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10 Best Twitch Username Checker: Availability Check

If you don’t like your Twitch username, you will have to wait for 60 days for you to change it. Always be alert when choosing a Twitch username. Luckily, we have third-party websites that are Twitch username checkers that can help you to check the availability of specific usernames in the Twitch platforms.

Can you imagine the struggles of having to think of a simple, unique, and outstanding name on Twitch platform which has over 20 million active followers.This can be tiresome and time-consuming but worry less because we have a solution for you. We have the best and most effective Twitch username checkers to check for  you whether the name you want is available. Since Twitch can never tell you when the name you want is available, these checkers will greatly help as you constantly check for that name you want daily.

Everybody wants an eye-catching name for the audience that will leave Twitch users easily attracted to their channel. Since a good username attracts more attention, you will need an outstanding name to help you grow your Twitch channel. Consistency is key when creating a username, you will also need a name that you can use on your other social media platforms, and this will give your followers easy access to all your platforms.

Use this online tools to create a username for your Twitch account, and remember to try to have a unique and catchy username which is essential for content creators and viewers alike.

1. Brandsnag Twitch Username Checker

Brandsnag Twitch Username Checker

You will need a catchy name to grow your channel, and Brandsnag Twitch Username Checker will tell you if the name you picked is taken or not. Having a name with lots of signs and symbols can make it difficult for users to access your channel easily, so consider having a name that is easy but unique for easy access.One benefit of using  Brandsnag, you can check as many names as you want and know the name's availability.

On the Brandsnag Twitch username checker, if the name you are looking for is available, it tells you, “Success, we have a perfect username.” If it is not available, it says, “Oops, your username is not available”. Also, on Brandsnag, you can check your username availability on other social media platforms if you want to have the same name on other social platforms. You also don't need an account to use Brandsnag Twitch Username Checker, as it is free.

2. Streamweasels Twitch Username Checker

Streamweasels Twitch Username Checker

Streamweasels is a famous twitch username checker that has an easy interface where users can navigate easily. How it works you only have to input the name you want on the search box and wait for the results. If the username is available, there is a prompt message that will say it is “available” if not, it says “taken.” For you to have an ideal username, it should have at least four characters with no alphanumeric characters. This site is free, and you do not need an account to access it.

Twitch gives its users the ability to change their username after every 60 days. So many names are changing on the platform, so you must constantly check for the name you want and you will need to have Streamweasels Twitch username checker to check your preferred name. After a user changes their name on Twitch, its old name is released back to the pool after six months, where it is now available to be claimed by other Twitch users who may find it attractive to them.

3. Cactus Tool Username Checker

Cactus Tool Username Checker

Another Twitch username checker you can use is the Cactus Tool Username Checker, an unofficial website. This site helps you know whether the name you are searching for is available, though only 20 usernames per minute can be checked is allowed. This is due to abuse by automated behavior. The site has implemented a captcha security for username lookup limit to have possible legitimate users and eliminate the normally used bots.

Therefore, when using the Cactus platform, you can type in your preferred username and see if it is available. For instance, if it's available, You will get a prompt message “The username is available” If it's unavailable, you wil get a prompt of ” The username is not available”.

To set up your username, it must have a minimum of 4 characters and a maximum of 25 characters, and there is also a limitation on the non-alphanumeric letters to be used. Like many username checkers, you do not need an account to access this online tool.

4. Namechk Twitch Name Geerator

Namechk Twitch Name Geerator

If you want a Twitch username checker that is creative with name combinations and can find different usernames, then the Namechik Twitch name generator will be the best choice. This site is time-saving as it generates name suggestions based on keywords you might be interested in. Since the Twitch platform has huge traffic of users coming up, getting a new username is challenging. Still, the Namechk site helps you develop a unique username by combining two different names and creating one username and the target audience you want to attract.

Searching for a username is like searching for a business name that will help you grow your business. So having a name that will help sell your brand is of great consideration as the top most-streamed channels earn millions of dollars yearly. This site also helps you pick a name that is easy to remember and has the same username on your other social platforms for easy access. Instead of going through the pain of signing up for a Twitch account and finding that the name you wanted has been taken, you can freely access to Namechk Twitch name generator site.

5. Twitch Insights

Twitch Insights

This site is among the simplest and most unique Twitch username checkers to use. It is free to access this platform, as one does not have to register for an account. The unique part of this site is that one can see how many followers a Twitch user has.

If you input a username and it does not have a followers list, then the username is free to use. If you want to look up a username for followers, you must input the name on the checkbox to showcase the number of followers the username has. Most people have preferred this site due to its ability to showcase the followers of different Twitch users.

