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It’s Just Lunch Review 2023: Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Dating today is hard, and it will be quite tough for anyone trying to argue to the contrary. Consequently, many of us who are currently active on the dating scene turn to online dating platforms for help in broadening our options and getting us to Mr. and Ms. Right.

Yes! The Internet, that all-seeing, all-knowing overlord that makes all things more straightforward.

However, when it comes to dating, the opposite can often be the case. Finding someone who is perfect for you is tight in its own right, and when you toss in the many complications that internet dating apps add to the mix, you can quickly get stuck bind wondering where you went wrong.

For one, internet dating platforms avail us with too many options and too much information at the same time, which can quickly cause decision paralysis or feed the mirage of “someone a little bit better I haven't found yet.”

Furthermore, dating sites typically feature “matching algorithms” that often only give you an illusion of its proper discernment of who is right for you. If any platform had an algo that could dish out near perfect matches, they would promptly win over the entire market as almost everyone on there will be successfully paired off in no time.

Matchmaking platforms like It's Just Lunch take a different route, adding a human element to their matching system instead of leaving our fate up to the mercy of some data-matching computer system.

It's Just Lunch: The #1 Dating and Matchmaking Service

It's Just Lunch: The #1 Dating and Matchmaking Service
Touting itself as the premier dating site for busy professionals, It's Just Lunch is a dating and matchmaking service that aims to pair active users with potentially suitable partners, taking out all the stress and uncertainty from internet dating.

It's Just Lunch completely ditches the antics of a typical online dating site and opts instead to operate akin to a brick and mortar matching service with an internet-facing access point. Instead of competing with conventional dating sites like Match and OkCupid, It's Just Lunch works more like a replacement for blind dates, personal ads, or video dating services.

The platform's primary asset is a team of six professional matchmakers, as well as a larger team of trained and certified matchmakers that play the role that your friend that is always setting you up, but better.

It's Just Lunch matchmakers help you find that special someone by introducing you to people that are the matches based on your information and interests, and they even go as far as setting up the first date for you guys.

The platform first launched in 1991 in Chicago. Since then, It's just launch has expanded to serve the most of the US, the United Kingdom, Canada, and several locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

It's Just Lunch services that are currently available in over 100 cities worldwide.

Who is It's Just Lunch for?

It's Just Lunch markets itself as a matchmaking platform for busy professionals. Hence, the platform's primary target audience is single business professionals who do not have the time or willingness to comb through endless user profiles on popular dating sites.

On It's Just Lunch, the platform's matchmakers handle most of the selection process, and all you have to do is agree to the date and show up. Aside from explaining your preferences to your designated matchmaker, you do not get control over the search process. Furthermore, here, you do not have access to user profiles and photos as you have to rely on the matchmaker to sift through on your behalf.

While using matchmakers for your online dating may seem like a dream come true for many, for others, the lack of freedom of access to the universal dating pool may be off-putting. Hence, if you are okay with letting go of the selection process and want all the screening work done for you, It's Just Lunch is the perfect platform for you. For everyone else, however, we do not advise considering this service.

Most of It's Just Lunch clients are in their 30s and 40s, so you should consider and adequately align your dating preferences before joining the service. Furthermore, It's Just Lunch is only available in select locations; hence, you must verify with them that the service is available in your city before you sign up.

It's Just Lunch: Effectiveness

According to the It's Just Lunch website, since its launch 28 years ago, the service has been responsible for over 2 million first dates, with many of these resulting in at least a second date between their clients. On average, It's Just Lunch sets up over 50,000 connections every month for their user base of around 30,000 members.

These statistics touts It's Just Lunch as an excellent matchmaking service, and the platform has the reviews and success stories to back it. On Consumer Affairs, It's Just Lunch is the top dating site with several 5-star reviews and an average rating of 4 stars.

However, based on our research, many of the positive reviews are from users in large cities where It's Just Lunch has a sizable user base. And we found several negative reviews from members in small towns who complained of lack of matches, lower quality matches, or just plain terrible service from the matchmakers domiciled there.

Hence, if you are not in a major city, It's Just Lunch may not be the best option for you. However, if you are staying in one of their top locations, this service may just be an end to all your online dating troubles.

For example, San Diego alone has two It's Just Lunch locations, with over a thousand clients and a record of 70% second dates from their matching attempts.

Getting Started with It's Just Lunch

Signing Up

Unlike what you get with other conventional dating platforms, with It's Just Lunch, you do not get a signup form. To get started with the service, you have to contact It's Just Lunch by phone or walk into one of their physical offices.

