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6 Best PSN Name Checkers [Availability ID] in 2024

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is arguably the largest gaming network in the world with over 110 million users worldwide. What this also means is that there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of usernames stored on it and so it is safe to say that no matter how unique you think the username one comes up with, there is a high chance it has already been used in different variations by different people.

This might make it a bit difficult and, quite frankly, frustrating when you try to come up with a username as a new user, and this is where PSN name checkers come into play. Mostly provided by third-party services, these tools help make things a little bit easier when you want to open a new PSN account. PSN Name checkers allow you to check for available usernames on the PlayStation Network, with some even going so far as to generate unique, personalized username suggestions that you can relate to.

So, here are some of the tools that can be used to check for available usernames before you set about opening your PSN account and creating your PSN Online ID


This is one of the easiest tools to check username availability. All you need to do is type in your preferred username, and it will come out with results that will show if it is available to use or not. One great thing about this checker is that it lets you know, first of all, if your preferred usernames meet the PSN criteria- starts with a letter, have no spaces, between 3-16 characters, and Only letters, digits, underscores & hyphens – before you can search for availability. This is great as it brings to your awareness the accepted username style on the network.


  • Allows you to check if your preferred username is available
  • Lets you know if your username style is acceptable on the PlayStation Network
  • Shows what other users are searching for



This ID checker is great to use and will help you confirm if a username is available for use, only requiring you to type in the desired username in the search box to check its availability. If a username is available for use, a message in green pops up under the search bar stating it is available for registration and can be used; this turns red, however, in cases where the username has been used by another user.


  • Notifies you of username availability

3. Spinxo PSN NAME Checker

Spinxo PSN NAME Checker overview

This is an excellent tool for username searches with a unique feature that not only lets you know if a username is available or not but also gives suggested usernames related to your interests.

With this name checker, you input your name or nickname, hobbies, state if you want letters or numbers, click spin, and automatically generate a username. JUST LIKE THAT!

It can also automatically add keywords.

It not only generates personalized usernames, but you can also check if the suggested name is available for use.


  • Suggests unique usernames that are related to your interests
  • It helps you check if the generated username is available
  • Provides a variety of usernames to pick from

4. GitHub PSN Name Checker

GitHub PSN Name Checker overview

You've probably heard of GitHub. You may download the documents and put them together, regardless of your experience with the application. You can determine whether your desired username is usable by simply downloading the files and running them.

To determine if a certain name is accessible for usage, visit the path to the wordlist.txt file. There should be a line between each of the PSN names.

Additional files include the optional path to the output.txt file. It may be utilized if you wish to export each valid PSN to a separate file. The username has been verified before this. This is an excellent method for finding out if a specific PSN account username is available.


  • Without having to sign into the website and submit and request for a change of name, a python script can easily verify whether a PSN username is available.

5. Generator mix PSN Name Generator

Generator mix PSN Name Generator overview

This tool is a random PSN name generator and helps curate PlayStation Network usernames that will set you apart from the crowd.  It allows you to input your desired username, adds a suffix or prefix to it, and gives you different variations of the name that will be unique to you. You also have the option to get more random suggestions by mixing your username with unique characters like hyphens, numbers, and underscores.


  • Generates unique names at random
  • Can help add a variety of characters to your username

6. PlayStation Network homepage

Additionally, there is a technique to see if a particular name already exists on the PlayStation Network. However, to verify if a name is already taken, you must first register. If you are looking for someone else, this approach is sensible.

Consequently, once you have checked in for the first time, go to**** and input your desired name. The software will inform you that the username is “not available” if the name is already in use.

Users will be taken to the other person's profile if it is accessible. Start creating an account instead using your selected name. Rest assured that the username is secure if the account is established. If not, find another solution.


A gamer’s username is their most important commodity in the gaming world. Trying to come up with a one-of-a-kind name can be exhausting and time-consuming; this is why these name-checking tools are essential to get the stressful business of usernames out of the way so you can focus on the most important thing-having a blast while playing your favorite games.

These are but a few techniques you may employ to determine whether a particular PSN name is available or not. They are all efficient. To ensure you only got the greatest username, it would be beneficial if you were patient.

What else are you still searching for? Find the finest PlayStation Network Username right away. Take your time picking a name since it describes who you are.