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12 Best YouTube Automation Tools for Channel [Jan 2023]

Are you tired of experiencing low or no engagement for your YouTube channel and wonder what you can do to optimize your YouTube content? This article is here to help. It provides you with the top best YouTube automation tools that can help increase your channel traffic and boost engagement.

The process of automating actions on YouTube is known as YouTube Automation, and it makes use of the YouTube software to do so. When YouTubers put this on autopilot, they can be assured that their channel will continue to receive the traffic it needs. Using YouTube automation to develop your business is a smart move.

You can enhance your YouTube channel's traffic and engagement by using YouTube automation. As a result, YouTube compensates you financially for the high level of user interaction seen on your channel. As long as it doesn't cross any of YouTube's policies, it's perfectly legal.

Automating your video uploads, likes, comments, and more are just a few examples of these techniques. Many YouTubers attribute their success to the use of YouTube Automation, which has helped them build their channels, amass large followings, and become well-known creators.

1. YTMonster — Best Free and Easy YouTube Automation Tool

YTMonster Review

  • 1000 YouTube views cost: 8 USD monthly

The first YouTube automation tool on this list is YTMonster. YTMonster is another name for YouTube Monster. It adds a new twist to YouTube's growth. Real comments, likes, views, and subscriptions are guaranteed by YTMonster for all of its customers. YTMonster has the benefit of being free, while there are commercial versions available.

YTMonster wants you to do the same for other YTMonster users in order to obtain the predicted gain in genuine subscribers, shares, likes, and comments. You'll be rewarded with campaign credits as a result of this. Campaigns are the orders you place in order to accrue credits toward your account.

Like-for-like, comment-for-comment, and subscribe for subscription are the only options for free users of YTMonster. In addition to the free version, you can purchase a subscription and save time. For campaigns, you don't have to worry about accumulating credits.

2. Jarvee — Best for Growing and Scheduling your YouTube Post 10x Faster

Jarvee Homepage

  • Starter package: 29.95 USD monthly
  • Regular package: 49.95 USD monthly
  • Professional package: 69.95 USD monthly

Old-school YouTube automation software has been available for a long time. It's widely accepted that Jarvee was the first to develop YouTube automation software. When Jarvee was founded, it was recognized as a groundbreaking product due to its distinctive characteristics and reputation.

When it comes to customer service, Jarvee is all about quality. Automated features are available for YouTube viewers. Auto-commenting and auto-liking are two of the many perks that come with using this app.

The auto-pilot protocol of this YouTube automation application searches for followers and then likes and retweets the acts of other followers. This suggests that Jarvee's YouTube automation tool responds based on the degree of activity recorded on your page. When an account is flagged as phony, it will have its one-hit support revoked, and its followers will be unfollowed.

Jarvee can also unfollow all of your followers who haven't reciprocated by following you back. Jarvee is, therefore, a YouTube automation tool that is capable of mimicking the actions of an actual user, regardless of the situation.

Automated texts are easy to identify since they follow a predetermined sequence. Therefore, Jarvee's auto-comment is designed to resemble what a human would generally write in terms of substance and style.

3. VidIQ — Best for Boosting your YouTube Views and Subscribers

VidIQ Review

  • Basic package: Free
  • Pro package: 7.50 USD monthly
  • Boost package: 39 USD monthly
  • Max package: 79 USD monthly

YouTube automation software VidIQ is considered to be a one-of-a-kind technology. It's more of a marketing tool for YouTube than a typical YouTube automation tool. It's a collection of techniques used for video promotion that helps to raise the popularity of your audience and also boost your content's visibility and search engine rankings.

VidIQ is a content producer that can help you grow your online presence and enhance interaction. A YouTube-certified team has developed VidIQ to meet the needs of individual video makers, agencies, and brands of all sizes alike.

The VidIQ Vision Browser Extension is VidIQ's most notable tool and feature. Users can see how well their YouTube videos are performing in terms of analytics. The majority of their services can be performed by their free basic plan.

To get a feel for VidIQ's features and capabilities before signing up for a more expensive plan like Pro, Boost or Boost +, VidIQ offers a free trial. These more expensive plans are paid for and include more features.

4. Auto Social Bots (ASB) — Best for Fast and Easy Growth of YouTube Channel

Auto Social Bots Review

  • Yearly package: 199 USD
  • Lifetime package: 399 USD

This YouTube automation application, Auto Social Bots (ASB), can help you build a strong online presence. Automating your YouTube channel's growth is made easier with the help of this useful software. If it were a human being, it would be nearly impossible for anyone to tell the difference between it and one. Unique tools and a wide range of jobs are available for YouTube users to employ on their channels. Automation software that can handle numerous accounts is available through ASB YouTube.

