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10 Best On Page SEO Checkers for Website Audit & Analysis

Improve your website's search engine ranking and increase organic traffic with on-page SEO checkers. To discover the popular on-page SEO checkers, you can check the list in this article, and you will be provided with tools that provide valuable insights and recommendations for better on-page optimization.

Do you have website weaknesses and want to improve your rank? Well, worry less, as we have a solution for you since there are on-page SEO checkers that can assist in analysis and provide steps to improve your site. When you start using an On-page SEO checker, you can optimize individual web pages to improve search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

There are essential regular updates from Google, which sometimes affects the content on your web pages, so you will have to put your content based on changing trends and user needs. So for you to flow with the trend, you need to use SEO which is an ongoing process, and go with the trends and updates.

This article will dive in and see some common features and functionalities that an on-page SEO checker tool may provide. Here is a list of On page SEO checker tools that you can use so that they analyze and optimize your web pages.

1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Overview

Ahref it's a free SEO checker that you can use to check your website's SEO performance, provide you with analysis, and helps you to fix your website so that you can have more organic traffic. People love Ahref because the search engine optimization checker offers a comprehensive SEO suite and an SEO toolbar. Providing this SEO will help you analyze on-page SEO factors of any web pages you visit by providing keywords content, backlink data, and many more.

Since it is free SEO checker, you must sign up and get full access to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT), which will enable you to get the limitations of Google Search Console and fill their gaps. Using the Ahrefs SEO toolbar, you can monitor your SEO health, see keywords that bring you traffic, and know your backlinks.


SEMRUSH Overview

If you want to improve your website by getting the best SEO ideas to build your site today and get ranked because of your great content, then SEMRUSH is the on-page SEO checker you can go for. Using SEMRUSH, if you have your existing site, it will do a deep analysis of the site and give you the factors hindering your website's performance. So it doesn't only give the problems of your site but also gives you actionable recommendations on how to improve your website based on data.

Another feature that is also important for your site is that SEMRUSH SEO can review an in-depth comparison between your site and the competitors on top of you. You will gain a detailed analysis report of them and understand what to do right to achieve at the top.

To rank high, this on-page SEO tool collects fresh ideas you can use in your sites, including Content ideas, Strategy ideas, Semantic ideas, Backlinks ideas, SERP features ideas, Technical SEO ideas, and User experience ideas.

3. IONOS SEO Checker

IONOS SEO Checker Overview

Another On-page SEO checker you can use Is the IONOS SEO Checker, which is used mostly to test your site optimization and enhance your site for better search performance. The good thing about SEO Checker is that it is free for any user and is a very user-friendly site. Whenever you use the SEO test in the IONOS SEO checker, you will only need to enter the URL or link of your site in the SEO site checkup. You will have a full analysis of your site in the following areas Social media SEO, Off-page SEO backlinks, Responsive web design, and On-page SEO content and technical.

With the assessment done through the SEO checker, you will be able to know if your website meets the full requirements of search engines like Google and Bing. More so, you will learn what you can begin or continue optimizing for search when you have the vital data. So using IONOS, you are guaranteed a free SEO website analysis, instruction on optimizing your web pages, and appearance on top search when people search.

4. Sitechecker

Sitechecker Overview

Sitechecker is another on-page SEO checker which focuses on searching performance on a website performance, forecasting, reporting, insights, and alerting. This SEO has a search bar where you can enter your website's domain name and press the get started button. It is just easy. Therefore if you have inserted your web address, the site checker will start to monitor internal and external changes that affect your site's organic search traffic, technical health, revenue, and conversions.

This site is a trusted on-page SEO checker by brands and governments who use it and mostly worldwide. Therefore, this platform will help your sites grow and run to engage more organic traffic. If you have a brand, expect your site to get full insights on protecting your organic search and growing your traffic. Sitechecker has tools like Site Monitoring, Site Audit, and Rank Tracker, which put all the data they get from a site and combine the data from other data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to give a detailed analysis of your webpages.

Also, Sitecheckers provides daily analysis of changes happening on your website ranking, backlinks, or content, and therefore, it provides you with personalized step instructions for SEO.

5. PageOptimizer Pro(POP)

PageOptimizer Pro Overview

PageOptimizer Pro is a powerful On page SEO checker that provides free SEO site analysis of the web page entered and shows how the website pages compete with other website competitors. Working with POP is very simple as you just need to enter the keyword you want to be ranked and add the URL in the SERPs, and lastly, select the target regions to have the full analysis of your web page. As we all know, google use algorithm to make a meaningful ranking of websites based on specific keywords. So all this maths is used where Google checks if the webpage meets the on-page signal that Google uses to measure ranking the top sites. Therefore PageOptimizer is a great SEO tool that helps you to outrank the other sites by providing discoveries of search results.

POP also provides your web page's optimization score by checking your site against other top ten competitors ‘ pages. So the analysis you will get from the optimization score is how well your page is optimized and what keywords to use if you want to rank high in Google. I recommend using this free POP trial offered for the site, and you'll get personalized step-by-step instructions on how to get your web pages ranked high. To alert you, the POP has a 7days trial for a free trial, and from there, you will have to subscribe to it to get the SEO services.

