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Proxy Seller Depth Review 2024 (Pricing & Features)

Explore the comprehensive review of top proxy providers, including ProxySeller. Discover the strengths, weaknesses, and key features to help you choose the best proxy service for your individual or business needs. Covering performance, security, user experience, and value, this definitive guide empowers you to make an informed decision on the ideal proxy solution.

In the ever-evolving landscape of online privacy and security, the proxy service market has become increasingly crowded, with a multitude of providers vying for the attention of individuals and businesses alike. Amidst this competition, ProxySeller, a Cyprus-based company founded in 2014, has established itself as a veteran player in the industry, initially focusing on the Eastern European market before expanding its global reach.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into ProxySeller's proxy offerings, scrutinizing the provider's performance, security features, user experience, and overall value proposition. By the end of this analysis, you will be equipped with the knowledge to determine whether ProxySeller's proxy solutions are the right fit for your online needs.

Proxy Network Offerings

At the core of ProxySeller's service portfolio are its four distinct proxy network types, each catering to a specific set of user requirements

1. Datacenter Proxies (IPv4 and IPv6)

Datacenter Proxies for Proxy Seller in IPv4

ProxySeller's flagship product, the datacenter proxies, is sourced from approximately 50 locations across five continents. These proxies offer a high degree of flexibility, with minimal limitations on how they can be utilized.

Datacenter Proxies for Proxy Seller in IPv6

2. ISP (Static Residential) Proxies

Datacenter Proxies for Proxy Seller in ISP Proxy

Resembling the datacenter proxies in many ways, ProxySeller's ISP (or static residential) proxies originate from fewer locations but provide enhanced effectiveness for certain use cases, albeit at a higher price point.

3. Residential Proxies

Datacenter Proxies for Proxy Seller in Residential Proxy

A more recent addition to ProxySeller's lineup, the residential proxies are believed to be a resold solution, as the provider does not disclose the specific sourcing details.

4. Mobile Proxies

Datacenter Proxies for Proxy Seller in Mobile Proxy

ProxySeller also offers mobile proxies, which are essentially dedicated devices with SIM cards, making them best suited for tasks that require fewer simultaneous connections.

This diverse array of proxy types allows ProxySeller to cater to a wide range of user needs, from individual internet users seeking to bypass content restrictions to enterprises requiring robust, scalable proxy solutions.

Performance and Security

When it comes to proxy services, performance, and security are paramount considerations. ProxySeller's proxy networks have been put to the test, and the results paint a mixed picture.

Performance-wise, the datacenter and ISP proxies have demonstrated reliable and consistent connection speeds, with minimal impact on overall internet responsiveness. However, the residential and mobile proxy offerings have not been as thoroughly evaluated, and their performance may vary depending on the specific use case.

In terms of security, ProxySeller employs industry-standard encryption protocols and maintains a strict no-logs policy, ensuring that users' online activities and personal information remain confidential. The provider also offers advanced features like Tor integration and split-tunneling capabilities, further enhancing the overall security and privacy of its proxy solutions.

It's worth noting that while ProxySeller's security measures are commendable, the lack of transparency around the sourcing of its residential proxies raises some concerns. Without clear information on the provider's vetting and monitoring processes for these proxies, users may need to approach the residential offering with a heightened degree of caution.

Navigating User Experience

The user experience is a crucial aspect of any proxy service, as it can significantly impact the overall value proposition and ease of use. ProxySeller's user experience is somewhat of a mixed bag, with both strengths and areas for improvement.

The provider's dashboard offers a centralized platform for managing various aspects of the proxy service, including subscription management, usage tracking, and API access. The dashboard's integration with the ProxySeller website is a noteworthy feature, allowing users to access real-time notifications and updates without leaving the platform.

One of the standout features of ProxySeller's user experience is the flexibility and variety of payment options, including cryptocurrencies. This level of payment diversity caters to the needs of a broad user base, from individual users to larger enterprises.

However, the proxy management interface within the dashboard could use some refinement. The display of proxy types and the exporting of proxy lists can be confusing, with some usability issues that may frustrate users.

Additionally, the usage tracking capabilities of ProxySeller's dashboard are somewhat limited, with varying levels of detail and clarity depending on the proxy type. This lack of comprehensive usage reporting may be a concern for users who require robust analytics to monitor and optimize their proxy usage.

Commitment to Customer Support

Proxy Seller Customer Support

In the world of proxy services, responsive and knowledgeable customer support can make all the difference, especially when users encounter technical challenges or have questions about the service.

ProxySeller's customer support efforts appear to be satisfactory, with the provider offering a range of contact channels, including live chat, messaging platforms, and email. During our evaluation, the support team responded promptly to inquiries, though the initial troubleshooting suggestions were not always directly relevant to the specific issues at hand.

Despite this minor hiccup, the support team was ultimately able to address the concerns and provide a satisfactory resolution. The provider's offer of remote assistance for proxy setup is also a valuable addition, catering to users who may require more hands-on support.

Additionally, ProxySeller offers a comprehensive knowledge base, including an FAQ section and a regularly updated blog with detailed configuration guides. This extensive documentation can be a valuable resource for users seeking to troubleshoot issues or optimize their proxy usage independently.

