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Single Parent Meet Review 2023: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Figuring out the dating game in today's volatile environment is hard enough: throw in the throes of raising children, and you have a recipe for disaster waiting to happen. While the act of balancing both can be straining on both your time and energy, it is the relationship dynamics that often end up getting you.

For one, many single parents fail to recognize that establishing a relationship in their situation is less like creating a love affair and more like creating and balancing a family.

When you have kids that predate a new relationship, both the union the kids enter a competition for your attention. Consequently, all you need is some insecurity from either party, and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
Another more subtle yet arguably more frustrating issue is the stigma you have to deal with as a single parent on the dating scene. With online dating, single parents often have to explain their status to every new potential connect, plus they risked being overlooked due to being single parents.

Thankfully, there is an easy fix for single parent dating stigma, and that is using single parent-only dating platforms.

While a single parents-only dating website cannot help you with balancing relationships and family life, they sure can help relieve some of the pressure single parents typically face on the dating scene.

Single parents-only platforms offer an accepting community where you don't have to justify your single parenthood but can focus instead on screening potential mates on their relationship viability.

Single Parent Meet: Online Dating Network for Single Parents

If you are ready to take a dive into the world on exclusive single parent online dating, Single Parent Meet is a good a place as any to start. With over 50,000 monthly visitors and a signup rate of over 1,000 new users daily, Single Parent Meet is the largest internet dating service that focuses exclusively on matching Single Parents.

As a single parent, finding that special someone that will accept and love both you and your kid can be tough to accomplish, especially in today's world of instantly gratifying dating apps.

However, with Single Parents, you can rest assured that you are joining a community of like-minded parents looking for the same thing you are seeking.

Furthermore, since the members of this service are in a similar situation as you, you don't have to worry about any stigma and lengthy explanations. Plus, it is significantly more comfortable for another single parent to understand the peculiarities of single parent dating and adjust accordingly.

As a single parent, whether you are seeking companionship, romantic relationships, or marriage, Single Parent Meet offers you a more convenient and targeted replacement for conventional dating sites like Match and eHarmony.

Who is Single Parent Meet For?

Being a single parent requires a lot of time and scheduling, and adding dating to the mix does not help your case one bit. Single Parent Meet is for those single parents that do not want to waste more time on regular dating platforms and want to get interacting with people who understand their situation and its peculiar requirements.

However, Single Parent Meet is not restricted solely to single parents. The platform gladly welcomes anyone, irrespective of their current status, who understand single parenthood and is willing to date single parents.

Whether you are seeking friendship, dating, or even something more serious, Single Parent Meet is a perfect place for hands-on parents to meet their match.

The age demographic for members of Single Parent Meet range from 18 to 55. Hence, irrespective of your age group, you are guaranteed to find plenty of potential mates that match your interests.
The platform is open to both heterosexual and same-sex unions. However, Single Parent Meet is only available to users in the US and Canada.

Single Parent Meet: Effectiveness

While you won't find any data online that reports the efficacy of the Single Parent Meet platform, the fact that this service is the largest in the single parents' niches speaks loads. With the site receiving over 50,000 unique visitors monthly, it is evident that Single Parent Meet is the preferred platform by single parents across the country.

Furthermore, browsing through user reviews from review aggregators, you will find a wealth of success stories from users of the platform, who found both companionship and long term relationships from the site.

Single Parent Meet Features


Design of Single Parent Meet
The Single Parent Meet website looks like something straight out of 2005: it is archaic, but it works. While the user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, we do think the platform could use a significant aesthetic overhaul if they want to create a more credible image.
However, on the flip side, the simple structure of the setup ensures that it is uncomplicated, and even people with low tech-savviness will have no issues using this site.

There are no in-your-face graphics, no popup features or advertisements, and no complicated site settings.
Single Parent Meet's navigation system is also straightforward and easy to follow. From the top of the user dashboard, you can access links to your inbox, the matches page, user settings, search functionality, and the Tokens page. Tokens are an in-platform currency that you can use to purchase extra features like secured calling and virtual gifts.

Getting Started

Unlike what you will get on other popular dating sites, the signup process on Single Parent Meet is straightforward and hassle-free. All you need to register for an account is a username, password, and email address.
Getting started with Single Parent Meet
Single Parent Meet is free to join, and you only need a premium account when you want to start sending messages.
Aside from the initial sign up process, everything else is left entirely in the hands of the end-user. You can decide how much of your details you wish to share on your profile.

