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8 Easy Methods to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0

Have you encountered the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0? Recently, numerous PS4 users have constantly reported Error Code WS-37398-0 as they try to access its network. However, there is nothing wrong with your console. Read on as we feature more of its details and learn 8 Ways to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0.

What is PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0

Fix PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0

Do not panic when the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0 occurs, as it does not arise from the user's end. What may be troubling you is the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0, and what triggers it? When the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0 appears, PlayStation Network servers are down. You can't sign into and access online games and features. Now that it's a server-related issue, how do you solve it? Keep reading.

Sincerely there is nothing much you can do to resolve the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0 from your end. Wait until the PlayStation Networks are up and running again. However, check if other PlayStation Networks are experiencing the server outage issue whenever the error occurs.

Follow these procedures to check and fix the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0:

1. Check the PlayStation Network Status

Check the PlayStation Network Status

Once you have encountered the PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0, go to the link to check the current status of the network. Visiting the connection every few minutes helps establish when the servers are back up and running smoothly.

2. Check the Down-detector Website

Check the Down-detector Website

The down detector link will help you establish if there is a server outage or if the servers are facing other interruptions. Unlike the previous link, the down detector does not indicate whether the problem has been resolved. You can use this to see if other individuals are experiencing the same issues as you.

However, click on the Login, Server Connection, Purchase, or Something Else buttons to send support a message on the problem you're having. It's a good idea because it'll bring attention to the issue while updating the issue occurrence graph.

3. Check PlayStation's Social Media Platforms

AskPlayStation and the official PlayStation

We all know that the error code WS-37398-0 can't be fixed by yourself. When an issue has recently occurred, you can report it on Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook to get the word out. Sony will be alerted if a large number of users report the problem. There are numerous PlayStation social media accounts, such as @AskPlayStation and the official PlayStation Twitter account.

4. Use the PlayStation Repair Diagnostics Tool

Use the PlayStation Repair Diagnostics Tool

If you discover that the PlayStation Network servers are up and running correctly, you still encounter the error code WS-37398-0. Then there must be an issue that requires to be fixed. Check the repair diagnostic tools via the link. Via the link, you will establish the problem associated with the error if the servers are online. Do this:

Step 1: Access the link.

Step 2: Choose your console.

Step 3: Follow the instructions below and report your connection issue to diagnose the problem.

Step 4: Once the diagnosis is complete, you will receive recommendations on potential solutions.

5. Restart your PS4 console

Restart your PS4 console

Restarting your console troubleshoots the device, which may help resolve the issue. Just turn your console off and then back on again.

6. Change your Routers DNS

Change your Routers DNS

Changing your router's DNS may help resolve the issue. Do this:

Step 1: Open the router DNS, which may read as “PRIMARY:″ ” and “SECONDARY:”.

Step 2: Go ahead and replace it with the google DNS “PRIMARY:″ ” and “SECONDARY:”.

Step 3: Restart your router and PS4 console.

7. Update to the latest software version

Update to the latest software version

To sign in to the PlayStation Network, your device must operate under the latest software version. To update your software, do this:

Step 1: Ensure that your console is connected to the internet.

Step 2: Go to settings and then System Software Update.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen procedures to download and install the update once a software update is available.

8. Contact the PlayStation Support Team

Contact the PlayStation Support Team

The best way to raise awareness about WS-37398-0 errors is to contact the firm directly. It's easy to pinpoint what exactly brought this issue here. The support team should be able to tell you what to do next.

Otherwise, once Sony receives a complaint about the issue, they will work to resolve it. Contact PlayStation Support through the link. Or call 800 345-SONY (7669) to speak to support personnel from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM PT.


The PS4 Error Code WS-37398-0 can't be fixed by a user, as we've learned. Error code WS-37398-0 will be resolved as soon as the servers are back online. As soon as you've signed back into your PlayStation Network account, you'll be able to play your previous games.

There is no alternative except to wait for Sony to fix the problem. Till then, use the above methods to report and check the extent of the issue.