Pricing & Features

1. Pricing

Proxy-Seller offers budget-friendly pricing and flexible rental periods, catering to various user needs. Unlike some providers offering access to proxy pools, Proxy-Seller operates on a per-proxy payment model, with prices determined by factors such as IP version (IPv4 or IPv6), location, and rental duration, ranging from one week to a year. For example, an IPv4 proxy in the United States designed for Twitter access is priced at $1.84, with lower rates available for weekly rentals and significant discounts for larger quantities or longer durations. Check out this table for reference

Proxy Type Datacenter Proxies ISP Proxies Residential Proxies Mobile Proxies
Price Per Proxy $1.50 $5 $10 $15
Price Per GB $5 $10 $15 $20

In terms of payment options, Proxy-Seller supports a wide range of methods, including PayPal, QIWI, VISA, MasterCard, YandexMoney, BitCoin, and PerfectMoney USD/EUR, ensuring convenience for users worldwide. Additionally, the company offers a refund policy allowing users to request a full refund within 24 hours of payment if they are dissatisfied with the IP quality. However, due to the short window provided for refunds, users are advised to promptly test the proxies upon purchase to ensure their quality before the refund period expires.

2. Features

Let us explore some of the features offered by Proxy-Seller:

Proxy Seller Features

  • Proxy-Seller sets itself apart from other providers with its expansive network, boasting over 100 networks and 300 distinct subnets. This diversity ensures that your proxies remain shielded from subnet bans, enhancing their reliability.
  • In addition to standard IPv4 IPs, Proxy-Seller offers proxies utilizing IPv6 IPs, which are typically more cost-effective. However, it's important to note that IPv6 proxies may not be compatible with all proxy use cases.
  • Proxy-Seller prides itself on its robust customer support system, featuring an informative FAQ page addressing common queries. Users can also directly contact the support team via email or live chat on the website for prompt assistance with any proxy-related issues.
  • Proxies from Proxy-Seller come with unlimited bandwidth usage and allow for an unrestricted number of concurrent threads and device connections, although excessive threading may result in reduced connection speeds.
  • Another notable feature of Proxy-Seller is its impressive connection speed, facilitated by high-quality servers utilizing a 1GB/s internet channel.
  • Users dissatisfied with the quality of the IPs purchased from Proxy-Seller can request replacements or receive a full refund within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Proxy-Seller offers proxy support for 20 countries, enabling access to geotargeted content worldwide. This extensive coverage contributes to the varying number of subnets available and enhances the service's versatility.

Proxy Seller Protocol

Strengths and Limitations of Proxy Solutions

ProxySeller's proxy solutions demonstrate a mix of strengths and limitations, making the provider a suitable choice for certain user segments while potentially falling short for others.

Below are the key strengths and limitations of ProxySeller's proxy solutions

  • Robust datacenter and ISP proxy networks providing reliable and consistent connection speeds
  • Commitment to security and privacy, employing industry-standard encryption and a strict no-logs policy
  • User-friendly dashboard with website integration, flexible payment options, and responsive customer support
  • Caters to both individual users and enterprise-level customers with diverse proxy network offerings
  • Lack of transparency around the sourcing and vetting of the residential proxy offering, raising security and privacy concerns
  • The proxy management interface within the dashboard can be confusing, with usability issues around proxy type display and proxy list exporting
  • Limited usage tracking capabilities, with varying levels of detail and clarity depending on the proxy type
  • May not be the best fit for users with more sophisticated proxy requirements or a need for comprehensive usage reporting and analytics

As with any proxy service, it is essential to carefully evaluate ProxySeller's offerings against your specific needs and preferences, weighing the provider's strengths and limitations to determine if its proxy solutions are the right choice for your online endeavors.

Global Expansion and Market Positioning

Since its inception in 2014, ProxySeller has grown from a regional player focused on the Eastern European market to a globally oriented proxy provider. The company's expansion efforts have been driven by its ability to adapt to the evolving needs of both individual users and enterprise-level clients.

One of the key factors contributing to ProxySeller's success has been its diversification of proxy network offerings. By catering to a wide range of proxy types, from datacenter and ISP proxies to residential and mobile options, the provider has positioned itself to cater to a diverse customer base, each with unique proxy requirements.

Additionally, ProxySeller's investment in customer support and the development of user-friendly tools and documentation has helped to solidify its reputation as a reliable and accessible proxy service provider. The provider's active presence on social media, community forums, and its own frequently updated blog further reinforces its commitment to engaging with its user base and addressing their evolving needs.

While ProxySeller may not have the same level of global reach or brand recognition as some of the industry's largest players, its steady growth and adaptability within the proxy market suggest that the provider is well-positioned to continue its expansion and compete effectively with its competitors.


Q. Is ProxySeller a good value for the price?

ProxySeller's proxy offerings fall within the mid-range of the market, with a pricing model that caters to both individual users and enterprise-level customers. The provider's flexible plan options, including the ability to top up account balances and the availability of dedicated IP addresses, contribute to the overall value proposition.

However, the lack of comprehensive usage tracking and reporting capabilities may be a concern for users who require more granular insights into their proxy consumption and performance.

Q. Who is ProxySeller best suited for?

ProxySeller's proxy services are best suited for users or organizations with relatively straightforward proxy needs, who prioritize a balance of performance, security, and cost-effectiveness. The provider's robust datacenter and ISP proxy networks, coupled with its commitment to security and privacy, make it a compelling option for these users.

For those with more complex or specialized proxy requirements, or heightened security concerns, alternative providers in the market may offer a better fit.

Final Thoughts

In the ever-evolving online privacy landscape, selecting the right proxy provider is crucial. ProxySeller's offerings demonstrate a mix of strengths and limitations, making it a suitable choice for certain users while potentially falling short for others. The provider's robust datacenter and ISP proxy networks, secure features, user-friendly dashboard, and flexible payment options are compelling, but shortcomings in proxy management, limited usage tracking, and lack of transparency around residential proxies may be dealbreakers for users with more sophisticated requirements or heightened security concerns. Ultimately, thoroughly evaluating ProxySeller's strengths and limitations against your specific needs and risk tolerance is key to determining if their proxy solutions are the right fit. As the proxy market continues evolving, staying informed and adaptable is essential to ensuring you have the most effective and secure proxy service to meet your changing online requirements.