Make sure it's doing what it can to help your account grow. This will only result in a rise in the number of people who subscribe, like, comment, share, and share your content. As a proactive user with proactive viewers, you gain an advantage over the YouTube algorithm and your rivals. ASB YouTube includes all of the essential YouTube automation features you'd expect.

It's a unique YouTube automation tool because it supports multi-thread HTTP queries. A free trial of their services is available to customers as well. You also get a 7-day money-back guarantee if you're not happy with their service. Videos, accounts, downloads and uploads are just some of the services that ASB has to offer.

5. Socinator — Best for Scheduling and Auto-publishing your YouTube Posts

Socinator Review

  • Professional package: 9.95 USD monthly
  • Team package: 29.95 USD monthly
  • Business package: 49.95 USD monthly
  • Enterprise package: 69.95 USD monthly
  • Custom Unlimited package: starts with 9.95 USD monthly

As a YouTube automation tool, Socinator has a lofty goal of being more than just that. As far as they're concerned, they're the best social automation tool out there. Socinator's website has a wealth of information on the advantages of YouTube automation for business growth. A key feature of Socinator is its advanced publishing area, which allows you to efficiently arrange video material on any given date.

Users can use Socinator to manage many social media accounts at once, including Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can learn a lot about them and their services by checking out their FAQ area before registering and committing to anything.

Socinator has a lot of great features currently, but the company is always improving them to guarantee that their consumers have the greatest possible experience when using the application. YouTube videos can be automatically posted to a variety of social media platforms with Socinator.

Users can schedule their YouTube accounts using the autopilot option, which in turn helps them expand. Users of Socinator can automate a variety of tasks, including following, commenting, liking, subscribing, and more.

6. Followersup — Best for Real YouTube Subscribers

Followersup Review

  • 500 YouTube Views cost: 6 USD

Known for its excellent YouTube automation function, Followersup is a highly rated mass-social media conglomerate program. Followersup is one of a kind since it offers extensive automation support for a wide range of social media networks. This is a key selling element that sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Hundreds of thousands of automation users have made them their go-to solution. They contribute to rapid social media growth by instilling a high sense of trustworthiness. For a one-time fee, users can obtain a guarantee of up to 10,000 members.

Followersup offers a user-friendly interface that can be tailored to suit your needs. ‘ It has a wide range of subscriptions, likes, comments, and views, which can be purchased in bulk. Followersup can assist you in achieving any goal you set for yourself.

Every order has a guarantee, a time restriction, and a scalability price. This allows customers to tailor every part of their order to their liking. A money-back guarantee and a safe and quick service are all features of Followersup.

7. TubeBuddy — Best for Crafting Perfect Tags and Titles for your YouTube Posts

TubeBuddy Review

  • Pro package: 3 USD monthly
  • Star package: 9.49 USD monthly
  • Legend package: 24.49 USD monthly

In terms of YouTube automation tools, TubeBuddy is the first to come in the browser extension format. This gives the impression that TubeBuddy is ineffectual, but don't be fooled; it's not as simple as it sounds. Automated software is used to increase the number of YouTube actions on your page, generate traffic, and skyrocket your YouTube stardom to new heights. Even if your account becomes well-known, it will continue to work. It's a terrific YouTube automation that showcases its performance-enhancing abilities in a variety of ways.

Using the intelligent content suggestions protocol, Tube Buddy extends its SEO optimization to all your material. Tube Buddy first analyzes your content's keywords when you utilize it. The next step is to optimize your films by proposing subtitles, subjects, tags, and headlines based on your chosen keywords.

8. TubeAssistPro — Best for YouTube Organic Video Growth

TubeAssistPro Review

This is one of the best YouTube automation tools currently on the market. Natural growth is the primary goal when it comes to gaining likes and subscriptions on your social media profiles. By focusing on users who already exist and have the potential to follow you, this can be achieved.

In using automated technologies, they rigorously adhere to YouTube's regulations and agreements. The TubeAssistPro team is extremely customer-oriented, as they constantly upgrade their services to fit the needs of their customers. Users can choose from one of three bundles to save money.

Only one account can be used in the first package, which costs less. Access to five unique accounts is included in the second package. Small businesses will appreciate this. It's more pricey, but you have unlimited access to the service. For YouTube Automation, TubeAssistPro is the best option.