6. Moz On-Page Grader

Moz On-Page Grader Overview

Moz is also a great On-site SEO checker, which offers an on-page grader tool that will provide insights into how well your web page is optimized for specific keywords and even gives you suggestions on how to improve your on-page SEO elements. Moz has a free 30 days trial which is given before you start subscribing to other pro accounts.

To use this on-page grader, you will first enter the website address and specific keywords to be searched, and you will eventually get the web page optimization score. Moz has some recommendations that give you to improve your ranking, and these include; quickly gauging page strength, receiving prioritized checklists, and providing ways to tackle page issues.

7. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin Overview

If your website uses WordPress, which most bloggers use, we have the Yoast SEO plugin, a popular user choice for on-page SEO optimization. When using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can achieve real-time content analysis, readability scores, and suggestion instructions to improve your content SEO. It is a popular WordPress SEO plugin with over 13 million users using it and is happy with the services offered.

To get started with Yoast SEO, you must purchase the Yoast SEO Premium plugin, which costs $99 annually. Your webpage using Yoast SEO will enable it to have traffic of organic visitors from Google and social media sites and provide guidelines on how to do the SEO. The tools provided for SEO will ensure your site meets the highest standards of technical SEO for your web page. There is a Yoast SEO academy where you can learn complimentary SEO courses.

8. Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math SEO Plugin Overview

If you use WordPress sites, another popular WordPress SEO plugin you can use is Rank Math which offers a built-in on-page SEO checker. Optimizing your content for target keywords helps a lot in your web pages. Provides content insights and analysis readability. Rank Math has enabled every website owner to access SEO tools that can help them improve their website SEO to eliminate the website's weaknesses and gain more organic traffic.

Some features you can get when using Rank Maths are;

  • Intelligence Recommendation.
  • Smart Link Suggestions
  • Using AI to write content that is SEO optimized.
  • Extra Keyword info
  • Full control via Role Manager.
  • Intelligent Question
  • Dynamic keywords
  • Related Keywords.

Rank Math SEO plugin is one of the best tools for SEO, which has beaten other competitors in this SEO since its exclusive features are one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress.

9. Google Search Console

Google Search Console Overview

For users who want a free tool that Google provides, you can use the Google Search Console. This SEO tool enables you to monitor and optimize your web pages in the Google search results provided. Since it doesn't offer a specific on-page SEO checker, it provides valuable data on keywords, impressions, and click-through rates which can assist you in optimizing your content.

Using the search Console tools and report can assist the website user in measuring the search traffic and performance of the site, which gives a detailed page analysis. Also, it recommends the website's weakness, which makes it not on the top search, fixes the issues, and provides instructions to make your website shine in the Google search results. You can start now, and you will be provided with some queries which will attract more traffics to your site, and your content will be optimized. You will also learn things about how Google Search sees your web page and how Google's algorithm can favor you.

10. Ryte Website Checker

Ryte Website Checker Overview

Another on-page SEO checker we can use is the Ryte Website Checker. This tool offers a website checker feature that enables you to analyze your web pages deeply. Its on-page SEO analysis feature enables you to identify and fix on-page issues that affect your search engine rankings. So whenever you want a quick free online tool for webpages audit, consider using Ryte.

To improve your overall web page performance, Ryte provides holistic data for your website's analysis, optimization, and monitoring. So for you to leverage your website performance, three modules Ryte has to include Content Success, Search Success, and  Website Success. Content Success ensures you have a prosperous brand by analyzing, monitoring, and writing great content. Search Success ensures your web page becomes visible to anyone interested in your niche. Lastly, Website success enables the entire website to be analyzed so technical errors can be discovered and optimize the website's potential.


Q. What is an on-page SEO checker?

It is an SEO tool that evaluates individual web pages to determine how well they are optimized for search engines. This SEO checker analyzes the web pages on various on-page factors such as content, keywords, meta tags, internal linking, and other elements to provide suggestions for improving page visibility and ranking in search engine results.

Q. How does an on-page SEO checker work?

It uses Google algorithms to analyze the HTML code and content of the webpage. They are specific on-page factors they look for since they influence your web page to rank the search engine. The tools for the on-page checker can identify the issues, highlight improvement areas, and offer recommendations to optimize your web page.

Q. Are on-page SEO checkers free to use?

There are some on-page SEO checkers which provide a free version that has limited features, while they are others that require a subscription so that you can access the full advanced functionalities. Always look for tools that align with your needs; checking on the budget that fits you is essential.

Q. What are the benefits of using an on-page SEO checker?

You can get many benefits as a website owner when using on-page checkers; these include identifying optimization opportunities, improving page rankings, enhancing user experience, and increasing organic traffic to the website.

Q. Can on-page SEO checkers guarantees top rankings in search engines?

An on-page SEO checker is not guaranteed to rank your web page at the top of search engines. To achieve a high ranking some factors can hinder your page from getting a high ranking, including domain authority, backlinks, competition, and overall quality of the website content.


To achieve a higher website ranking, you can incorporate the on-page SEO checkers as part of your overall strategy, which can greatly benefit your website performance. The above On-page SEO checkers mentioned above, you can try one which fits your needs and budget so that you can benefit when your web pages rank at the top in the search engine results. However, the on-page SEO checker can assist your website to be ranked high it also needs to be aware of other factors that can affect the ranking of your website.