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What Is MMC.exe and Is It Safe?

MMC.exe is an executable file that takes charge of the Microsoft Management Console on all Windows computers. Usually, you will trace the mmc.exe app C:\Windows\System32 directory on your local drive.

However, if you find the file in another location, the chances are high that it's a virus or malware. Most system management tools, including the Device Manager, Disk Management, Group Policy Editor, and Event Viewer, depend on mmc.exe to work efficiently.

MMC exe

Is MMC.exe a Virus or Malware?

MMC exe a Virus or Malware

Also known as Microsoft Management Console Application, mmc.exe is a genuine file with your Windows PC. Thus, the mmc.exe file should be on your computer. Some viruses and malware disguise themselves as mmc.exe file, be on the lookout.

How to Determine if MMC.exe is Genuine or a Virus

The best way to know that the mmc.exe file in your PC is not a virus or malware is to ascertain its originality. There are two different methods of determining the authenticity of the mmc.exe file:

1. Confirm the MMC.exe File Location

Typically, a genuine mmc.exe file is in the C:\windows\system32 file path of your local disk. If you find this file in a different location, it could be a virus or malware.

Confirm the MMC exe File Location

To check the mmc.exe location:

Step 1: Open the Task Manager and under the Process tab, find Microsoft Management Console.

Alternatively, click the Details tab and on the left side of the screen, right-click on the mmc.exe file and choose Open file location.

Open the Task Manager and under the Process tab

Note: If you find the mmc.exe file listed several times in the Task Manager, different system processes actively use the management console.

Open file location of mnc exe

Step 2: Once you click Open file location, a new File Explorer window will open.

Step 3: Click on the address bar to disclose the file location/path.

New File Explorer window will open

If you realize that the mmc.exe file is not in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, the chances are high that it's a virus.

2. Verify the MMC.exe File Signature

You can also verify the authenticity of a mmc.exe file by checking the digital signature. Here’s how to go about it;

Step 1: Open the Task Manager and navigate to the Details tab.

Open the Task Manager and navigate to the Details tab

Step 2: Search for the mmc.exe file and right-click on it, and choose Properties.

Step 3: Check the file’s copyright; it should read Microsoft Corporation. If it bears any other name, the mmc.exe file on your computer is not genuine.

Read Microsoft Corporation

If you determine that the mmc.exe file is not genuine, it is recommendable that you run a reliable antivirus. While Windows Defender is good at detecting viruses and malware, it may fail to detect viruses and malware files whose names are similar to genuine system files.

Can I Disable or Remove MMC.exe from My PC?

Yes, you can disable or remove the mmc.exe file from your computer. If your PC has a fake mmc.exe file, you can remove it by running an antivirus on your PC.

If your PC has a valid mmc.exe file, but you would wish to disable it;

Step 1: Launch the Task Manager.

Launch the Task Manager for MMC exe

Step 2: Click on Details on the files on your left, right-click on mmc.exe and choose End task.

MMC.exe Has a High CPU Usage

Normal operations of mmc.exe will not consume high CPU space. However, if the mmc.exe file running on your comp is not original, it may constantly run in the background, thus consuming high CPU storage.

Common Symptoms Associated with MMC.exe Virus Infection

  • I am finding the mmc.exe file in another location other than the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • Normal applications are no longer running swiftly.

Common Symptoms Associated with MMC exe Virus Infection

  • Task Manager constantly shows more than 50% CPU usage.

Task Manager constantly shows more than 50% CPU usage

  • The PC generally becomes sluggish.

PC generally becomes sluggish

Fix and Replace MMC.exe on Your PC

There are different ways of fixing a corrupt mmc.exe file. Here are the best;

  • Windows reinstallation:

Windows reinstallation

If the mmc.exe file problem is caused by a damaged Windows system, you should replace it with a new one. In most cases, this is the easiest way to fix mmc.exe issues. And this is because a new Windows OS comes with uncorrupt files, including the mmc.exe file. However, if you don’t want to reinstall Windows on your PC, try the next solution.

  • Using Check Disk Utility:

Using Check Disk Utility

You can fix or replace mmc.exe on your PC by running Check Disk Utility and scanning for problems. If there's any corrupt file, it will be repaired automatically or manually by following the prompts.

  • Using system file checker:

Using system file checker

A system file checker is an inbuilt tool for repairing and fixing corrupt system files. Open command prompt and type;

         DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth then hit Enter.

The command will scan your computer for corrupt files and try to fix them.

  • Scan your system with an antivirus program:

Scan your system with an antivirus program

If you’re not sure whether MMC.exe is causing any issues with your computer, it is best to scan your PC using an antivirus program. You can use Windows Defender or Malwarebytes to determine if there are any malicious programs affecting its performance. Besides, you also use a third-party antivirus program.