will help you improve your Instagram quality to garner more followers. You can also check the statistics to plan how you arrange your Instagram posts. The tool is also secure to use. You can also get more free followers through the platform.

7. Modash Fake Follower Check

Modash Fake Follower Check overview

Unlike the other platforms, this tool allows you to see the fake followers in different Instagram accounts. It lets you analyze the follower count, engagement rate, popular content, and fake followers. It is one of a kind and elaborative.

You also see their most popular posts that garner the user more followers. You can then use such a strategy to grow your following.

In addition, you can get more information about them and the popular Instagram hashtags that they use. With each of the popular posts, you also get to see the likes and comments for each. This is a must-use tool.

The platform lets brands find and audit Instagram influencers all over the world. If an influencer has many fake followers, you better choose one with more genuine followers.

How To Increase Instagram Followers?

How many followers do you have? Does your following outdo your followers? Then it would help if you considered using these strategies to increase your Instagram followers.

1. Optimization


If you want your Instagram account to garner more followers, you need to optimize your content. Make sure that you provide content that many people are ready to see, read, or watch. That’s what most influencers do to gain a large following.

2. Post Often

Also, consider providing content regularly. If you don't post regularly, you may lose some followers because of a lack of consistency. Therefore, to ensure your following remains, you need to invest in finding valuable content for your followers.

You can also decide to schedule Instagram posts to appear on certain days. This will keep your followers engaged.

3. Don’t Accept To Get Fake Instagram Followers.

Don’t Accept To Get Fake Instagram Followers

Even if you find someone is selling an Instagram account with many followers, be wary about it. Having fake followers can cost you.

If someone checks through these amazing tools and finds that you have fake followers, they can lose confidence in your account and brand. Therefore, always strive to have real followers.

4. Showcase Your Account

It is okay to make your Instagram account private. However, if you are looking into getting some gigs, you need to ensure that potential clients can see what you also offer if you have other accounts like TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and much more.

You can also get more followers by showcasing your Instagram account there. If people like your content, they will surely follow.

5. Post Content Followers Want

Also, you need to master your followers and know what they want. You can then consider providing posts that your content followers will love.

Furthermore, try to respond to comments and listen to the feedback they give. You can even post questions in your Instagram stories and save them on your feed. However, ensure it is valuable information.

6. Use Valuable Hashtags


While on it, also, try to use valuable hashtags that convert. You can then use them in your different posts; this will help to build your following as people come and see the valuable content that you are providing.

FAQ  – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to block harassing fans on IG.

Suppose someone has posted a photo that doesn’t seem right to you. You can click on “report” a photo, the person you are reporting won't even know who reported them, and you will remain anonymous.

Instagram will then look into the matter. The other method is to block certain users from contacting you. If you are tagged in a photo, you can hide it from your profile or remove a tag.

Q. How can you filter abusive messages?

Abusive content can disturb you while on Instagram. However, combatting it can be a big challenge. Those with a large following tend to face such kinds of abusive messages.

There is a new tool introduced by Instagram that, when turned on, can filter certain messages with specific offensive words, phrases, and emojis. This is mainly on the DM requests.

Q. Can someone who I had blocked earlier contact me?

Instagram strives to ensure that no blocked contact can contact you again. You can block just that account or even others that the user creates.