However, it can not work with other social networks. There are numerous ways you can use it, such as commenting, liking and commenting on videos, sending private messages, searching for videos, subscribing to channels, and clicking on advertisements.

9. SidesMedia — Best for Gaining Better Outreach for your YouTube Posts

SidesMedia Review

  • 2000 YouTube Views cost: 17 USD

You can rely on SidesMedia's YouTube automation solution to deliver results in a short amount of time. For some reason, SidesMedia has a solid track record and is still going strong. The terms and regulations of YouTube's use of automation tools are likewise rigorously adhered to.

Their safe and authentic service has led them to gradually become a trusted automation tool around the world. They are safe and genuine service. With SidesMedia, you can get high-quality service in a short period of time. In this way, you can quickly reach your desired number of likes, comments, shares, and views, as well as any other goal you may have set.

10. Stormviews — Best for Purchasing Real YouTube Subscribers, Views, and Like

Stormviews Review

  • 1000 YouTube Views cost: 5.99 USD

First and foremost, many individuals are concerned about the safety of YouTube automation tools. A number of YouTubers have resisted the use of such tools as a means of increasing their audience size. This kind of anxiety can be alleviated with the use of Stormviews, a YouTube automation tool.

It is clear to them that these anxieties are real, and they do everything they can to alleviate them. As a result, its service ensures the security of its customers. That which you pay for on Stormviews is totally real, as it comes from actual people and not bots. As a result, they're regarded for their straightforward approach.

Among Stormviews' three subscription options are the like packages, the view packages, and the subscriber packages. You'll pay 5.99 USD for 1000 unique views that aren't rehashed. For 49.99 USD, you can get 1,000 real and unique likes, while for 119.99 USD, you can get 1,000 real and unique subscribers.

Users of Stormviews can also mix these packages to get the most out of their subscription. Within a few days of making a single payment, the deal is finalized. They provide a solution that is clear, concise, and efficient.

11. Media Mister — Best for Quality YouTube Likes, Views, Subscribers, and Comments

Mediamister Review

  • 1000 YouTube Views cost: 19 USD

Using Media Mister, you can easily automate your YouTube channel with ease. It's a classic because it's one of the original YouTube automation tools, and it's still available and useful today. You'll be able to see YouTube videos the way they were meant to be seen with Media Mister.

Among its contemporaries, Media Mister has a stellar reputation as a magical automation tool that accelerates social media presence at breakneck speed. There are thousands of people that have used Media Mister's YouTube automation services.

12. UseViral — Best for 100% YouTube Engagement

UseViral Review

  • 2000 YouTube Views cost: 17 USD

Industry leaders, is. If you're looking for a top YouTube automation solution, this is the one. UseViral is among the most reliable and user-friendly YouTube automation tools on the market. UseViral is a good place to start if you're new to YouTube automation. As a first-time automation user, you'll appreciate its support. An excellent reputation and user-friendliness assure its effectiveness.

UseViral has a unique quality since it strictly adheres to all YouTube automation policies and terms of agreement. Because UseViral uses a network of well-known supporters and influencers with a wide reach, the results are astounding. Long-term results are also guaranteed by this method.


Q. Are YouTube automation tools effective?

This is a resounding yes. Tools for automating YouTube uploads are efficient and dependable. A high ROI is possible if you know how to take advantage of its many advantages. When you use YouTube automation tools, your video views will skyrocket, which will help you achieve your goals on YouTube.

When using YouTube automation tools, it is important to note that if you misuse them, you could lose your account. Another thing to keep an eye out for is video content that appears to be sponsored by deceptive companies. It's recommended to avoid using any videos that have advertising in them at all costs.

Q. Does YouTube permit the use of automation tools?

YouTube fully allows the use of automation tools, but there are a number of rules and restrictions that must be followed. Some YouTube automation services like TubeAssist have gone down as a result of these limitations and restrictions.

In order to determine if YouTube supports the current automation solutions on the market, it is necessary to look at their approaches. Anyone found using these automated methods on YouTube will face severe repercussions

Q. Do I need proxies to use YouTube automation tools?

Proxies aren't necessary for YouTube automation tools. Without proxies, they can be used successfully and efficiently. When using the same automation program for several accounts, you should use YouTube proxies to implement this and prevent leaving traces.


The amount of people that follow and subscribe to your business on social media and other digital platforms has become increasingly important in today's digital age. Your organization will have a better chance of success if you have a larger number of subscribers. If you're looking to gain a following on YouTube, this list of resources can assist you. These tools help you get the recognition you deserve on social media.