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12 Hottest NBC Female Reporters in the World 2023

Television news is not just about delivering facts anymore; it is about captivating storytelling, engaging presentation, and the personalities that bring the stories to life.

Gone are the days when news anchors simply read the headlines with a monotonous tone. Today, the landscape of news reporting is graced by a cohort of talented and alluring female reporters, particularly within the ranks of NBC. These women are not just faces on the screen but also embody a new generation of journalists—intelligent, dynamic, and visually striking.

In this article, we dive into the world of NBC's female reporters, exploring their physical appeal and exceptional journalistic talents. From political correspondents to sports analysts, these women bring a unique blend of intelligence, charisma, and professional insight to the screen, captivating audiences with their reporting prowess and undeniable charm.

Name Date of Birth Age Nationality Occupation
Monica Alba 25th August 1987 36 Years Mexican-American Political Journalist, Reporter
Catherine Elizabeth Beck 14th September 1980 43 Years American Journalist, Reporter, News Correspondent
Katherine Bear Tur 26th October 1983 40 Years American News Anchor, Reporter, Author
Hallie Marie Jackson 29th April 1984 39 Years American Reporter, News Anchor
Lindsey Reiser 13th May 30-33 Years (2024) American News Anchor, Reporter
Sheinelle Marie Jones 19th April 1978 45 Years American News Anchor, Reporter, Correspondent
Kathryn Tappen 9th April 1981 42 Years American Reporter
Suzette Maria Taylor 12th May 1987 36 Years American Sportscaster
Maura Barrett 8th September 1984 39 Years American Anchor, Reporter
Dasha Burns 1st March 1992 31 Years American Reporter, Correspondent
Angie Lassman 22nd November 1990 33 Years American Anchor, Reporter, Meteorologist
Julianne McShane N/A N/A American Breaking News Reporter

1. Monica Alba

Monica Alba

Name Monica Alba
Date of Birth 25th August 1987
Age 36 Years
Nationality Mexican-American
Occupation Political Journalist, Reporter
Profile Twitter, Instagram

Monica Alba is an accomplished political reporter for NBC News based in Washington D.C. Her career is marked by a deep immersion in political reporting, having covered President Trump's 2020 campaign and extensively travelled with him during the initial two years of his administration as a White House producer.

Before her tenure in D.C., Alba spent significant time on the campaign trail, serving as an embedded reporter for 18 months with Hillary Clinton. Her earlier roles include an associate producer at NBC's Investigative Unit in New York City. A Californian native of San Jose, Monica brings linguistic versatility with her Spanish fluency and showcases a passion for photography, indie films, and international soccer. Moreover, she co-founded a film festival focused on social issues, demonstrating her commitment to empowering young voices and addressing societal concerns.

2. Catie Beck

Catie Beck

Name Catherine Elizabeth Beck
Date of Birth 14th September 1980
Age 43 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Journalist, Reporter, News Correspondent
Profile Instagram, Twitter

Catie Beck is a respected investigative journalist with an impressive career in broadcast media. Joining NBC News and MSNBC in 2017 as a correspondent, she has been a consistent contributor, delving into national and international stories. Beck began her journey in reporting at WCJB TV20 and further honed her skills as an investigative reporter at WXIA NBC Atlanta for nearly four years. Her commitment to quality reporting earned her numerous accolades, including an Emmy Award and multiple Edward R. Murrow Awards, acknowledging her excellence in journalistic endeavours.

Known for her exceptional coverage of significant events, Beck has reported on impactful stories such as the funeral of Otto Warmbier, the tragic triple shooting in Dallas, and the distressing murder of five journalists in Annapolis. Her dedication to journalism was highlighted in a feature by InStyle magazine, showcasing her and fellow NBC correspondents during the national congressional general elections under the title “Life as a Female News ‘Road Warrior.”

3. Katy Tur

Katy Tur

Name Katherine Bear Tur
Date of Birth 26th October 1983
Age 40 Years
Nationality American
Occupation News Anchor, Reporter, Author
Profile Twitter, Instagram

Katy Tur is a prominent American journalist and author known for her significant contributions to NBC News and MSNBC. She gained widespread recognition during the 2016 U.S. elections for her insightful coverage of the Donald Trump campaign, establishing herself as a respected correspondent and news anchor within American media.

Beginning her career as a reporter for local news stations, Tur's journey into journalism included a unique stint as a storm chaser. She steadily climbed the ranks within NBC News, transitioning from local stations to the national platform, showcasing her versatility and dedication to reporting.

Currently serving as a correspondent for NBC News, Tur anchors MSNBC Reports and hosts “Katy Tur Reports,” a show airing weekdays on MSNBC since 2021. Her contributions extend across various NBC news programs such as Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, WNBC-TV, and The Weather Channel, solidifying her position as one of American media's most recognizable and influential personalities.

