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50 Small Forearm Tattoos for Men in 2023 [Ideas & Meanings]

Forearm tattoos are easy to notice, therefore, choose a design that you will feel confident with. Be creative and customize any of these 50 best small forearm tattoos to fit your taste.

Are you thinking of getting a forearm tattoo? Go ahead and choose a design that will boost the right confidence in you. Also, a tattoo should speak for you or what you value most.

The tattoo inspiration can come from your traveling escapades, favorite animal, signs, symbols, religious signs, artifacts, the weather, or even heavenly bodies. You shouldn't have any regrets about getting the tattoo.

The tattoo should also be unique to bring out the right attention. Here are some of the best 50 small forearm tattoos for males.

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1. Minimalistic design

Minimalistic design

If you love minimalistic designs, then this circle of words tattoo will work best for you. It brings out the, “I want a tattoo, but it shouldn’t seek too much attention from others”. It is a beautiful design fit for males who just want a small tattoo. Not only that, but it is stylish, classical, and attractive.

2. Animal design

Animal design

If you love animals, this design will work for you. It portrays a couple of animals interlinked together to form a beautiful tattoo. Regardless of your personality, the tattoo would make you look good. It will even boost your confidence based on the animals drawn on you.

3. Shape Signs small tattoo

Shape Signs small tattoo

If you are a fan of small signs or even horoscope signs, this would be the perfect small tattoo for you. It has a beautiful design that portrays a triangular-like cave with some hidden treasures. Well, it depends on how you interpret it, but it is a great pick for anyone.

4. Line crisscrossing tattoo

Line crisscrossing tattoo

Creativity is crucial if you want to get the best tattoo. What about crisscrossing tattoos? Would that work for you? Well, this is another small forearm tattoo you can try out. It all depends on your likes. At the end of the day, a tattoo that gives you the most confidence is the best.

5. Entangle triangles tattoo

Entangle triangles tattoo

If you are a shapes person, this small entangled triangle tattoo will work for you. You need a tattoo that is unique enough to spark the right attention when one sees it. You can choose the number of triangles that you need entangled, however, don’t overdo it.

6. Life arrow tattoo

Life arrow tattoo

This epic life tattoo can sweep anyone off their feet. It is like a heart cupid tattoo, but the cupid has been replaced by the word life. You can use any word of your choice based on your preference. What word sparks the most interest in you?

7. Half mask face

Half mask face

If you love horror movies or shows, this half-mask face would work for you. Instead of the monotonous full face, you can opt for a half-mask face. Therefore, you will have a suitable image to scare off anyone afraid of horror stuff. It is epic, right?

8. Bird tattoo

Bird tattoo

What’s your favorite bird? An eagle? An owl? A Vulture? Which bird? Well, guess what! You can use that as your forearm tattoo. You can then choose the color combination that you want for the tattoo. Be sure to be amazed by how it turns out.

9. Compass like tattoo

Compass like tattoo

If you love adventure, you probably know the importance of a compass in knowing your direction. Well, you can add a little touch to the compass to make it look epic. You just need to have a compass design in mind and leave the drawing work to the artist.

10. Blazing sun

Blazing sun

If you love nature, the blazing sun tattoo would work for you. The tattoo artist can help build up your creativity, but you need to have an idea of what you want. Therefore, if the sun amazes you, why not try out such a tattoo? Well, it is not exactly the sun, but shines bright as it, don’t you agree?

11. Like Like a King

Like Like a King

The “Live like a king” phrase would work best on your forearm. You can also add some male features like beards under it to illustrate the phrase plus a crown. If you believe you are  king, why not try out the tattoo? You will always feel confident when carrying on your daily activities. It is an admirable tattoo that even your tattoo artist will be proud to imprint on you.

12. 2 meeting hands

2 meeting hands

2 meeting hands tattoo is creativity beyond creativity. You can either have the same kind of hands or a male and female hand. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want to illustrate. It is an epic illustration that you will love.

13. Watchlike tattoo

Watchlike tattoo

If you are a fan of watches or belts, you can choose a tattoo design that illustrates the structure. It also has some great prints that you can use as the wristband illustration. Getting a tattoo requires you to get creative. You definitely wouldn’t want a boring tattoo, would you?

14. Word line tattoo

Word line tattoo

If you love poems or expressing yourself through words, this is the perfect tattoo for you. You can choose a phrase that you love most and get a spiral tattoo of it. It can be any phrase that you like as long as it depicts good things.

You wouldn’t want to start regretting after getting a tattoo. Would you? Be creative and choose the perfect phrase that defines you.

15. Overlapping Triangles

Overlapping Triangles

What about getting overlapping triangles tattoo? Well, it would look nice on you. You just need to a few triangles to prevent making it look too crowded.

