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Where to Resell Supreme in 2023 [Ultimate Beginner’s Guide]

Shopping on Supreme on drop day is one of the most exciting online shopping experiences. You have to be quick and have an organized strategy to get the best deals on the shopping platform. You can buy discounted goods on Supreme and resell them at a profit on a different e-Commerce site. Here is a list of the 15 best places where to resell Supreme.

Supreme is one of the most revered e-Commerce websites in the market today. You can get discounted deals on premium quality products on their drop day. The Supreme online catalog is updated every Thursday at 11 am (local time for NYC, London, and Japan). The deals on Supreme are so good that there are policies that regulate how users should behave to maintain a level playing field.

Some policies include the restriction on over-refreshing the Supreme page to curb the use of bots on the e-Commerce website. You can purchase premium quality products from supreme and resell them, and this post contains the 15 best places to resell Supreme.

1. StockX

StockX overview

One of the best e-Commerce sites to resell Supreme merchandise is StockX. The online shopping platform opened its doors to the public in 2015, and it has since then gained a reputable size of active users. The StockX website is one of the ideal places to sell your Supreme products because it acts as the middle ground between online buyers and sellers.

The payment options on StockX are secure and can be guaranteed to get your money. Ensure you get Deadstock (new, unworn, and in their original box) if you want your items to sell quickly. You can create a StockX account that allows you to post fixed prices on your items for a smooth bidding experience.

2. Grailed

Grailed overview

Grailed is an online selling platform where you can list your Supreme products. Ensure your listings have an affordable price tag attached to them. Affordable prices will attract buyers to your listing, but it is also vital to include your profit margin. The online selling platform charges low fees to ensure you maximize your profits after reselling your products.

It takes about two weeks to resell your Supreme product. Highlight Supreme products could sell within four days after listing them. It is easy to use Grailed, and you must open an account before reselling your products. You can take photos of your products before posting and including an affordable price tag.

3. Goat

Goat overview

The Goat e-Commerce website is one of the most revered online stores for premium-quality sneakers and apparel. The online selling platform is highly regulated, and you can rest assured your money and selling experience is in safe hands. One of the regulations is seeking approval from Goat before creating a Goat reselling account.

You can post your product photos before listing them on the e-Commerce site. Goat charges a commission of 9.5% to 25%, depending on your Country. You can withdraw your money via PayPal or ACH direct deposit. The minimum withdrawal amount on Goat is $25.

4. Stadium Goods

Stadium Goods overview

The Stadium Good is a reliable and trusted e-Commerce site for reselling your Supreme products. Stadium Goods has a brick-and-mortar store in New York City, but most users prefer using the online e-commerce platform. You must deliver your Supreme products to their New York store for verification before listing them on their website.

Stadium Good markets your items on their site and other sites like Amazon and eBay. Stadium Goods lists brand-new products to ensure buyers only get top-notch products. The e-Commerce website charges a 20% commission for marketing and listing your products on their platform.

5. Flight Club

Flight Club overview

Flight is an average e-Commerce website you can use to resell Supreme products. The average rating stems from the site's acceptance of brand new and slightly used products. You can expect a few complaints from customers whenever you sell used products. It is a popular site because it offers competitive prices, thus always attracting customers.

However, you must pay shipping fees to facilitate product delivery to their head office for verification. You can then expect your products to feature on their listing after verification. You can withdraw your money via PayPal and Bank transfers.

6. Kixify

Kixify overview

Kixify is a hands-free e-Commerce platform that lets you take charge of how you market your products on their sites. You can set up an account with Kixify and start listing products once accepted on their platform. Kixify facilitates sellers with all the marketing tools to help them sell products on their platform.

It is free to set up your Kixify account, and you can promote your products once they are listed. You can choose your returns, shipping, and payments policies. It is considered a flexible and affordable e-Commerce site for reselling Supreme products.

7. Klekt

Klekt overview

Klekt is an ideal platform for anyone looking to resell their Supreme products in Europe. Europe is a large market drawing from the several countries that form part of the European market.

You can sell quality products on Klekt, and brand new and slightly used goods are fair game on the platform. Klekt charges a 20% commission for reselling your products on their site, and you can expect a €10 extra charge for shipping fees.

8. Poshmark

Poshmark overview

The Poshmark online shopping platform is a trending e-Commerce site for reselling Supreme products. You need to have top-notch photos when listing products on the Poshmark site. It is a posh site, and you can even hire professional models to wear your products when uploading pictures for your product. It is convenient to use the posh site because the buyer foots the shipping cost, and sellers have a flat rate charge of $7.45 for expedited shipping.

The expedited shipping cost applies to all products sold on Poshmark. It is an affordable website for sellers because it is free to post products on their site. Commissions are $2.95 from sales below $15 and 20% from all sales above $15. It takes approximately three days to get your money after a sale, and you can get it via bank deposit or Cheque.

9. Novelship

Novelship overview

The Novelship e-Commerce website is a secure platform because it focuses on securing sellers' data. You can shop on the Novelship platform using your favorite desktop browser or your Novelship phone app. You can only get the phone app on the Apple app store.

You can sell only authentic and brand-new products on their site, which is a go-to online store for premium-quality products. The commission starts at 9% for new sellers and gradually reduces to 6.6% after increasing your sales.

10. Craigslist

Craigslist overview

Craigslist is a popular e-Commerce site because it has a global audience of buyers. Affordability is the key feature separating Craigslist from other e-Commerce platforms. Craigslist does not charge selling fees or commissions for listing your products on their platform. Sellers prefer Craiglist because they can maximize their profits without the extra charges.

Craigslist also has room for sellers to negotiate with their customers before purchasing. However, the online platform has fewer regulations to keep online scammers and unscrupulous dealers at bay. You can use Craigslist if you are in no hurry to sell your products because it takes a while to make sales on the site.

Things to consider when reselling Supreme products

1. Always use high-definition cameras

Always use high-definition cameras to take HD pictures of your product. Taking high-quality pictures attracts customers to your listing, and without it, sales will be challenging. You can get phones with a high megapixel camera to snap HD shots of your products before uploading them.

2. Give a detailed description

Always give a detailed description of your products. List benefits and unique features of your product to get more interested buyers on your listing. Include details like color, size, and added cost to minimize misunderstandings during purchase.

3. Honest is the best sales policy

Always ensure you are honest with any potential customer who reaches out. Honesty guarantees that your trust rating goes up and will help other customers identify you as a trustworthy person. Trust goes a long way when you want to get return buyers.

4. Keep your items clean 

Ensure your products are clean because dirty products are one of the first causes of losing return customers. Cleaning your products is essential when selling slightly used goods on your listings. Also, ensure the goods are not damaged during the cleaning process to minimize returns afterward.

5. Try to ship products directly to your clients

You can cut costs on sales by opting to ship products yourself rather than using other parties. You can use reliable shipping companies like UPS and USPS. UPS and USPS ship products right to any doorstep in the US at an affordable price. Shipping directly to your customers also minimizes damages to your product when several parties handle your product.


It is advisable to set up a PayPal to get your money directly to your account. It is easy and fast to withdraw your money via PayPal, and the transaction fees are affordable. PayPal is also a global company, and you can get your money anywhere in the world where PayPal is available.