Signing up with It's Just Lunch

After signifying your interest to join the service, you will have to schedule and complete a 30-minute phone call with one of their matchmakers. On this call, you will be briefed about the service, how they operate, their terms and conditions, and potential costs.

Once you complete this initial onboarding process, you then have to undergo a video interview via Skype before you proceed to procure their services. Here, It's Just Lunch learns about you, your relationship goals and preferences, personal interests, and what you consider dealbreakers. The platform then uses this information and other future correspondence to select your matches.

Matching and Dates

It's Just Lunch work based on the premise that the best way to honestly know someone and gauge their compatibility with you is over a casual date like lunch. Hence, while the service does all the matching for you, the final step rests with your decision on the first casual date.

The way the system works is that It's Just Lunch matchmakers crunch all the data you provide them from interviews and begin considering a shortlist of suitable potential candidates. Once the matchmaker figures out a match for you, they inform you of a possible arrangement.

Your matchmaker then moves on to arrange a date between you and the potential match where both of you can evaluate each other for compatibility and look for that spark of chemistry. The platform sets up the date to match both users' schedules, and the appointment can either be lunch or a casual drink after work. However, you and your partner have to cover the bills as the service does not cover that.

After this “pre-date” It's Just Lunch has no say in how you choose to proceed, whether to exchange contact information, arrange a second date, or call it quits. However, your matchmaker will ask for your feedback afterward to help further finetune your future matches.

Furthermore, It's Just Lunch will continue to match you with new prospects until you relay otherwise to your matchmaker.

It's Just Lunch can take anywhere from a week to a month to find you a match depending on your location, preferences, and the availability of potential candidates.

It's Just Lunch FAQs

What do You Get with an It's Just Lunch Membership?

With a subscription to the service, you get attention from a matchmaking team that personalizes their contract with you to include all your preferences, match your needs, and help you find that particular person. Furthermore, with every subscription, It's Just Lunch offers an allotted number of guaranteed matches.

What Guarantees does It's Just Lunch Provide?

Depending on your location and requirements, during sign up, the platform with offer you a certain amount of guaranteed matches that they will set you up with on dates. However, the number of guaranteed matches can vary wildly, ranging from 3 to 14, depending on the specifics of your situation.

Are there Background Checks for Potential Matches?

No, It's Just Lunch does not provide any background checks. According to the platform's website, the service refrains from investigating clients because of the lack of adequate databases, and from avoiding imparting users with a false sense of security that could result in them harboring unrealistic expectations and relaxing their judgment

It's Just Lunch: Pricing

All It's Just Lunch plans are custom plans as they are based on the users' location, requirements, and the number of guaranteed dates. Consequently, prices for their contracts can vary widely, with several online estimates placing it in the range of $1300-$4000.

While the price may seem excessive, especially when compared with regular dating platforms, figures like this are pretty standard in the world of personalized matchmaking. However, you have to decide if their ability to save you time and effort in your dating endeavors is worth that much.

It's Just Lunch Pros and Cons


  • The hands-on approach and personalized service is excellent for busy professionals who don't have the time or patience to sift through the weeds with regular online dating
  • Superb personalized customer support with matchmakers that are willing to converse via phone at a moment's notice
  • Topnotch privacy as your photos, contact information, and last name are kept from potential matches until you choose to reveal them
  • The service provide both guided dating and valuable dating tips


  • Only truly viable in major cities
  • Significantly more expensive than a dating app subscription

It's Just Lunch User Reviews

On Consumer Affairs, It's Just Lunch is the top dating site with several 5-star reviews and success stories and an average rating of 4 stars.

I had my first date through It's Just Lunch! The team at IJL were professional and kind to work with. I was able to meet an interesting woman who I would not have had the opportunity to be introduced to in another setting. I look forward to learning more about my date. It was a very non-threatening environment. A delightful evening!
I'm based in Memphis, but UDonna & her team introduced me to matches both in the city where I primarily live and other places where I do business. They recently introduced me to someone I would not have met without their help. I really appreciate them keeping my interests in mind. It depends on the person but I've had two good experiences with IJL! I hired them ten years ago (in Philly) and recently down South! Sam

However, a common thread among negative reviews is from people complaining about a lack of matches, lower quality matches, or just plain terrible service from the matchmakers domiciled in their location.

I would not recommend this service. You are duped into thinking they have several matches lined up (I was even given a number. 10), however they really do not have anyone lined up. Also, I have had SERIOUS trouble with reliability of getting emailed or called back. My initial profile had to be edited even after a thorough interview because it contained lots of incorrect information.