4. Hallie Jackson

Hallie Jackson

Name Hallie Marie Jackson
Date of Birth 29th April 1984
Age 39 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Reporter, News Anchor
Profile Twitter, Instagram

Hallie Jackson is a significant figure in American journalism. Renowned as NBC's Senior Washington Correspondent and an anchor across various NBC News platforms, she showcases a remarkable career journey marked by her extensive coverage and versatile roles.

Starting her journalism career with WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland, Jackson transitioned through several roles across states like Dover, Delaware; Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut; and Baltimore, Maryland. Joining NBC News in 2014, she swiftly made her mark, gaining recognition for her coverage of Ted Cruz's presidential campaign, which elevated her profile within the network.

In 2017, Hallie Jackson assumed the pivotal role of chief White House Correspondent for NBC, leading their coverage of key political events. Her tenure has been distinguished by her insightful reporting and ability to deliver comprehensive news coverage across multiple platforms, including anchoring MSNBC Live's daytime coverage during the U.S. 2016 presidential campaign.

5. Lindsey Reiser

Lindsey Reiser

Name Lindsey Reiser
Date of Birth 13th May
Age 30-33 (2024)
Nationality American
Occupation News Anchor, Reporter
Profile Instagram

Lindsey Reiser, an esteemed American news anchor and reporter, is a prominent figure at NBC, anchoring weekend reports. Her career journey boasts several accolades, including multiple National Broadcast Education Association awards, underscoring her excellence in journalism.

Joining MSNBC in January 2020, Reiser brought a wealth of experience from her eight-year tenure at Meredith Corporation, notably as a weekend reporter. Before this, she held anchor positions and reported for AZ Family, Meredith Corporation, where she showcased her journalistic skills.

Reiser's career began at KTSM/KDBC in El Paso, Texas, where she embarked on impactful coverage focusing on border and immigration issues. Her investigative prowess was evident as she exposed public corruption and unethical business practices and consistently reported on border violence, establishing herself as an influential voice in the field. Apart from her television contributions, Lindsey Reiser also hosts the engaging “Wiser with Reiser” podcast, showcasing her versatility beyond traditional news reporting.

6. Sheinelle Jones

Sheinelle Jones

Name Sheinelle Marie Jones
Date of Birth 19th April 1978
Age 45 Years
Nationality American
Occupation News Anchor, Reporter, Correspondent
Profile Instagram, Twitter

Sheinelle Marie Jones is a prominent American journalist, anchor, and correspondent for NBC News. Her notable role includes co-hosting the third hour of Today on weekdays, engaging viewers with her insightful reporting and charismatic presence.

Jones also hosts “Wild Child,” an educational nature program broadcasted on NBC's The More You Know block, showcasing her versatility in delivering engaging and informative content beyond traditional news reporting.

With her contributions to NBC News and commitment to informing and educating audiences through various platforms, Sheinelle Marie Jones is a respected figure in American journalism, recognized for her anchoring skills and dedication to informative programming.

7. Kathryn Tappen

Kathryn Tappen

Name Kathryn Tappen
Date of Birth 9th April 1981
Age 42 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Reporter, Anchor
Profile Instagram, Twitter

Kathryn Tappen, an esteemed American sports journalist, is recognized for her prominent role at NBC network, where she plays a pivotal role in their extensive sports coverage. Her contributions encompass various events, including Notre Dame Football, Football Night in America, Golf, and the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, showcasing her versatility and expertise in sports reporting.

Joining NBC Sports in 2014, Tappen's influence spans from being a sideline reporter for B1G Saturday Night in college football to hosting and reporting for major sporting events, including the Olympics, Super Bowl, NFL Kickoff, and Stanley Cup Playoffs and Final. Her dedication and proficiency in sports journalism earned her the “Woman of Inspiration” award from the Boston chapter of WISE, recognizing her impact and leadership in the industry.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Kathryn Tappen stands as a former athlete, a devoted mother, and a staunch advocate for equality in the sports realm. She champions the values of female leadership and mentorship, emphasizing their significance within the sports industry and showcasing her commitment to journalistic excellence and fostering inclusivity within sports.

8. Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor

Name Suzette Maria Taylor
Date of Birth 12th May 1987
Age 36 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Sportscaster
Profile Instagram, Twitter

With her multifaceted contributions, Maria Taylor, a prominent American sportscaster, has left an indelible mark in the sports broadcasting world. Recognized for her extensive coverage of various sports, including football, basketball, and volleyball, Taylor's career trajectory showcases her expertise and dedication to sports journalism.

Joining NBC Sports after a successful tenure at ESPN and the SEC Network, Taylor has hosted and produced several prestigious NBC Sports properties, including Football Night in America, where she is the first female full-time host. Her unprecedented 10-month stint included hosting significant events like the NFL Draft, NBA Finals, Tokyo Olympic Games, Super Bowl, and Winter Olympics in Beijing, elevating her to the forefront of sports broadcasting.