Three overlapping triangles would do or just four. At the end of the day, it is up to you. How would you want it?

16. Eagle estimate tattoo

Eagle estimate tattoo

If you are a fan of the eagle, you can spice it up with some measurement signs or just something else exciting to look at. It can have the meaning of how the eagle can see from a very far distance if it wants to catch its prey.

You can be creative on how you would want it to look. Your tattoo artist will be glad to design something jaw-breaking for you.

17. Nature with trees

Nature with trees

If you are a fan of nature, then you can consider a tattoo that features some trees and some hills or even water. It all depends on what you admire most in the environment. The natural environment is made up of stunning features that can fit perfectly in a tattoo.

18. Three inverted triangles

Three inverted triangles

This is another epic forearm tattoo that you can have. It includes three triangles with two shaded and one not. You can choose how you want the borders to look like for that epic finish. You will stay with a tattoo for a lifetime, so you need one you will be proud to show off.

19. Cross surrounded by flowers

Cross surrounded by flowers

Another epic tattoo design is a cross with some flowers on both signs. It is a perfect piece for a loved one who is deceased or even to show your appreciation for religion or any other personal reason you have for the tattoo. You can customize the tattoo to look as you wish.

20. Naturalistic design

Naturalistic design

Some tattoos have meanings. Therefore, if you are an environmentalist, you can consider showing your support for planting trees through a tattoo. The ecosystem depends on trees, and therefore it is the perfect pick for any tattoo lover.

21. Wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoo

What is your favorite animal? If it’s a wolf, then this should be the perfect pick for you. It is beautifully designed to bring out the hoarseness of the wolf. Will you turn during the full moon? Try out the tattoo and see for yourself.

22. X shape with letters

X shape with letters

Another creative tattoo design could be with the X letter with some initials surrounding it. It can either be the initials of your name or any other thing. It all depends on what you want to illustrate on your hand. You can also choose to use numbers. It might be for a memorable day or something else.

23. Sandy beach tattoo

Sandy beach tattoo

If you love going to the sandy beaches during holidays or when you want to relax, then this tattoo would work for you. It is a unique piece and if you are a fun lover, it will depict who you are perfectly. Going for vacations helps one to relax and have peace of mind. If that’s always your resort, you can consider the tattoo.

24. Chain with a cross

Chain with a cross

What's your favorite chain pendant? Well, you can have the chain with a cross pendant as your forearm tattoo. You just need to explain to the tattoo artist the kind of design you want. A tattoo stays for a lifetime so you better choose a design you won’t regret having.

25. King of the Jungle tattoo

King of the Jungle tattoo

The lion is the bravest animal in the jungle. Being the king of the jungle is not a joke. Therefore, you can consider having a lion-themed tattoo on your forearm. Each time you look at the tattoo, you will feel brave enough to face anything coming your way.

26. Aeroplane design tattoo

Aeroplane design tattoo

If you love traveling, why not show it using an airplane on your forearm? You just need to choose the size and wait for your tattoo artist to make the perfect illustration for it. You can also add some spice to it like a cloud or the sun or just something in the sky.

27. Phases of the moon tattoo

Phases of the moon tattoo

If you love the different phases of the moon, then getting a moon-like tattoo would be great for you. The moon changes in different seasons. Therefore, you can illustrate the different phases or even the planets of the world as they revolve around the sun. Just be creative on how you want it to look.

28. Pendant tattoo

Pendant tattoo

What’s your favorite chain pendant? Were you given a chain by someone special? Why not draw that special pendant on your hand? You will always remember that special person by just looking at the pendant.

29. Sunset tattoo

Sunset tattoo

If you love how the sun sets, then getting a sunset tattoo would be suitable for you. It can either be as the sun rises or the sun sets. The sun's rays are beautiful and having such on your forearm would look great. Just imagine such an inspirational tattoo on your hand. It is also an ideal minimalistic design.

30. Bleeding lion tattoo

Bleeding lion tattoo

Who said that because the lion is the king of the jungle, he can’t be hurt? Well, you can also have a tattoo of a bleeding lion. It can also metaphorically mean what you feel at the moment or send a certain message to people. It is a great tattoo that would fit well on your forearm.

31. Pierced flowers

Pierced flowers

a Another epic tattoo would be a pierced flower. It doesn’t necessarily need to be pierced by a sword, but by a tool that shows the flower is being defeated. Your reason for having the tattoo can be personal.

32. Snake tattoo

Snake tattoo

Another epic tattoo can be of a snake. Even though snakes are associated with different things, your reason might be unique for having them. It can also be for another type of animal that you want.

33. Skeleton with a crown

Skeleton with a crown

How about a skeleton feature with a crown? If you are into horror and thriller movies, then this tattoo would work for you. However, it requires a well-experienced tattoo artist to make the design look as epic as in the picture.