Apart from necessary personal information, the only other required space in the user profile is an open “about me” session where you can define your story with up to 1500 words.
profile of Single Parent Meet
Other optional details you can provide on your profile include your personal and romantic interests and answers to several preset personality questions. Nevertheless, you can adjust any part of your profile, including the personality questions, whenever you want.

We like how easy it is to set up your profile on here and the optionality of several portions of your user profile. However, the flip side of this is that give users this amount of freedom will lead to many incomplete profiles.

A profile picture is mandatory on every user account. However, Single Parent Meet manually reviews your first profile picture; hence, you may need to wait a while before it shows up.
pictures of Single Parent Meet

Establishing Contact

Your options for meeting people on Single Parent Meet is either to reach out to your matches on the Match page or to use the search feature to seek out members that match your criteria.

With Single Parent Meet search, you can filter users by a host of attributes that include religion, distance from you, astrological sign, physique, online status, birth month, favorite activities, and lots more. Whatever specific feature you yearn for in a potential mate, Single Parent Meet search has an appropriate search query to match.

Once you locate a user profile you are interested in, you can add them to your favorites list, like their photos, or move on to initiate contact. Your options for establishing connections include sending flirts, instant messaging, or the ConnectMe secure calling feature. However, on flirts is available to free members, as you will have to coup a premium plan to enable proper communication channels.

Single Parent Meet: Pricing

Single Parent Meet offers a three-tiered subscription model that unlock the full capabilities of the platform, allowing you to send unlimited messages to any user on the platform. With a free account, however, you get access to all aspects of the platform except messaging.

Duration Price Per Month Total Cost
1 Month $16.99 $16.99
3 Months $13.02 $39.07
6 Months $7.64 $45.85

The plans offered by this platform are significantly cheaper than what you will find on most other popular dating platforms. However, you have to factor in the fact that you are paying for a significantly smaller user base than you will get on sites like Match. Nevertheless, we feel that the uniqueness of the population here makes it worth every penny.

Single Parent Meet Token Economy

In addition to the regular payment plan, Single Parent Meet implements a token economy on its platform that is available to both free and paid members. You can purchase tokens with credit and then use this token to activate special platform features like NotifyMe and PromoteMe.

Tokens Price
25 $0.99
110 $3.99
280 $9.99

Features you can purchase with Single Parent Meet tokens include:

PromoteMe (20 tokens): this feature boosts your profile to the top of search results for 60 minutes, making you more visible, and significantly increase your chances of receiving new messages.

NotifyMe (20 tokens): This feature alerts you whenever any of your matches come online, increasing your chance of establishing contact. Each NotifyMe purchase is valid for seven days.

Virtual Gifts (10-75 tokens): Virtual gifts are a great way of showing affection on the Single Parent Meet platform and are excellent ways to make someone feel special.

Single Parent Meet Pros and Cons


  • The premier dating site for single parents with the most extensive user base in the niche
  • Registration and search is completely free, allowing you to gain a feel for the platform before making any financial investments
  • Significantly cheaper subscription cost compared with most other dating platforms
  • The open-ended profile system is excellent for user expression
  • With secure calling feature that keeps your contact information protected
  • Multiple methods of interaction


  • Archaic user interface with redundant options
  • A lack of features and incentives compared with other premium dating platforms
  • Customer service is non-existent

Single Parent Meet Alternatives

Other popular niche sites that focus exclusively on Single Parents include:

  • Single Parent Love
  • Our Time
  • Elite Singles
  • Just Single Parents
  • Mom dates Dads

Single Parent Meet User Reviews

User reviews for Single Parent Meet are almost split equally between success stories singing the praises of the platform and users complaining about a lack of response from other users.

Reviews like this success story abound online:

We fell in love seven years ago, and everything started with single parents meet. We were very lucky. Now we have a daughter and happy relationship. so SingleParentMeet is not all bad.

Here is one negative review of note as well:

Just a terrible site the women on here ignore just like on all these sites have three or four kids all they do is come look at your profile view you read your messages then move on to the next profile you sign up you write 500 emails and get nothing in return Buyer beware they will also try to auto-renewal your credit card first thing they will do is get you all these responses from different women all over the country then once you pay for the membership to read those messages there is nothing in return.