6. Generator Mix

Generator Mix

If you are looking for a Twitch username checker that allows you to use underscores or numbers, then the Generator Mix platform is the way to go. This platform is among the best username checkers as it suggests different names for one to use, and sure enough, those usernames are unique as there are no users with those names on Twitch. So if you need help with a nice name, consider using Generator Mix.

Using this site, you will enjoy its simplicity as it enables you to pick a name, word, or nickname as your username and use either numbers or underscores. Amazingly, you can input the number of usernames you want showcased and then pick the username of your choice. Get free access to the Generator Mix username checker; you do not need to sign up for an account to access the site.

7. GitHub Twitch User Checker

GitHub Twitch User Checker

You may feel GitHub is not your thing because of the coding involved in scripts, but that should be fine even if you have never heard of GitHub. You will use this Github Twitch User checker with the help of a code in a script written in node.js, enabling you to check if a certain username is available.

You may wonder where to enter the preferred username to get the results. That is essential reasoning since you only need to put the username in a section in the script, and you can execute and test it to see if the name is available. So whenever you execute the script, ensure all the usernames you have entered should be on their line.

8. SpinXO


SpinXO is another Twitch name generator where you can enter names, nicknames, or keywords to get Usernames that you can use on your Twitch channel. If you enter the names and don't see a perfect name, you can keep clicking the spin button until you finally find your ideal username.

The platform is user-friendly, and whenever the name you have entered is taken, you can make some changes by adding variations such as prefixes, suffixes, or extra characters. One effective way to use a username that is taken is by changing the first and last characters and replacing them with words that sound the same.

9. Replit


Replit is a multipurpose popular online platform that provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for coding and programming in various languages. Replit has a username checker that is mostly used to check usernames for Twitch, Steam, Fortnite, TikTok, and SoundCloud. To access the packed service, you must register an account to log in and access the Twitch Username checker.

So if you don’t want to register, you can also click the play button on your screen, where you will see code generating with instructions similar to CMD. You can select the four social media platforms (Tiktok, SoundCloud, Steam, Twitch), and select with numbers which platform you want to check the username. So here, you will input 4 (Twitch) and press enter, and a generation of usernames will be displayed with those available and those taken..

10. Google Chrome Extension Twitch Username Checker

Google Chrome Extension Twitch Username Checker

Using this Google Chrome extension, you can get a Twitch user id from a Twitch username and vice versa. This extension will assist you in converting Twitch usernames to user ids; by this, you will know if the username is invalid or valid.

The extension uses the Twitch API to pull out usernames by generating an access token. For security purposes, it is a good Twitch username checker as it can show the validity of the username.


Q. What is Twitch?

It is a live-streaming platform mainly focusing on video game streaming and esports events. So, Twitch account users can broadcast their gameplay where viewers interact with the streamer through real-time chat, and from there, the streamer will gain followers who will be interested in the streamer's content.

Q. What is my Twitch ID?

Twitch ID is your unique identifier that is associated with your Twitch account. To find out your Twitch id, you must log into your account, and on the top right of your homepage, you can click on your profile picture. On the dropdown, select profile setting, and your Twitch ID will be displayed along with your other account details.

Q. Does Twitch show your username?

Yes, the Twitch platform normally displays your username on chats, your channel, and when interacting with other users. Your username is always visible to other users when you chat in channels, follow or subscribe to other streamers, and participate in Twitch Community.

Q. Is Twitch free to use?

You don't need fees to create a new Twitch account and watch live streams. However, we have optional subscription plans called Twitch Subscriptions and Twitch Turbo that offer additional benefits for viewers and streamers at a monthly fee.

Q. Is the Twitch Username Checker an official Twitch service?

No, it is not an official service provided by Twitch. It is just a third-party tool or website that assists users in checking username availability easily.

Q. Is the Twitch Username Checker always accurate?

Accuracy for Twitch Username Checker normally depends on its functionality and how up-to-date it is with the Twitch servers. It is always good to double-check the name achieved from the platform and confirm them directly on the official Twitch platform to clear any doubt you may have.

Q. Are there any restrictions on Twitch usernames?

Yes, Twitch has some guidelines and restrictions for usernames. You are not allowed to use usernames that contain offensive language, impersonate someone else, or violate Twitch's terms of service.


As we all know, the guideline of Twitch is that when you have selected the username to use, it will only be changed after 60 days if you prefer to. So it would be best if you were cautious with the username you come up with since it will stick there for 2 months. It will be embarrassing if your username is not catching, and it may be hard for viewers to remember to reach out to your channel. Any Twitch streamer should aim to have a vast audience in a particular niche, and having a catch username is something to consider. Use the above third-party tools or websites that are Twitch username Checker and get a suitable username for your Twitch channel.