34. Love like you are not.

Love like you are not

What’s your favorite phrase? Then you can use that for your forearm tattoo. The phrase “Love like you are not” is a great one for anyone. You can also be creative enough to choose another phrase that you will love.

35. Circle patterned tattoo

Circle patterned tattoo

A great thing about circles is that they can be designed to create very amazing designs. You can choose to have three patterned circles as your forearm tattoo. It is an epic tattoo, that people will admire.

36. Moon and sun tattoo

Moon and sun tattoo

If you want to have complementary tattoos with your friend, partner, or family member, why not choose the sun and the moon? They are also a minimalistic choice for you.

37. Year, flower, and phrase tattoo

Year, flower, and phrase tattoo

What about having your year of birth imprinted on your hand, together with a flower and your favorite phrase? Well, that’s another tattoo design. You can also choose a date that you would never want to forget.

38. Lion with a flower

Lion with a flower

Another epic forearm design would be a lion with a flower. If you get a good artist, they can create a great design based on what you like. It will look epic, and you will always smile as you look at your forearm.

39. Timetravel tattoo

Timetravel tattoo

What if we could travel back to a previous time or a previous moment? Well, you can use that as a tattoo inspiration and have a clock-like tattoo on your forearm. It will be an epic scene that your friends or family will be amazed to look at. You never know, even strangers may want to know how you came about such a beautiful tattoo. Will you manage to endure the stares of your epic tattoo? Try it then on your forearm.

40. Free yourself phrase

Free yourself phrase

Ever felt like you live in your cocoon without minding the external interferences, the “free yourself” phrase would work for you. You can also choose another epic design that can be added to the phrase to make it stand out. You aren't limited, to that, but you can think of something else.

41. Choice word tattoo

Choice word tattoo

In life, we make a lot of choices based on what lies ahead. Decisions you make are based on your choice. By looking at your forearm it will be a constant reminder of the choices you have to make in life and how you need to be firm when making them.

42. Unfinished bird tattoo

Unfinished bird tattoo

Another minimalistic tattoo you can consider is an unfinished bird tattoo. It can be of a bird or any other animal that you love most. Additionally, you can choose any other great thing you like and get your tattoo artist to make it unfinished. It brings out a unique and classical look.

43. Bible Verse

Bible Verse

If you are into religion, you can consider having your favorite bible verse on your forearm. It will be a constant reminder of the great verses that inspire you to move forward. It is the perfect thing to tattoo on your hand if you have strong faith. Furthermore, it can either be in small fonts or large fonts as a constant reminder of your favorite verse.

44. Forward-facing arrow

Forward-facing arrow

Another superb tattoo would be a forward-facing arrow. It can either face in front or even backward. It all depends on how you like it. Additionally, you can consider having other features surrounding it to give the arrow more weight. Choose what you like most.

45. Pentagon shapes together

Pentagon shapes together

If you love shapes, then this epic pentagon-shaped tattoo would work for you. It also resembles a plant and is well-surrounded. It also resembles jewels intersecting. Therefore, you can choose this as your tattoo.

46. Lion mane tattoo

Lion mane tattoo

Lions are beautiful creatures. Not only do they illustrate leadership but also braveness. There are various lion designs and this should be on your to-do list. Want to have a lion on your forearm for the rest of your life? Then this is perfect for you. You can choose whether you want a small lion or a big lion.

47. Shapes + Flowers

Shapes + Flowers

Different shapes are put together to form a beautiful structure. You can choose your best shape or horoscope sign and surround it with flowers or any other thing. It all depends on what you would want. A  tattoo lasts for a lifetime, so you better take your time as you choose.

48. Man Seated on the Moon

Man Seated on the Moon

Ever thought of how it would feel if you went to space and sat on the moon? Before that dream comes true, you can choose a tattoo design based on that. Even strangers will want to get a glimpse of it.

49. Clock design

Clock design

Clocks are important to tell us the time. At times, we may get caught up and not obey the time. It might be we extend at work or even get late for a meeting. If you want to be punctual or take time seriously, this would be a great forearm tattoo for you.

50. Tooth forearm tattoo

Tooth forearm tattoo

You can also consider having a tooth forearm tattoo. It might be that you value teeth, or it has a hidden meaning. At the end of the day, you need to choose a tattoo design that you will be proud of. You will always feel like wearing small-sleeved t-shirts and shirts so that everyone can see them.

Get The Best Small Forearm Tattoo

Tattoos last for a lifetime and if you are thinking of getting one, you need to choose one that you will always be proud of. These 50 small male forearm tattoo ideas are great for everyone.

However, be wise in choosing to ensure you have no regrets or even feel like removing it after a short while. Tattoos also help us remember special things, occasions, or events. Therefore, you can also consider that as a reason why you need to get a tattoo.