Notably, Taylor's influence extends beyond reporting, as she serves as an executive producer for an upcoming documentary series on the history of the Black quarterback in the NFL, displaying her commitment to diverse storytelling within sports. Maria Taylor's commitment to charity work reflects her compassionate nature and dedication to making a positive difference beyond sports. Her widespread admiration and influence make her a celebrated and beloved figure in the sports broadcasting industry.

9. Maura Barrett

Maura Barrett

Name Maura Barrett
Date of Birth 8th September 1984
Age 39 Years
Nationality American
Occupati9on Anchor, Reporter
Profile Twitter, Instagram

Maura Barrett has carved an impressive career path in journalism, starting as an intern at Echoes Radio and progressively evolving into various roles across different media platforms. Her journey began with Echoes Radio in 2011. It led her to diverse positions, including serving as a Summer Camp Counselor, a Marketing Representative, and a Video Production Assistant at Harvard University.

Barrett's tenure expanded to educational roles as a Peer Tutor at Boston University's Educational Resource Center and an Executive Producer at Inside Boston, BUTV10. Her transition to NBC News saw her work as a Researcher for the Northeast Bureau and later as an Associate Producer for the Business & Tech unit.

Currently, Barrett thrives as a Political Campaign Embed Reporter at NBC News, where she's showcased her versatility by covering significant events like the 2020 election from pivotal states, exploring the country's response to societal issues, and examining the impact of policies on communities, delving into topics such as tariffs and technology's influence.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Maura Barrett dedicates her spare time to exploring diverse cultures, playing the viola in a community orchestra, and pursuing her passion for running marathons.

10. Dasha Burns

Dasha Burns

Name Dasha Burns
Date of Birth 1st March 1992
Age 31 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Reporter, Correspondent
Profile Instagram, Twitter

An American journalist, Dasha Burns, has been an integral part of NBC News since 2016. She is a national correspondent renowned for her comprehensive coverage across various domains, including politics, social justice, and culture. She started her career by writing and planning media stuff for a consulting company. She also shared her opinions in articles for CNN.

Joining NBC News as an associate producer for the Weekend Today program, Burns swiftly transitioned into a producer role and later advanced to become a television reporter for NBC News in 2019. Her reporting expertise spans significant events such as the 2020 presidential election, coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reporting on the Black Lives Matter movement.

Burns has directed crews for various shoots throughout her tenure, contributing significantly to Weekend Today's coverage. Notably, she gained attention for openly sharing her experience battling COVID-19 in 2020, shedding light on her firsthand encounter with the virus at a younger age, which received widespread media coverage on NBC.

11. Angie Lassman

Angie Lassman

Name Angie Lassman
Date of Birth 22nd November 1990
Age 33 Years
Nationality American
Occupation Anchor, Reporter, Meteorologist
Profile Twitter, Instagram

Angie Lassman is a seasoned meteorologist and environmental reporter known for her work at NBC News, where she contributes to weather and climate coverage across various NBC platforms. She started her career in Miami, pioneering the NBC6 Climate Check Series and earning accolades for covering Australia's bushfire disaster.

Before her tenure at NBC, Angie worked as a morning meteorologist at FOX 26 KNPN in Missouri, anchoring weather segments and reporting live scenes, often covering environmental and severe weather topics.

Beyond her career, Angie enjoys travelling, photography, fashion, and spending quality time with loved ones. Her positive outlook keeps her calm under pressure, reflecting her dedication to informing and impacting communities through her work in meteorology and reporting.

12. Julianne McShane

Julianne McShane

Name Julianne McShane
Date of Birth N/A
Age N/A
Nationality American
Occupation Breaking News Reporter
Profile Twitter

Julianne McShane is a breaking news reporter at NBC News Digital, focusing on gender-related issues across various desks, such as health, technology, politics, and international topics. She began her career as a staff reporter at the Brooklyn Paper, covering southern Brooklyn for nearly two years. Before joining NBC full-time, she freelanced for prominent publications like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Guardian, centering her work on gender perspectives. McShane's journalism delves into gender-related subjects and is featured in publications like The Lily, Women's Media Center, and major news outlets.


NBC's female reporters are celebrated for more than just their stunning looks; they bring severe talent and skill to the news world. This list of 12 top NBC female reporters showcases their impressive credentials and engaging personalities. They are not just delivering news but captivating audiences with their warmth, enthusiasm, and commitment to truth. These reporters go beyond the screen, inspiring and leaving a lasting impression on viewers. NBC's commitment to showcasing these talented women boosts its reputation for outstanding journalism and highlights the diversity and brilliance of female talent. They are attractive, dedicated, inspiring, and making their mark in the news industry.